Finding Mr. Perfect?

A girl who wants a different kind of guy, because every one she's tried has let her down.


3. Meeting Calum's Band


Sadie's P.O.V

My aunty is super nice, just how I remembered. My Uncle is on a business trip in Austria, so I won't meet him for months. Cal's super cute and I think I'll enjoy having him around. It's only been the first day and I feel right at home. I'm going to be meeting his band in an hour when they have practice in the basement. I honestly can't wait to hear Cal play.


I have a shower and decide to let my long brown hair out, leaving it in it's natural waves. I put some mascara on, but that's it. I don't wear much make up. I put on my denim shorts, a nirvana smiley face tank top and my white converse. I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen.

'Your just on time, lunch is ready,' smiles Aunt Joy.

I smile back at her and take a seat. Yummy, gnocchi cabonara, my favourite. Calum runs in and takes a seat next to me. I can feel him looking me up and down. Is it too much? Did I need the mascara? Maybe I should wash it off. 

'You look great!' he smiles. 'I love Nirvana too.'

I blush, can can't help smiling. 'Thanks. And yeah, they're the best. 

Aunt Joy comes and we all start eating. I'm feeling a little jet lagged but I really want to see his band.  



An hour later, the doorbell rings and Calum rushes for the door. He opens it, and I don't want to sound to excited to meet them so I'm sitting in my room and waiting for Calum to call me. I can hear voices and Calum's talking to another guy.


Calum's P.O.V

Michael's here now. I'm not sure if Sadie wants to still watch us because after lunch she went up to her room. Maybe she really doesn't care? 

'Isn't your cousin staying with you?' asks Michael, looking around.

'Um yeah, she's upstairs,' I tell him.

He raises an eyebrow. 'Are you going to introduce us or...' 

I roll my eyes. 'I don't know if she wants to be introduced... She's probably jet lagged,' but it's too late, he's going up the stairs. 'Wait, Michael!' I call, but he's already opened the door. I run up the stairs after him and Michael's sitting on her bed talking to her. She doesn't look mad. Maybe she did want to watch us?

'I see you've met Michael,' I say, sitting on her bed too.

'Yeah,' she laughs. 

Michael is staring at her. I KNEW this was going to happen. I glare at Michael and he looks away. 

'So.. Is it just you two in the band?' she asks looking at us.

Michael giggles. 'Nah, there's another two, but I'm the hottest.'

WTF!? Michael is seriously acting weird. This has to stop right now. Sadie's laughing but... Gee.

I clear my throat. 'Maybe we should head over to the basement?' I ask them, but it's not really a question, it's more of a command. Michael shrugs and gets up, but Sadie doesn't. She looks a bit... Upset?

'So.. Do you want to come too Sadie?' I ask. She jumps up and grins. 

'Thought you's never ask,' she laughs, running ahead of us.

Michael comes next to me. 'Cal, she's..' but I cut him off.

'Yes, Michael she's hot, but seriously... Lay off a bit okay? You've only just met her, and she's my cousin.'

He rolls his eyes, and the door bell rings again. Michael keeps on going towards the basement and I go to the door. Oh god... He wants to be with her. I mean, Michael's my best friend but he's broken a lot of hearts, and I don't want him doing that to Sadie. 

'Heyy Cal dude!' Yells Ash. I laugh and give him a high five. Luke walks in afterwards, grinning.

'Hey Luke,' I laugh, giving him a high five too. 

'Where's Mikey?' He asks. I tell him where he is and walk both of them over to the basement. Sadie's sitting down and Michael's sitting next to her. He jumps up when we walk in, grinning sheepishly. Sadie looks a little shocked. What's he done NOW? I think to myself. I introduce Sadie to Luke and Ashton, and they're all staring at her. Sadie doesn't seem to notice, but I'm getting upset. I can't do this, I really can't.









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