The Story of Our Love (Niall Horan)

Emma Thompson meets a famous group who become her best friends. They are always together, no one can separate them. Emma falls in love with one of her best friends. Will this love ruin their friendship?


9. The Beginning

Niall's POV



"How was it?" Liam asks me curiously.

"Amazing!" I reply.

"Are we still going to the water park?" I add.

"Of course!" Liam replies smiling.


 I receive a text message. It reads.

Her: 'i love the flowers, thank you Ni.

Me: 'you're welcome, beautiful.'

Her: 'i love you.'

Me: 'i love you too, baby.'

Me: 'wanna come to the water park with us tomorrow?'

Her: 'why not?'

Me: 'Okay, I'll pick you up at 6:30 tomorrow.'

Her: 'Okay, I'm gonna go to bed, love you.'

Me: 'love you too, beautiful.'

I love having conversations with her. I absolutely love her. I hope the fans love her, because I don't want my beautiful girl crying.



Emma's POV



Niall is so sweet. I really need to go to bed. I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM!



Sorry that the chapter was short but I have school.

School gets in the way, but I will try to update whenever I can, I promise.

What should I call you? 

Comment down below what you think I should call you.

I love you!


Mrs. Horan

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