Parsley's Poem of the Day

HELLO! Welcome to my not-so-brand-new poetry collection! I will publish a new poem on here every day (all being well) for your enjoyment! If you want me to feature one of your poems don't hesitate to ask, otherwise they will all originate from the darkest depths of my mind.
Thanks to @SnowyWriter. for the idea!
If there's a poem you particularly like or dislike, let me know so I know what type of poem you prefer.
Enjoy! All poems ©Parsavagely 2014 - 2017 (excluding 'featured' poems)


15. 6/1/15 (#15)

Tear in the sky [Part 3]

Their eyes are tied to the unimaginable sight,

They cannot break from its pull,

Ribbons of dazzling shades descend from the clouds,

Wrapping around the onlookers,

Filling them with awe.

But the mystic silk hides a choking smoke,

That makes its home in the heart,

And as it burrows its way into the soul,

Not a single eye is deflected,

From gazing into the folds of the delicate light,

As their very existence is destroyed from within.

Their eyes glaze over,

Their fists clench,

An instant revolution of hate.


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