You're next (finished)

For jade, life's a waste of time. She is bullied, her dad abuses her mom, and she cuts. But when the bully at school becomes nice all of a sudden, could life get better? Or worse...


12. Michael's p.o.v

"He loves her!" Luke whispers to Cal, thinking that I can't hear. "Ash is gonna kick his ass." Cal whispers back. I get really annoyed. "Yeah I love her! And what I don't understand is that she's done nothing bad to you, ever! No person should go through bullying, but none of you don't get that do you?" I shout as loud as my voice will allow.

Ashton shoots me a look of anger and his eyes read: 'You'll regret this.' What's the worst he can do?

Calum and Luke step forward. "At first we thought he would just like, beat her up again. But we didn't know that he would do this!" Calum says. Ashton walks up to me and instead of saying anything, he grabs the knife from the floor. "Ashton, what are you doing?" Luke asks. He doesn't reply. Shit!

"Get the fucking knife off him! He'll try and stab the shit out of Jade!" I cry. We all run and try to get the knife from him. But he just stops in the middle of the room. I look to Jade, who's fell asleep in a drunken state. "Ash don't do this, please." I end up in tears, I never normally cry. "I'll do what the fuck I want." He hisses, dragging jade out of the room. I have no energy to do this, so Luke and Cal go after him.

I hear the front door swing open, and then the slamming of car doors. He's fucking leaving! For some reason I get a rush of adrenalin, sprint outside and chase after the car. Calum and Luke are in there too, they're such two faced little pricks. I don't stop running faster than I've ever ran before. The car stops near an alleyway.

I hide behind the back of the car as they get out.

"He followed us you know." Calum says. I listen to what they all say. "Yeah but he still doesn't know.." Ashton says, before walking out of earshot. "He'll be so angry when he finds out!" Luke laughs. What? I'm so confused. "Yeah, but he might not forgive us." Calum says.

"He will, we're his best mates. We're his band mates, if he wants to become a music artist, he's gonna need us." Ashton says. If they were going to kill Jade, they would've got her out of the car by now, surely? "So what do we do now then?" Luke asks. I shuffle toward the front of the car slightly. "We wait for Mike, he wasn't that far behind us, he was sprinting like a champion." Ash laughs.

I open the car door as quietly as I can. But they hear it. Dammit. I shut it quickly and run to the back of the car again. "I think he's already here." Calum says. Fuck.

"Michael, I can see your blue hair through the window now." Luke says. I mumble 'Fuck you blue hair dye.' and stand up. "You know you didn't have to hide." Calum explains. I shake my head. "What so then Ash could threaten me with a knife too? Yeah I don't think so." I say, angrily.

"Oh... He still doesn't know, does he?" Luke asks. Ashton shakes his head, smirking. "We thought you would have caught on by now, obviously not." He laughs. What is going on??!!

"What the fuck do you mean?" I shout in his face. He grins at me. "Well..." He starts, still smiling in my face. He's really pissing me off. "Well what?!" I snap.

"This was all..." He trails off again. I swear if he does that one more time I'm gonna beat ten bails of shit out of him. "IT WAS ALL A BIG JOKE!!"

I don't say anything, I just stare at him, expressionless. "What?" I ask. "It was a joke, an act. What, you actually thought I'd stab someone? Please tell me you didn't." He says. I don't reply, I just get into the front seat of the car and drive off without any of them.

(The next day)

I wake up, in the drivers seat of the car. I look behind me, Jade is still asleep in the back, but I untied her last night. No words can explain how happy I am to see her. I'm still speechless at the guys, they put me through all of that for a laugh.

"Mike?" I hear a mumble, so I turn around to see Jade is awake. "You must be very hungover." I grin.

(A few hours later)

Jade looks at me, eyes wide after I explain everything. She walks into the kitchen and I follow. "So where are they now?" She asks, not even sounding annoyed. "I don't know, probably at Luke's." I reply.

"Well let's go there and kick some ass."


That's it!!! Obviously it doesn't end here, I'm going to write a sequel! I still haven't thought for a name for it though.

Tell me what you thought in the comments.

Sorry I didn't update for ages, I had a small case of writer's block. And I know I said it would be longer, I tried but it all kept deleting every now and then and I couldn't be arsed to copy and paste it all the time. That sounds really bad.

Anyway, look out for the sequel! I'll publish it soon. Byeee!

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