You're next (finished)

For jade, life's a waste of time. She is bullied, her dad abuses her mom, and she cuts. But when the bully at school becomes nice all of a sudden, could life get better? Or worse...


2. Jade's p.o.v

End of the day

I walk out of school and message Abbie, like I said I would. I knew they wouldn't 'get me'. It was just to scare me.

I trudge round the corner and put my phone in my pocket. I look behind me, to see if anyone's there. Nope. Ha.

I go round another corner and before I know it, I'm being restrained. Whoever it is, blindfolds me. I open my mouth to scream but someone puts there finger against my lips.

When they finally take their finger away, I shout. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING?!" The person tuts at me and then says, "I didn't want to do this, but you're shouting to much so goodnight sweetheart"

I cringe at the word sweetheart and then feel some sort of needle jab into my leg. Numbness spreads around my body until I can't move. I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out.

I start to feel sleepy and suddenly everything fades into pitch black darkness.

I wake up to realise I'm tied up, my mouth taped and I'm still blindfolded.

Then I hear someone walk in. They take the blindfold off and the first thing I see is Luke Hemmings smirking at me. "Well what do we have here? Oh yeah, an idiot. Just wait and see what we do to you." I try to squeal but I can't. "There's no point trying to speak or scream." he laughs.

Then Ashton walks in, grinning. "Damn right no one can hear you. And you can't fight back and you can't move. Too bad." He says, slapping me.

Michael then strolls in, looking more evil than normal. He walks over to me and whispers. "Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit." And with that, he jabs me in the arm again, but this time, I'm still awake, I just can't feel or move anything.

This means when it wears off, I'm gonna be in a lot of pain. I sit there, helpless as they beat the crap out of me. But then I notice. Where's Calum? Oh well. I stay where I am, watching them completely kick and beat the shit out of me.

That's gonna hurt like a motherfucker soon. After they've finished, they walk out and Calum walks in, looking guilty.

He takes the tape from my mouth and I try to speak, but nothing comes out. He shakes his head and whispers. "You can't move or speak, so don't bother trying." He smiles at me. He looks so cute when he smiles. Wait, this must be a trick, Calum's never normally nice to me.

"Here, let me untie you." He says kindly. But I'm stuck in position. Tears start to flood down my face. "Hey, don't be upset, it'll wear off. Oh, but when it does..." He trails off. I can move my mouth so I mime a 'don't worry about it.' He shakes his head.

"Jade, I'm sorry, for everything, I really am." He whispers. I mouth the words, 'why do it though?' He shrugs. "If I don't, then Michael and Luke would kill me." Tears still fall down my face. I then start to feel my fingers again, then slowly, the feeling comes back and it hurts like hell.

I stand up and Calum helps me. One of my legs is smashed up so bad, there's blood running down it and I can't walk on it. "Painful huh?" Calum asks. "" I breath.

He takes me out the back door. "Need some help getting home?" He offers. I shake my head and grit my teeth with pain.

He frowns and tells me to direct him to my house. It's so kind of him. When we get outside my house I tell him to go. He waves goodbye and I thank him.

When I get inside, I see my mum and dad arguing again, nothing new. I hop up the stairs, crying in pain and go to the bathroom and take some aspirin. I then go to my room and look at my leg.

There's a big purple bruise and a big gash with blood pouring from it. I find a bandage and wrap it around the wound.

I listen to the argument. Dad shouts at mum, mum cries. Then there's a punching noise. I hold my breath. No. He wouldn't! I run to my walk in wardrobe, find the scalpel I use, and cut. Blood drips from my arm.

I then clean up the blood, clean my face up and go downstairs. I go into the kitchen to see mum cleaning. "Mum...what just happened?" I ask concerned. She runs towards me. "JJ! Where were you?" She hugs me tight. "Mum! What happened?" I ask sternly. She sighs. "Nothing bab, me and dad were just arguing."

I nod, knowing full well she's lying to make me feel better, and limp back upstairs, thinking over the Calum situation.

Was he just tricking me or was he actually being nice?

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