The Story of Our Love (Niall Horan)

Emma Thompson meets a famous group who become her best friends. They are always together, no one can separate them. Emma falls in love with one of her best friends. Will this love ruin their friendship?


13. New House.

Emma's POV




"I'm so sorry you had to see me like that, I just hate to see you cry." I apologize.

"Stop apologizing, it's not your fault, it's his fault." Niall replies kissing my trembling hand.

"Are you okay? You're shaking." Niall asks concerned.

"I'm okay, it's just it hurt my hand really bad when I slapped him, I don't feel guilty, he deserved it, I love to see you smiling and laughing not crying." I say kissing his cheek.

"Okay, let's see our new house." Niall says smiling while getting out and opening the door for me.

"Thank you, you're such a gentleman." I say blushing.

"My pleasure." He says kissing me.

We are outside a house like this.

We enter and I see this.

"Niall, I love it....thank you so much." I say hugging him and kissing him.

"Your welcome, this is our new home." Niall replies kissing my head.

"I can't believe it, I really can't, we need to show the boys, the girls and Lana." I say running up the stairs.

"You wanna have a party?" Niall asks me.

"Sure, I'll text Lana, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry, Sophia, and Eleanor." I say texting this

To: Lana Banana, Lou, Zen, Leeyum, Hazz, Soph, and El.

'Party at me and Niall's new house, be here at 6:00! 3467 N. Cortano Ave.'



Niall's POV



"Em, are we gonna go to buy the food?" I ask.

"Yeah, Ni!" she yells running down the stairs a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Okay, well lets go." I say resting my arm around her waist.

"Can I drive?" Em asks curiously.

"Sure, just don't crash my car." I say laughing

We arrive at Fry's and as we walk in, fans mob us.



"REALLY?!" I hear the fans yell at the girl.

"Emma?" I say.

"Yeah?" she smiles.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

"Yeah, I receive a lot of hate, but I have learned to accept it." she says kissing my cheek.

"Oh, okay as long as you're okay, I'm good, but if a tweet or comment ever gets to you, just tell me." I say kissing her.



We are driving home and the boys are already waiting.

"We said at 6:00." I say.

"IT'S 6:30!" Liam yells at me.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Emma runs and unlocks the door.

"Com-" I begin but they just walk in.



Emma's POV



"Nice house." Lana says sitting down on the couch.

"Thanks, boys?" I ask.

"Yeah?" They all reply looking at me.

"Can you guys cook the hamburgers, while me and the ladies get all the veggies and other stuff ready?" I ask.

"Yeah!" They all reply walking outside and turning on the grill.

"Okay, so, Lana and Eleanor cut the lettuce, tomatoes and onions, Sophia, you and I are gonna get the chips and put them in the bowls and help the others when we are done." I say and they all nod.

Sophia and I finish putting the chips in bowls, so we begin to help El and Lana

"So, Em, you really do love Niall enough to live with him." Eleanor says.

"Yeah, I do, I've never been more in love." I say.

"Yeah, even though she's had a boyfriend before Niall, she's never been more in love." Lana says.

"You had a boyfriend before Niall?" Sophia asks.

"Yeah, but the bad thing about him was, that every time I would talk to other guys, he would get jealous and slap me, and say I need to stop flirting with other guys." I explain.

"Did he dump you or did you dump him?" Eleanor asks.

"Oh, I did, he was so rude and got jealous quickly." I reply.

"Have you told Niall?" Lana asks me.

"No, because I feel like he would be mad at me for not telling him." I say nervously.

"You have to tell h-" Sophia starts but Niall cuts her off by coming in.

"Tell who what?" Niall asks looking at us.

"Emma needs to tell you something." Sophia says looking at me.

Niall looks at me concerned.

"Don't be mad at me okay?" I say nervously.

"I won't." Niall stares at me.

"I just told the girls that, I had a boyfriend before you and every time I would talk to other guys, he would get jealous and slap me constantly, that's why I have a lot bruises because he would hit me hard." I say beginning to cry.

"Emma....why didn't you tell me?" Niall asks softly.

"I didn't want you to worry about me and I didn't want you to be mad at me for not telling you." I say crying.

He pulls me into a tight hug and kisses my head.

"Hey, Ni- What's wrong with Em?" Liam asks entering the boys following him.

"I'll tell you later Liam." Sophia tells Liam.

"Yeah, me too, Louis and Zayn." Eleanor says.

'Who's gonna tell me?" Harry asks.

"I will." Lana says.

"Emma, I wouldn't have been mad at you...I would have been sad but no where near mad." Niall reassures me.

"I love you too much to be mad at you, yeah we will fight like every other person, but not as much that we will split." Niall pulls my chin and kisses me.

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