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4. hi

First kiss 😙


You were leaving to see your parents for a month. Ashton was begging you stay with him. But he understood you wanted to see your parents. When you walking to the gate Ashton ran up to you and kissed you.


You two were watching Pokemon and snuggled up. You started to fall asleep. And he whispered sweet nothings in your ear. You both feel asleep on the couch the next morning you woke up and he was making breakfast for you. You walked up to him and he kissed you.


You went to the movies. You watched 'The Fault in Our Stars. You struggled up and at his side and cried because if the movie. He kissed you forehead and slightly laughed at you. You both laughed and kissed.


You too were at the beach again. You too laid in in the sand. Your head on his chest, him playing with your hair. He then sat up and kissed you.

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