The Story of Our Love (Niall Horan)

Emma Thompson meets a famous group who become her best friends. They are always together, no one can separate them. Emma falls in love with one of her best friends. Will this love ruin their friendship?


25. What Happened?

Niall's POV


"Emma, please stay with us, please," I say worried and I realize she went unconscious.

"Okay sir, this is the farthest you can go, please wait out in the waiting room and fill in her paperwork." The doctor tells me as they take her in the emergency room and I walk towards the waiting room, picking up paperwork. It says what I am to her and I cant put anything because I'm only her boyfriend, but I'm the only one here who can do it. I call her mother and tell her what happened.


"Uh, hi Mrs.'s Niall, Emma is here in the hospital and I need you to come and fill in the paperwork please.." I state nervously.

"EMMA IS IN THE HOSPITAL!!! WHY?" she screams through the phone.

"Uh, we were walking around with the boys and Lana and one of my fans yanked on her shoulder throwing her down causing her to hurt her back and she passed out when we got here to the hospital..."

"Where are you?"



"My tour...."

"I mean why is she with you?"

"She wanted to come..."

"Why didn't she tell me?"

"I thought she did, I'm sorry Ma'am."

"No Niall, I trusted you with her, I thought you wouldn't hurt her...."

"I didn't mean to, I promise....I promised her..." i say now crying.

"Niall, I'm sorry but you can no longer date my daughter if you're gonna hurt her.."

"Who's here for Ms. Thompson?" A doctor asks loudly.

"Uh, I'm sorry Mrs. Thompson but I can't do that and I need to go the doctors are calling me...bye." I say ending the call.

"I'm here for Ms. Thompson." I say walking up to the doctor.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Johnson and you're Emma's boyfriend?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Emma has minor injuries, she just injured her lower back, but she just needs to be in crutches for a couple days, otherwise she'll be fine."

"Alright thank you, can I see her?"

"Yeah, follow me.." The doctor says walking into a door.

"A nurse will come in and tell you when you can go."

"Okay, Thank you very much." I say shaking his hand as he walks out.

"Hey Em, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing okay, why do you look so sad?"

"I called your mother and she said I can't date you if I'm gonna hurt you..."

"Why would she say that?"

"It's cause I told her one of my fans pushed you, so she blamed it on me, but I don't blame her because the girl who pushed you was my fan, I'm so sorry.."

"No, Niall she can't tell me who to date and who not to date, I'm 18 soon to be 19, I can handle myself, I don't need her protecting me anymore and anyways I know you will always protect me because you're my Prince..mine and mine only."

"You're my Princess, I'll always protect you no matter what, I'll always be here for you..I love you." I say kissing her.

"When's your birthday?" I ask her.

"June 26."

"I'll make you a party!"

"Okay, I love you!"

"Love you too, baby!"


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