The Story of Our Love (Niall Horan)

Emma Thompson meets a famous group who become her best friends. They are always together, no one can separate them. Emma falls in love with one of her best friends. Will this love ruin their friendship?


5. Friends for Life

Emma's POV

So we are watching Insidious. I am just holding onto Niall because I get really scared. I just buried my head into his chest because I'm way too scared. Sophia and Eleanor came as well they are really nice. I need to man up. I need to show my new friends that I'm not weak. I pull my head out of his chest and sit up. 

"Not scared anymore?" Niall asks.

"Yes, but I have to be strong." I say blushing.

"Not in front of us." Niall says.

"What do you mean?" I ask him.

"You don't to be strong in front of us for impression." Niall reassures me.

"Yes, I do." I say smiling.

"You really don't. Watch." He says pausing the movie.

Everyone looks at us. 

"What happened?" Louis asks.

"Nothing-" Niall cuts me off.

"Emma thinks she has to act strong in front of us for impression, does she have to act?" Niall asks everyone.

"Emma, you dont have to act." Sophia reassures me.

"Yeah, we all have our fears. We understand." Liam reassures me too.

"I just want to be enough for you guys." I say.

"I want to be a good friend." I add.

"That's okay, we just don't want you feeling insecure and "not enough" about yourself." Eleanor says smiling.

"Group hug?" Harry asks everyone.

We all nod. We all stood up and got into a group hug, I was in the middle.

"Thanks, I love you guys!" I say hugging them as well.

"We love you too!" They all yell as we separate.



Niall's POV


I play the movie and we all watch the movie. I'm gonna take it slow with Emma. I have to become friends with her first in order to be comfortable to ask her. I hope she likes me back the way I feel for her. I just hope that if we break up, it won't ruin our wonderful friendship. I want to be able to make her happy. I want to be the only one who is aloud to love and kiss her. My thoughts get cut off.

"Niall?" Emma looks at me concerned.

"Oh! Yes?" I ask looking towards her.

"The movie ended about 20 minutes ago and we've been calling you, are you okay?" she asks me.

"I'm fine. Just thinking." I say running a hand through my hair.

"About what?" Emma asks her eyes wide.

"You! Change we are going out to eat!" Louis yells.

"I'll change! Calm down Tomlinson!" I yell at him.

"You going like that?" I ask Emma.

"Yeah, why? Do I look bad?" she runs to the bathroom to check her appearance.

"No! You look astonishing!" I say smiling.

"Okay good, because I don't wanna drive home just to change." she says

"My hair and my makeup look like a mess!" she yells.

"Sophia!" she yells walking toward her room.

"Yes?" Sophia yells back.

"Can I use your hair curler and brush?" she asks running a hand through her hair.

"Of course!" Sophia replies.

I NEED TO CHANGE! I run to my room and pick out this

Emma's POV


"Thank you for letting me use your stuff, Sophia." I say hugging her.

"Your welcome!" she replies hugging back.

"I'm gonna go get my emergency make up bag!" I yell running down the stairs.

I unlock my car and get my bag and lock it. I run back up the stairs into her room. I do my make up and I feel beautiful.

"Whoa." Niall says when he sees my new appearance. 

"You look stunning!" Niall says hugging me.

I hug back and say "Thank you! You look handsome as well."

"Is everyone ready?" Louis asks.

"Yeah!" We all agree. 

"Girls, you all look stunning!" Liam says.

"Thank you Liam!" We all say in unison.

"So, we are going in two cars, Liam, Louis, Eleanor, and Sophia in Liam's car. Emma, Niall, Zayn, and I in Emma's car. We are going to Bluestem." Harry says.




Niall's POV



I love Bluestem. Not more than Nando's of course. We arrive there. We were following Liam, we parked right next to them.


"We are here, boys!" Emma yells while we get out of the car. The rest of the girls and boys were waiting for us.

"Hello, I'm here for reservations for Mr. Payne." Liam says.

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