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2. Review of 'Talking to Gravestones'

Plot: 8/10

It is so far quite undeveloped, but from what I can tell is really, really intriguing. I love the air of mystery, and I think the blurb works really well. It gives you an idea of what it’s about, ithout revealing everything, which is just perfect.

Characters: 7/10

Although it is early days, for this stage in the story the characters are already beginning to take some form. I can tell of Rosalie’s love for Max, and her sadness, and also get a glimpse of her personality, and her looks.

Quality of Writing: 9/10

Some sort of clichéd parts, and some areas where I felt the description and things were slightly lacking, but otherise this is reall good. The narrator has a strong voice, which I like, so keep it up! One thing to point out: The movella title I think should be 'Talking to Gravestones' with a small 't'.

Overall mark (I know I sound like a teacher):  8/10

Can’t wait to read more!

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