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2. bonjour c:

Where you guys met.


You and Ashton have always been best friends but when someone brings up the first time you guys met, sparks fly!

You and Ashton, first met in the 2nd grade when you glued his bandana to the desk. *yaaasss* ever since you still glue his bandana to things! lol


You first met Michael at gym class in the 5th grade. He was sitting alone in the corner playing his video games. And thought it would be a good idea to take his DS away from him. He chased after you and fell on you. To this day you joke around with Michael about this! Awwwwwhhhh cx lovey doveys. <3


You meet Luke at school too. You meet in 7th grade. You sat in the front of Hemmings and your friend told you he NEVER stopped checking you out! You then during class turned around in you chair and saw I'm smiling at you. You gazed in to his eye and screamed "CREEP" to this day you still call Luke a creep <3


You and Calum were baby friends! You never were apart! You guys were like twins!!!

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