Bad Boy

It all started with a dare, and now I've fallen in love with him..... But the truth came out and he hates me now. I got involved in something I shouldn't have and I've been kidnapped and I know he won't come to my rescue after what I did. He'd want me to die after all that he's gone through, and I put him through more after he trusted me..... I made it worse. I wish I could take it all back to when I didn't know him. But I've lost him now, for good. I've lost my Bad Boy.....


1. Introduction

I never thought it would come to this. It was only a stupid dare but it became more. He was the player with a hidden soft side I wanted to uncover, but it became an obsession and lead to this. Now I'm stuck in some dark room in a corner, blindfolded and tied to a chair. My phone was a couple inches away from me I could try to grab it but who could I call, he could save me but he would never forgive me for what I did..... all I can think now is why did I choose that stupid dare. Ive fallin in love with the bad boy who I hurt

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