Parsley's Poem of the Day

HELLO! Welcome to my not-so-brand-new poetry collection! I will publish a new poem on here every day (all being well) for your enjoyment! If you want me to feature one of your poems don't hesitate to ask, otherwise they will all originate from the darkest depths of my mind.
Thanks to @SnowyWriter. for the idea!
If there's a poem you particularly like or dislike, let me know so I know what type of poem you prefer.
Enjoy! All poems ©Parsavagely 2014 - 2017 (excluding 'featured' poems)


27. 18/1/15 (#27)


I'm better now,

I am,

I've shut off that part of my mind,


Cut off,

There are no connections left,

I was not born until,



I'm better now,

I am,

I don't need this mask,

I don't need to hide,

Because all I had to hide is gone,

And my eyes want to see,

Without the blur at the edges,

Of my life.


I'm better now,

I am,

Just don't ask me,

Because then I'll snap,

And I won't hesitate,

I will stop your questions,

By any means,

Or any blade.


I am better now,

I am,

Please believe me,

No one else will,

They keep making things worse,

Picking at the wounds I thought were gone,

Forcing me to bleed,

When I thought I was empty.


I was better,

I thought,

Am I still?

I'm not sure,

I really don't know,

But I know one thing:

I am better,

When I'm with friends.

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