The Story of Our Love (Niall Horan)

Emma Thompson meets a famous group who become her best friends. They are always together, no one can separate them. Emma falls in love with one of her best friends. Will this love ruin their friendship?


16. Fun Day!

Niall's POV


I wake up and I see Emma next to me. We are laying on the couch. Grace is on the other couch.

I hear a small yawn.

"Good Morning Niall." Grace says.

"Good Morning G." I say that's what I call her.

"What are we gonna do today?" Grace asks sitting up.

"We're gonna do whatever you and Emma want to do." I say turning on the TV.

"Here, you can pick whatever." I say throwing the remote and she catches it.

She puts on Spongebob. That's interesting.

I begin to run my hand through Emma's hair. I love her, she's impossible not to love. I can't see myself living without her. I absolutely love her, I tell the boys and they probably think I'm crazy.

I would agree, I'm crazy in love with a beautiful girl. I can't believe I am able to call her mine.

"I love you Lauren Emma Thompson." I whisper and I kiss her forehead.

"I love you too." Emma whispers back pulling me into a kiss.

"What are we gonna do today?" I ask her.

"We're gonna go to the mall, if that's okay with you." Emma says smiling.

"Of course, I'm okay with anywhere you want to go." I say.

"Even if it has to do with one of your fears?" Emma asks.

"If it makes you happy, I'll do it." I say proudly.

"Grace, go get dressed, we're gonna eat breakfast and go to the mall." Emma says to Grace standing up.

"Who's going to make the food?" I ask.

"Uh, both of us." Em says slightly pushing me.

"Okay, I'll make the pancakes and eggs, you make bacon and potatoes, we'll both set up the table." I say while Em turns on the stove.

"Okay, I need to make sure she picks a nice outfit, I wanna take pictures of you, me and the lads." Em says.

"Are your parents gonna pick her up there?" I ask.

"No, they're just gonna be there so we can take a family picture." Emma says smiling.

Emma runs up the stairs and I begin making the eggs.



Emma's POV



"Grace, pick something that matches." I say.

"How about this?" Grace asks.

"Yes, but put on your black flats and I will curl your hair after we finish eating, stay in your pajamas for now." I say walking out of the room.

She follows me and sits down at the table.

"Oh, you started?" I ask Niall.

"Yeah." Niall replies smiling.

"I feel bad because you did mostly everything, when we agreed on doing it together." I say setting up the table.

"It's okay and I kind of wanted to do it all, since you do everything by cleaning the house." Niall points out.

"That's true, we both are doing something." I say setting plates down.

"Em, you and Niall are a really cute couple." Grace says smiling.

"Thank you." Niall and I say in unison, while I blush.

"Okay, Niall?" I say.

"Yes?" He replies finishing the food.

"Sit down." I say and he commands.

"I'll give you guys food." I say filling the plates with the same amount of everything.

"Thank you, mi love." Niall smiles.

"Thanks, Em." Grace says.

"Your welcome." I say sitting down.

We begin eating. Niall stares at me eat, but I kick him under the table.

"Ouch." Niall replies.

"Don't stare at me eat, then, but I'm sorry." I say.

"It's okay because I love you." Niall smiles.

"Should I dress casual or formal?" Niall asks me.

"Casual, since we are gonna take them outside, after I take mine with my family inside." I say.

"Okay, are you gonna dress casually?" Niall asks me.

"No, because I have to look formal for my family picture but I'll change into something casual." I say biting into my pancake.

"We're gonna take one of us together, so you should dress formal for our picture." I say.

"Okay, I'll look my best for my beautiful girlfriend." Niall says referring to me.

"I'm so excited for all the pictures!" I say holding his hand while looking into his blue eyes.

"You guys are so cute, I hope my relationship will be like that." Grace says while going and putting her plate away.

"Grace, go put on your outfit." I say while she runs up the stairs.




Niall's POV



"Baby, can you pick out some clothes for me?" I ask Emma while she looks for her outfits.

"Sure." she replies looking through my clothes. She picks out this for our picture.

She picks this for the group picture.

I pick out her outfit for her family picture and our picture.

I also pick out her outfit for the group picture.

She'll look beautiful.

"Okay, Grace!" Emma yells.

"Yes?" Grace says sticking her head through the door.

"Come here, so I can curl your hair." Emma says.

Emma begins to curl her hair and finishes and begins to curl her own hair. Emma begins to do her make up as soon as she finishes her hair.

"Emma?" I ask.

"Yes?" Emma replies.

"Here." I say putting on her necklace.

We walk out of the room.
"Is everybody ready for some pictures?" I ask sarcastically.

"Yeah!" Emma and Grace yell.

"Okay, well lets go!" I say getting in the car.


Emma's POV



"Okay, The Thompson's family?" The lady calls while my family and I stand up.

"Ni, can you hold my phone?" I ask.

"Of course." Niall says taking my phone.

"Okay, shorter people in the front and taller in the back." The lady orders while she moves me in front of my dad.

She takes the picture and I look and it is beautiful.

"Can we have 2 printed?" I ask.

"Of course, we'll have them printed." She says and walks away.

We walk out and I sit next to Niall.

"Mom, can you hold my phone when Niall and I take our picture?" I ask.

"Okay." she replies taking my phone.

"Okay, The Horans?" The same lady asks.

Niall and I stand up while I grab his hand.

"Are you two married?" The lady asks.

"No, we are dating." I say blushing.

"Okay, you here and her there." she says putting us in our spots and when she takes the picture we laugh.

The picture looks like this 

I absolutely love it.

"Oh my, I love it." I say almost crying.

"Em, don't cry." Niall says hugging me.

"It's just so cute, I can't believe it, I love you so much." I say tears falling onto his shirt.

"I'm ruining your suit, I need to stop." I say smiling.

When Niall and I were hugging she took the picture. The second one looks like this.

"You just take amazing pictures!" I say to the lady.

"I love both can we have 2 copies of both?" I ask.

"Yes, we'll get them to you shortly." The lady tells us.

We walk out and I grab my phone from my mom.

"Okay, we're gonna take Grace, you can bring her clothes tomorrow." My mom says hugging me and my family walk away.

"We should get going to the beach we met at, they're probably waiting." Niall says after we get our pictures.

We get into the car and I look at the 3 pictures, I need picture frames for these.

We arrive at the beach and they're waiting.

"It's about time!" Louis yells sarcastically.

"Sorry for being late." I say smiling.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen, today we will be taking group pictures?" he asks for approval.

"Yes." We all agree.

"Okay, you can pose anyway you'd like." he says. 

The picture came out nice, this is the picture.

Niall's POV



I loved the pictures we took together. Lana, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry, Emma and I each got a picture. Emma and I need to buy picture frames. We took pictures at the beach The lads and met Emma and Lana, where we officially became a family. I am proud of how long we've been friends. LANA AND ZAYN STARTED DATING YESTERDAY! Emma got really excited. We all did because now Emma and I aren't the only ones who are dating in our group.

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