You're next (finished)

For jade, life's a waste of time. She is bullied, her dad abuses her mom, and she cuts. But when the bully at school becomes nice all of a sudden, could life get better? Or worse...


7. Jade's p.o.v

My dad staggers in, hardly recognisable. His face is red and sweaty, his green eyes filled with anger. He looks like he hasn't even slept for days.

His eyes turn to me. He gives me an evil glare, his brows furrowed with hatred. I quickly turn my face away, not wanting to look at him after what he's done.

"Where's you're mum, bitch?" He stutters. I don't answer and hold back tears. I am not weak. "Answer me!" He yells. I still ignore him. He walks over to me.

"Where is she? Don't ignore me." He hisses. I can't hold it in much longer. "She's dead! She's dead and you killed her!" I scream, now letting my tears flood my cheeks.

He shoots me a look of confusion. "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" He asks. I wipe my face and cross my arms. "You heard me, you killed your wife and more importantly, my mum!" I shout as loud as I possibly can.

He laughs at me. "Liar." He gulps, shaking his head. "You filthy liar!" He booms, grabbing me and shaking me like a toy. I pull away and breathe in.

"I'm not lying, you hit her so hard on the head, she died! I hate you I hate you!" I cry. He then quickly takes a firm grip of my neck with his hands and squeezes it.

I can't breathe, I start gagging and gasping for air. I try to pull away but it's no use, he won't let go. This is it. I'm going to die. Then I slump to the floor and everything goes black.

Michael's p.o.v

I think I'm gonna go to Jade's again. Yes I'll do that. I stroll out and off towards her house which fortunately, is just round the corner.

I see a man walk unstably out of her house, guessing he's drunk. He leaves the door open so I wait until he's out of sight and run in, feeling worried.

"Jade? Are you in here?" I keep repeating. She's not anywhere. I walk up stairs. "Jade? Jade are you fucking with me? Where are you?" I ask again.

I open a door. No. I open the second. No. Third. No. She's got to be in the last one. I open it to see her on the floor unconscious. "What the...? What's going on?" I ask myself.

I check her pulse. It's slow, but still going. Must've been that drunk man. I grab my phone and call the ambulance.

(An hour later)

They took her to hospital ages ago. I need to know what happened. I decide to go there, so I walk back to mine and get my car and keys.

I then drive my way to the hospital. When I get there, I run straight up to the desk. The receptionist looks up to me. "How can I help you?" She asks.

"I'm here to see a Jade Wilson." I reply. She gives me directions and I wander off. When I finally find the room, I walk in and see her lying there. I shudder at the heart breaking sight.

She has an oxygen mask on and is asleep. I take hold of her hand. What happened? I keep asking myself. At that moment her eyes flutter open. I feel joy rise up me like a disease and grin.

She takes off the oxygen mask and looks around. "Huh? Where...?" She mumbles. I squeeze her hand and she turns her head to me. "Michael? What am I doing here? What's going on?" She asks.

I shrug. "That's exactly what I'd like to know." I whisper. She then gasps and starts biting her nails. "My dad. My dad." She keeps whispering while rocking back and forth.

I tap her. "Jade, what happened?" I ask. She looks over to me. "My dad, he came back, he came back and he strangled me." She rocks back and forth even harder.

Her dad strangled her? Why? She doesn't deserve any more shit. I rub circles on her hand with my thumb and she starts breathing heavily. I pick up the oxygen mask and hand it to her.

She puts it back on and starts rocking again. I look at her, she is still beautiful even like this. Her dad deserves a good punch in the nose.

Jade's p.o.v

(A week later)

I came out three days ago. I'm completely fine. I just need to make sure he doesn't come back. All I've been doing since is watching movies. I'm doing the same today.

I try to pick another film out, a horror. Paranormal activity, the shining, saw. Yes, saw! I put it on and start watching. As horrible as it is, it's still a good film (if you like that sort of stuff).

I sit watching it, almost falling asleep. I'm woken up by the sound of a knock at the door, so I sigh and then force myself out of my chair. When I open the door Michael walks in, not even saying hello. I stop him and look at him straight in the eye.

He smiles a little, and then it turns into a frown. "Jade, they're getting suspicious, Ashton keeps giving me a fucking quiz every time I leave to come and see you."

I start to feel nervous. "You mean, they might find out" I ask. He nods and then pulls me into a hug, so tight that I can't pull away, but I like it. "So what I'm trying to say is that....we should stop seeing each other." He says.

I manage to pull away, holding back tears. "What? No! I'm sure we can figure something out!" I let the tears fall now and he looks really upset. Then he kisses me on the cheek and walks out of the door.

Great so I've literally lost everyone I love. I fall to the floor crying, I miss him already. Why is my life like this? My mother is dead. My own father,the one I looked up to is now a drunk who killed my mum.

I fall to the floor with my head in my knees, sobbing my heart out. I want my old life back, the one where I had two parents and when I didn't love Michael. That life was fucking easy.

I sigh, wipe my face and get up. I walk up the stairs, go to my room and go to bed.

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