The Story of Our Love (Niall Horan)

Emma Thompson meets a famous group who become her best friends. They are always together, no one can separate them. Emma falls in love with one of her best friends. Will this love ruin their friendship?


26. Not Our Day...


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Emma's POV



I just got out of the hospital and I'm in crutches, these are hard to walk in but Niall said he would walk in his crutches with me so I wouldn't be lonely...I love him....I told my mother that she can't control who I date and that I'm gonna keep dating him, maybe even marry him. Ha, Mother!

"Hey, babe!" Louis calls to me, no I'm not cheating on Niall, Louis just calls me that, so does Zayn.

"Hey, Lou! I missed you!" I smile at him hugging him tightly.

"Hey, Em!" Liam says smiling coming to me and hugging me.

"Hey, Li!" I smile breathing in his cologne.

"Em!" Zayn yells walking to me hugging me gently, making sure not to hurt me.

"EMMA!" Harry screams running towards me hugging me tightest of all.

"HARRY!" I scream hugging him tightly. I always thought of him as my brother since the first day we met, I can tell him everything.

"You guys act like brother and sister, it's weird.." Liam says raising his eyebrows.

"We are like brother and sister, I love her more than Gemma!" Harry says laughing.

"Poor Gemma!" Lana screams.

"My mum and Emma are my first priorities, then Gemma is second." Harry smiles.

"That's rude, forget you!" Lana says walking to me and hugging me, kissing my cheeks.

"I love you bestie! You're my number 1 and always will be!" I say smiling hugging her.

"Niall, why do you need your crutches?" Lana asks.

"When I was running to the hospital, I kind of hit my left knee on the wall entering so, I need mine too."

"Amazing! Now we have two people with crutches!!!"

"We're fine!" Niall and I say in unison, trying to hold hands.

"It's not gonna work.." Lana says as she watches us try to hold hands.

"Thanks for the encouragement!" I say sarcastically as I walk away going into the room so I can sit down and everyone follows.

"You can just come in, that's totally okay!" I say sarcastically going into the kitchen to get a drink of water.

"Ahhh, I can finally sit-" I get interrupted by all the boys sitting where I was gonna sit.

"Emma, come and sit on my lap." Niall says.

"Are you sure? Is you're knee okay?" I ask carefully.

"Yeah, go ahead sit down, if it does, I'll suck it up."


"Ouch!" Niall says and I immediately jump up and stand, grabbing my crutches quickly.

"Are you okay? Am I too fat?" I ask and Niall bursts out laughing, then everyone but me.

"I'm kidding and no, you're not fat, you're perfect just the way you are, I will love you forever and always." Niall says kissing my hand.

"I love you too! Now, can I sit?"

"Yeah, go ahead love." he replies as I sit on his lap resting my head on his chest breathing in his amazing cologne.

"You enjoying the smell of my cologne?"

"Yeah." I reply as everybody has their own conversations.

"Good, because I bought it." Niall says smiling his face inches from mine.

"Good choice." I say smiling then I gently pull his face to mine, our lips connecting, moving in sync as if they were meant for each other. Wait, they are!

"Hey guys, we should go out to eat at Sepia!" Lana exclaims.

"I JUST SAT DOWN!" I yell.

"Sorry, calm down!" Lana says loudly.

"If we're gonna go out, I'm gonna change!" I yell.

"Okay guys, let's change, girls go get your clothes and change in here, boys, go to Liam's room to change, don't forget to get clothes!" I yell at them.

I change and I put on this.

I am wearing this with black flats. I see Niall come out and he's wearing this.

"Someone looks handsome!" I say smiling.

"We all know that's me." Harry says proudly.

"It's Niall, not you Harry but you look good."

"I see how it is but thanks." Harry says.

"I always have to look good for my Princess." Niall says, there's that word again, princess, kills me every time.

"I always have to look good for my Prince." I say as we hug, it looks funny because he's taller than me.

"Okay, let's get going guys!" Liam says as we all walk down the stairs, piling into the van.


"I can't believe you kept her number!" I scream as we enter our hotel suite.

"I can't just throw it away in her face!" Niall screams back.

"You could've told her I was you're girlfriend!"

"You know what? I can't take you anymore, you're way too difficult!"

"What are you gonna do about it?" I say powerfully.

"I THINK WE'D BE BETTER OFF ALONE!" Niall says towering over me.

"So what, you want me to leave?" I say softly beginning to cry.



"BECAUSE APPARENTLY YOU'RE THE PERFECT ONE HERE!" I blast in his face turning around immediately.


"DON'T YOU EVEN DARE SAY YOU LOVE ME!" I turn around immediately, then running into Harry's room.



Niall's POV




Why do I always mess things up between us? Why am I so stupid? I just can't stop myself from picking fights. I never like to fight with Emma because I don't like to see her cry. No one does...I just can't seem to understand how much she's worth, how much it will hurt if I lose her, this time for real. I can't let her go...She was the one I planned on marrying, but of course, I had to ruin it again. I need to talk with her. I walk over to Harry's room and knock.

"Harry, it's me Niall, I need to speak with Emma."

"She doesn't want to talk to you!"

"I didn't ask, I just said I need to talk to her really bad, please let me in." I hear someone walk to the door and open it, it's my one and only, Emma.

"Yes, Niall?"

"Can we talk?"


"I'm so damn sorry, I made a mistake again."

"Niall, I realized it's not your fault we fought, it's mine, I just can't to seem get over the fact that I feel that other girls will steal you away from me, I can't let that happen, I know that what I said was rude, but I needed to let it all out, and I was stupid so I threw it all at you, when all you did was be there for me, even through the bad times, you never let the relationship fail, I thank you so much because if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't even be having this conversation, even though we fight, I will always love you...I understand if you don't want me anymore because I don't expect you to..." Emma says softly looking me in the eyes, eyes full of hope and worry.

"I'll forgive you, how can I not?" I say.

She pulls me in for a hug and says,

"Thank you so much for the past year...I'm so happy we're almost gonna be together for 2 years."

"No need to thank me, you deserve some credit, you made this past year amazing as well, I love you." I say.

"Love you too." Emma says hugging me, I'm now kissing those sweet lips.

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