The Story of Our Love (Niall Horan)

Emma Thompson meets a famous group who become her best friends. They are always together, no one can separate them. Emma falls in love with one of her best friends. Will this love ruin their friendship?




I'm sorry guys that I haven't posted it's just that I was sick for a couple of days.

I'm better now so I can write. 

I have also had school, which got in the way.

Thanks for understanding.

I love you guys.


~Mrs. Horan


Emma's POV


It's my birthday today!!! Niall told me to go out and do something with Lana, Eleanor and Sophia because they're gonna buy me something that's needed for the party.


"NIALL!" I yell looking through my closet.

"Yes, mi love?" Niall replies kissing my cheek.

"What should I wear that looks nice?" I ask him sitting down.

'Everything looks nice on you, but this." Niall pulls out this and kisses me.

I go and grab my keys, I get a call from Eleanor telling me they're waiting for me outside.

"Niall, I'm leaving now, see you later." I say opening the door.

"Hold on, I need to give you a kiss before you go, I'll miss you if I don't." Niall says running and kissing long and passionately.

"Okay, see you later." Niall smiles.

I walk out and get in the back with Sophia.

"Hi guys, are we ready to find stuff for me?" I say smiling.

"Yeah!" Lana, Sophia and Eleanor say in unison.


Niall's POV



"Okay, so I should call the lads to help me." I say to myself.

I call all the boys and they arrive.

"Okay boys, we have 1 hour and a half to get this party ready." I say nervously.

"Louis, I need you to put the food in bowls and on plates, don't eat any." I say to Louis.

"Zayn, you and I will set up outside." I say to Zayn.

"Liam and Harry, you guys will get in your costumes and call everybody so we can surprise Emma." I say to them.

"That should be it for now, GET TO WORK BOYS!" I yell while getting the streamers and began hanging it.

"Zayn, can you put those lights in Emma's name?" I ask fixing some streamers.

"Yeah, I think I got it." Zayn replies turning on the lights.

"You did it looks amazing, leave it on." I say putting balloons on the mailbox.

"Okay Liam and Harry, are you done?" I ask looking at the time.

"Yeah, everybody will get here shortly." Liam smiles.

"Okay, Louis, is the food assembled?" I ask walking in to a kitchen full of food in bowls and plates.

"Yeah, I'm done." Louis smiles proudly.

"Thanks for helping boys, you can sit and wait, while I change and wrap Emma's gift." I say running up the stairs.

I put on this

I look ridiculous but I'm doing this for my beautiful girlfriend. I love her.




Emma's POV



"I'm not gonna wear that at my party." I say laughing.

"You have to or they won't let you in." Lana replies handing me the costume.

"Okay, only because i love you guys." I say walking over to the cashier.

I buy the costume.

"We can stop by my house to get ready if you're okay with that." Lana suggests.

"Yeah, I will need my hair and make up done." I say running a hand through my hair.



Niall's POV



"Everybody, when the door opens and Emma enters we will surprise her." I say smiling.

"Nice costumes, everyone." I say laughing.

"Okay, Niall, where do we put the gifts?" Emma's mother asks to me.

"On the table right over there M'am." I say patting her back.

Her family and my family are here. Their first time meeting.

"Niall, can I speak with you?" Emma's father asks me.

"Yeah, anytime." I say smiling.

"It's Emma's 19th birthday, so I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you making her happy." he says patting  me on the back.

"I love your daughter, sir, she's impossible not to love, yes we will fight every now and then but I will still love her a lot." I say smiling and hugging him.

That talk was interesting because that could've went bad or wrong, but it went really well."

"Okay, everybody in your places they're gonna be here in 10 minutes." I announce to everybody.



Emma's POV




I have my make up and hair done, but all I need is my costume. This is Lana and I's costume. We are matching.

We arrive at the house and I see my name in lights.

"Oh, how cute." I say smiling.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice." Lana says smiling.

We enter and it's dark.

"Lana-" I start but I realize she's gone.

"Okay." I say entering.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Everyone yells.

I scream.

"Oh my gosh, you guys scared me." I yell.

"Thank you though." I say.

"Okay, let's party!!!" Niall yells.

Everybody begins to talk.

"Hey guys, thank you so much." I say creating a group hug consisting of Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Sophia, Eleanor, Lana and I.

"Your welcome and Niall is the one who mainly created everything for you." They all say.

"Thank you Niall." I say kissing him.

"I missed those kisses, I went a whole hour without your kisses." Niall replies.

"Okay, but you have me now so, what do you guys wanna do?" I ask.

"I'm hungry." Sophia blurts out.

"Okay, well we're gonna eat, since mostly everyone is hungry." Lana says.

"We'll meet you there, we need to see our parents." I say pointing to Niall and I.

"Em!" Grace comes running in a mermaid costume.

"Grace! You've grown since I last saw you!" I exclaim.

"Hi Niall!" Grace says while I pick her up kissing her forehead.

"Emma!" Mom exclaims.

"Hi Mom, how have you been?" I ask her putting Grace down.

"We're doing great, how about you?" she asks while Niall rests his hands on my waist.

"We're doing fine, we love our new home." I say smiling while Niall kisses my cheek.

"It's surely beautiful, Grace wants to come over and stay for the weekend if that's fine with you." she says.

I look at Niall who nods.

"We'll keep her here." Niall speaks for me.

"Alright, take good care of her." Mom explains.

"Okay, see you later." I say Niall leading me to his family.

"Mum and Dad!" Niall exclaims.

"Niall!" Niall's mum exclaims.

"Hello, son, I've missed you." she explains hugging him.

"This must be the birthday girl." she says smiling to me.

"Yeah, she's the one who stole my heart." Niall says smiling proudly.

"Hi, I'm Maura, Niall's mum." she says hugging me.

"Hi, I'm Emma Thompson, Niall's girlfriend." I say smiling.

"Em, meet my dad." Niall says.

"Hi, I'm Bobby, Niall's dad." he says smiling.

"Hello, I'm Emma Thompson, Niall's girlfriend." I say proudly.

"You're the one who stole my boy's heart." I say.

"Yeah, it wasn't hard." I say jokingly.

"How have you guys been?" Bobby asks us.

"We've been doing great." Niall smiles.

"New house is pretty nice." Maura says smiling.

"Thanks mum, it took a while to find." Niall says smiling.


"Thanks for coming!" I yell while everybody.

"Grace, go get your stuff from Mom's car." I say while Grace runs and gets her bag.

"Okay, I'll go show her to her room." I say walking her to the first guest room.

"Grace, can I see your bag, I'll put your clothes in the cabinet." I say folding and setting her clothes in the drawers.

"Okay, put on your PJS, we're gonna watch a movie." I say sending her to her room.

"Niall, pick a movie?" I ask.

"Okay, comedy?" Ni asks.

"Yeah, Grace is gonna watch it with us." I say.

"Okay, I'll put Pitch Perfect." Niall says and runs to the microwave to make popcorn.

Grace walks in, in her cat pajamas. 

"Grace, go sit in the living room, we'll be there in a bit." I say while she grabs a piece of candy from the table full of food, from the party.

I hear her plop down on the floor watching advertisements.

"The movie's about to start so hurry Nialler." I say and I see he already beat me to the couch.

"Crazy." I say smiling.

"Here is some food, Grace." Niall explains putting the food.

The movie started and guys started to sing.

I snuggled really close to Niall and I rested my head on his chest.

I love him.

"I love you Niall James Horan." I say falling asleep to the beat of his heart.

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