Finding Mr. Perfect?

A girl who wants a different kind of guy, because every one she's tried has let her down.


1. Moving Away

My parents recently died in a car crash. 

Great way to start off, huh? Well, I'm not going to try to beating around the bush about it, because that's it. They died in a car crash last month, and it's turned everything upside down. The two people I loved and relied on the most - gone. I've been staying with my grandparents since, but my auntie's invited me to come stay with her. I've only met her once but I seriously need to get away from California, and she lives all the way in Australia. 


*Sydney Airport*

I'm walking around in circles, in an unknown airport, not knowing anybody. I peer around the airport, looking for my aunty. Ugh, wait what does she look like again? Oh shit. Suddenly, something catches my eye. A cute boy is waving at me, walking towards me. He even looks like me. What? He walks up to me and engulfs me in a massive hug. I look up at him. He's got brown, aisainy eyes and brown hair. He lets me go. Do people just hug random strangers in Sydney?

'Hey, Sadie,' he says smiling.

I blink, surprised. He knows my name?

'Uh... Hi?' I say, and I immediately regret it. Ugh, awkward me.

'Yeah, I'm your cousin Calum,' he says, and he laughs at my surprised expression. 'I'm guessing Mum didn't tell you?'

I bite my lip. 'Nah, she didn't mention it.' 

He looks about my age I think. Maybe older, 16?

'Well, um, I guess we should get going,' he tells me, grabbing my suitcase. We walk out into the car park and his car is waiting. I hop in. He must be 16, he can drive. 

'So, do you have any other siblings?' I ask. 

'Nah, it's just me. I'll annoy you enough though, don't worry.'

I laugh. 'I appreciate it.'

He grins and concentrates on the road. 'And I'm sure my band mates will help out.'

HE'S IN A BAND? 'Your in an actual band?' I ask, excited. 'That's so cool!'

He laughs at my enthusiasm. 'Yah, I am. It's pre sick.'

I've always wanted to be in a band. I love singing. 

Calum turns the radio on and Green Day comes on. Yesss. I start singing the lyrics, and Calum does to. We look at each other in surprise and both burst out laughing. 

'I love Green Day,' I tell him when the song ends. 

'Same,' he says, excitedly. 'Omg, you're the best,' he says jumping around.

'Watch the road,' I tell him laughing. He goes quiet, and then I realise why. SHIT. I forgot he knows about my parents. Wait, there's tears in my eyes. DON'T CRY I mentally yell at myself, staring out the window. 

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