You're next (finished)

For jade, life's a waste of time. She is bullied, her dad abuses her mom, and she cuts. But when the bully at school becomes nice all of a sudden, could life get better? Or worse...


3. Calum's p.o.v

Calum's p.o.v

(Next day)

I can't believe Jade fell for all of that yesterday. She's so gullible. She thought I was being nice. Well now I know for sure that this will work.

Yeah, Ashton told me to make her fall in love with me so we could get her properly, whatever the hell that means.

I get ready for school and run out the door. When I get into school I see Ash, so I go over. "You still doing it?" He asks, smirking. I raise an eyebrow. "You think I wouldn't?" I reply. He laughs and I see Jade limping towards her locker.

I go over to her and she gives me the slightest smile. "Hey, thanks for the help last night you di-" I put my finger on her lips "it's okay. You needed it." I say. She blushes and we walk to class together. This is working.

Jade's p.o.v


Me and Cal walk outside and I see Abbie so I limp over. I sit down but Cal sits down too, so she sort of holds her breath, thinking he's gonna beat us up or something. "Don't worry, he's cool." I say but she still looks suspicious.

"Um, Jade, can you come over here a minute?" She mutters and pulls me over to the tree. I watch Cal sit by himself. He smiles and nods at me. I have never noticed how cute he is before. Then Abbie talks and I snap back into focus.

"Why are you hanging around with one of the guys who beat you up yesterday, and has been since we freakin started?" She yells at me. "We spoke yesterday, he seems cool. Chill Ab!" I say.

"Fine, but don't come crying when he punches you or fucks up your face or maybe even kills you this time." She says calmly and then walks away. Great. I sigh and go and sit down opposite Cal.

"She's just afraid that you're gonna kill me or something" I laugh. He smiles. "I wouldn't do that, don't worry." He grins. Then he sees his friends, so we say goodbye and he wanders off.

Then I see Ashton's slutty girlfriend. I roll my eyes as she comes up to me. "Hi shitface. Oh yeah, by the way Calum isn't actually your friend, it's a trick" She grins.

I shake my head and walk off. What if he is tricking me? No. He wouldn't. Would he?

Calum's p.o.v

"She's just afraid you're gonna kill me or something."she laughs. "I wouldn't do that don't worry" I say. I won't but someone else might.

I swivel my head round to see Ash and the rest so I wave goodbye and go over to them. "So it's working then?" Ash snickers. I nod. "Yep, she's totally buying it. I can't believe this is working!" We all laugh except for Mikey, who is staring blankly at the floor.

"Dude, what's up?" I ask him. He stretches his arms and yawns. "Nothing, just tired." I know he's not, he's lying, but I just nod. He zones out again and I then just talk with Luke and Ash.

(End of day)

Ash's p.o.v

I stroll out with Luke and Cal, we don't know where Mikey has gone off to. But then I see Jade and nudge Cal. "Talk to her! Come on, I want this to work." I sigh. He nods and walks over to her, me and Luke lagging behind.

"Hi Jade. Sup?" He obviously didn't know what to say. She looks over at me and Luke anxiously but we just stand there, not saying anything to her for once. "Don't worry, they won't hurt you. For once." He says. Luke rolls his eyes.

Yeah, we might not hurt you this time, but soon you'll be screaming for help that won't come. Jade then turns back to Cal and they start walking very slowly, me and Luke following.

"Do you think this is working?" Luke whispers. I shrug, grinning. "I hope so" I mutter back. Where is Michael? Him and Luke have been acting strange lately, like they've been really quiet and they're not as funny as they normally are.

Whatever. They'll come back around eventually. Then Jade goes off and we walk forward to Calum. "So..." I say. She shrugs. "So what?" He mumbles.

"Are you acting as cute as you can and all that shit?" I ask, smirking. He nods. "I think she might be getting a little crush on me." He groans.

"That's great. Make sure you act even more like that tomorrow" I laugh. "By the way, do you know where Mikey is yet?" He asks. I look over to Luke, he shakes his head and I do the same.

He sighs. "He's probably just gone home another way." Luke says, moodily. Luke is still acting weird, but we carry on walking up to my house. Calum follows in, but Luke wanders off, waving.

.............'s p.o.v

I feel so angry at myself right now, I beat up a girl. What kind of idiot does that? Me obviously. I only do it because they force me to. Ash says he'll make his mom fire mine if I don't.

She must feel so small and she must be in terrible pain. To be honest, I've always had a huge crush on her. Her hair is totally rad, with the blue, her eyes are so beautiful, I could just get lost in them everything about her is perfect.

Whenever I say or do something to her, I always hesitate before, but then I think of my mom's job and carry on, like a complete idiot. And now, she's falling right into Ash's trap.

She's being tricked into loving Calum, then we're all gonna do something to her. I don't know what, but it's going to be worse than last time. When I tried to ask Ash once , he just laughed. "Just think of screaming and blood"

Screaming and blood? Bad, bad news. I can't imagine what he'll do to her. I can, but I seriously don't want to. I walk up to my house, go in and stroll upstairs. I grab my phone and start playing blink 182 really loudly.

At that moment, I catch Jade walking past. I stare at her, lovestruck and she sees me out of the corner of her eye and I turn away as quickly as possible. I don't want her to hate me more than she already does.

I need to tell her what's going on. I need to tell her that she's going to be hurt if she falls for Calum. She needs to know it's all a fucking trick.

I don't know how I'm meant to do it, but I will. I love her.

Who's p.o.v do you think it was?

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