The gift of pottermore


1. discovering pottermore

Nessa Mathews was sitting up in bed staring at her laptop. The Wifi here sucks ass she thought to herself of all the hospitals I've been through this one is defiantly hell in a gift basket. Nessie? Laura what are you doing up you've got surgery tomorrow and chemo after. What are you looking at? It's a website called pottermore that puts the world of harry potter at my finger tips. You waste your time on shit like that? Janet there's a child in the room. Oh I'm sorry I thought you were fifteen. I meant the 8year old standing right in front of you. Right well little miss will have to get to sleep or I'll tell her mother she stole that sandwich for you. Laura you really should sleep if you want to be ready for tomorrow. Goodnight pumpkin said Janet. I promise I'll come see you tomorrow. Ok she said and left the room.

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