Hi my name is Kierra, I know people usually spell it Kiera but my mom wanted it different. I'm 19 years old. My mom abuses me. I'm popular at school but I have my enemies. Luke, Luke Hemmings, he used to be my best friend but he changed, now we're enemies.
What happens when Kierra starts falling for Luke?


2. Chapter 2

So I can't find my other book so this is the only one I can update sorry!

Luke's POV

"You know exactly what I want" I said with a smirk. I kissed her forcefully "STOP!" She yells at me but I don't listen. I pull her into a closet and shut the door. I started fingering at her vagina a little earning a small moan from her. She finally gave up and let me pull off her shirt and bra I squeezed her boobs and started sucking on them a little. I took of her pants and panties and licked her vagina, she threw back her head and moaned. I took off my shirt and she took off my pants she stared at my bulge and grabbed it making me moan. She pulled down my boxers and started sucking my dick. I moaned while she did, she rubbed it and sucked and made me feel even more horny. I got on top of her and slipped on a condom I slowly started to slide into her. I thrusted in and out of her getting a moan "faster" she says and I do. I thrusted in and out of her until the condom filled with warm liquid. I slid out of her and pulled off the condom. I kissed her one more time and we put our clothes back on. "That was amazing" we both said at the same time. So I heard both of our moms are gone for a trip now, wanna skip school and come to my place?" "Sure" she says

And that is when I woke up from that horrible nightmare.

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