The Story of Our Love (Niall Horan)

Emma Thompson meets a famous group who become her best friends. They are always together, no one can separate them. Emma falls in love with one of her best friends. Will this love ruin their friendship?


19. We're Great.

Niall's POV


I scroll through Twitter while Em is in the shower. I see hashtags such as #Nemmaisover. Don't ask, we have our own ship name, I actually like it. I have to tweet that we never broke up because then this will create problems everywhere. 

This is the tweet: NiallOfficial: Just to confirm Em & I never broke up, we just took some time off, anyways thanks for the ship name, never saw it until today. #Nemma

I get a bunch of retweets but I don't look at the notification. I go to trending and #Nemma is now trending. That's amazing that in a matter of 2 seconds after tweeting #Nemma it's trending. I love my fans they are amazing. I hear Emma get out.

"Hey Nialler," she says walking to the closet in her towel. 

"Hey, would you like to go to Ireland?" I ask curiously.

"Yes! That's on my bucket list." she replies her smile widening.

"What if I told you I bought 2 plane tickets to go?" I say grinning.

"Niall, did you-" she begins and I nod and she runs to me in her towel hugging me tightly.

"I didn't think you'd be this excited." I say laughing.

"At what day is the flight?" Emma asks fixing her towel.

"Tomorrow at 3:00 p.m," I say walking out of the room so she change.

"I love you Niall!" I hear her yell.

"Love you too!" I yell back going down the stairs.

I sit on the couch and wait until she's done.




Emma's POV


I decide to wear something cute but still comfortable. I wear this 

I just let my hair flow down normally. I want to let it air dry. I'm excited to go to Ireland. I decide to scare Niall by kissing his cheek.

"Wanna go out and eat?" I ask Niall who jumps at my touch.

"Yeah, your lips are so cold." Niall says gripping my hand.

"Well, I did just get out of the shower." I state the obvious.

"Where do you wanna eat?" Niall asks.

"I don't know, anywhere just as long as there is a breakfast sandwich." I say smiling.

"Denny's?" He asks laughing.

"Sure, why not," I reply as we walk out the door.

We walk out and I snuggle closer to Niall because it's chilly.

"You cold?" Niall asks looking down at me.

"Not really, but we're almost there, I'll survive." I say kissing him.

We see some fans come towards us. They come up to us and ask for a picture. 

"I'll just step out of the way so you can take the picture with Niall," I say stepping out of the way.

"No! We want you in the picture too!" A fan with blonde hair says.

"No, I insist, I'm ugly you wouldn't want me in a picture with you beautiful young ladies." I explain not moving but she lightly pulls me and we take the picture.

"Oh my gosh, I love this picture, thank you so much guys! #NEMMA!  I LOVE YOU NEMMA!" The three girls yell running off somewhere.

"It must be nice to know you're making millions of girls around the world happy." I say to Niall.

"It is because you know that what you're doing has an effect on millions of people not just one person." Niall replies smiling.

"That's amazing." I say looking up at him smiling.

"We just passed it," I say laughing walking back to Denny's.

"See your beauty distracted me," Niall says kissing my cheek.

We enter and there's not many people. 

"Hello, may I help you?" The waiter asks.

"Yes, we would like a table for 2." Niall says.

"Okay, that will be a ten minute wait, is that okay?" The waiter asks and Niall looks at me.

"Yeah, that'll be fine." I reply and the waiter smiles in a flirty way to me. Niall sees and pulls me closer to his body by pulling my waist gently. 

"Okay, under who's name is it?" he asks.

"Niall." I reply resting my hand on Niall's waist.

"Okay, we'll call you." The waiter says smiling.

I see Niall is all tense. 

"Niall, are you okay?" I ask looking at him.

"I'm fine, just thinking about why you're dating me." Niall replies looking at the floor.

"Ni, I'm dating you because you made me fall in love with you even if I probably didn't in the beginning, you're sweetness, your laugh, your smile, personality, traits and you just in general, sure, you are cute but I don't only love you for that, I love you for you, Niall James Horan." I say taking a deep breath and kissing his soft lips that I learned to love.

"Em, I love you thank you so much, whenever you need me I'll be there, mi love." Niall says hugging me and holding me.

"Niall?" The waiter calls and we stand up

 He walks us to a table by a curb.

"What would you like for a drink?" The waiter asks.

"Two cokes please." Niall says holding my hand.

"Okay, I'll be back with your drinks." The waiter says walking to the kitchen.

"We only have 1 hour to eat because we have to go to the airport." Niall explains looking me in the eyes.

"That's long enough for me, I'm so excited!" I exclaim smiling big.

"You're finally going to actually meet my family, not just say hi." Niall says smiling.

"Who do you think I'll be closer to?" I ask him my hand on my chin.

"I think you'll be closer to Greg or my mum," Niall says laughing.

The waiter comes back with the drinks and we thank him and he takes our orders.

"I'll have The Grand Slamwich." I say to him.

"I'll have the Lumberjack Slam, with scrambled eggs." Niall says.

"Okay, your orders will here in a bit." The waiter explains.

"I love you so much." I say smiling.

"That's random but I love you too." Niall says leaning in and kissing my cheek.


We enter the airport with our bags and we put them in the same box. We hear our flight called and we walk towards a big door that says IRELAND. I squeeze Niall's hand and he looks at me. I'm ready. We begin to walk and Niall gets his ticket scanned first. The attendant scans mine and says its fake.

"It's not fake, my boyfriend bought it for me this morning." I explain.

"Ma'am, we need to take you away for trying to enter the plane with a fake ticket." A guard says deeply.

"No, NIALL!" I yell and he immediately looks but walks off.

"Niall?" I say loudly.

"Ni-" I begin and I see him walk off with some other girl with blonde hair.

"Niall? What are you doing!" I scream trying to get out of the guards grip.

"EMMA! BABY WAKE UP ITS A DREAM!" Niall yells waking me up and I am sweating and crying.

"Baby, are you okay?" Niall asks me and I immediately go into his arms.

"Emma, please tell me what happened," Niall says kissing my forehead pulling me into his lap.

"My dream was that we were heading to the big door saying IRELAND on it, when the attendant scanned my ticket she said it was fake, and then some guards took me away, then I called you and you looked up but walked away with another girl and I kept calling you but you wouldn't listen." I explain my head sweating again.

"Baby, I would never leave you for another girl, I would be miserable without you, I absolutely love you." Niall reassures me.

"We must get going because our flight is in two hours," I say getting up and walking into the bathroom washing my face and brushing my teeth.




Niall's POV



I can't believe she had that bad of a dream my poor baby. I spent 30 minutes trying to wake her up since she screamed my name. She wouldn't wake up. I was really scared. I hear Emma get out and I turn and see her smiling.

"Let's get dressed." I say laughing.

I put this on 

She put this on


"Are you ready?" I ask her.

"I still need to pack my clothes." She says.

"I did that for both of us." I say.





"Hair stuff?" 



"Of course,"

"Your stuff?"

"Yup, we're ready," I explain.

"Alright, let's go." she says getting in the car.


We arrive at the airport and we hear our flight called and we walk towards the attendant to scan our tickets. The lady scans Emma's first and she goes in, then it's mine. I'm ready to go see my family. We get to our seats and we feel the plane lift off the ground into the air, here we go. 



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