Finding Mr. Perfect?

A girl who wants a different kind of guy, because every one she's tried has let her down.


2. Driving Home

Calum's P.O.V

Fuck. Next time I will keep my eyes on the road at all times. I won't go all jumpy, I won't scare her. I'm meant to watch out for her. Like, she'll practically be my sister and I almost killed her? Shit. Of course she's worried, I mean her parents.... Oh God. 

'I'm sorry,' she whispers. WHAT? SHE'S APOLIGIZING? After all that?

'No, it was my fault, I wasn't concentrating,' I tell her, my eyes now glued to the road. 

'I didn't mean it like that, it wasn't because of my parents. I just... Said it.' 

'Well, okay,' I reply, a little surprised. 'But I wouldn't hurt you.' 

She looks up at me. 'Thanks, Cal,' she says. Then she gasps. 'Oh, um, I meant Calum. Sorry.'

I giggle. 'It's okay, call me Cal.' 

'Alright Cal,' she laughs. 

'Now I have to come up with a nickname for you,' I tell her. 

She just laughs. I love her laugh, it's so cute, and she's beautiful. The band are going to be head over heels for her. 




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