Hi my name is Kierra, I know people usually spell it Kiera but my mom wanted it different. I'm 19 years old. My mom abuses me. I'm popular at school but I have my enemies. Luke, Luke Hemmings, he used to be my best friend but he changed, now we're enemies.
What happens when Kierra starts falling for Luke?


1. Chapter 1

Kierra's POV

This morning I was apparently hard to get up cause I felt a hard slap against my cheek. I look up and my mom is yelling at me to get up. "Alright, alright I'm gettin up" I said and she walked out of my room slamming my door. My mom abuses me so it's like this every morning and everyday so I'm used to it. My dad usually comes home drunk when I get home from school so he abuses me too. I'm one of the most popular girls in the school, that's me, Ashley, Paisley, And Iris. All of us have enemies and that's of course the bad boys of the school. My enemy is Luke Hemmings the leader of the group. Me and him used be best friends until the 5th grade when he changed, he became what he is now, the Bad Boy. Ashley's enemy is Michael, Paisley's enemy is Calum, and Iris's enemy is Ashton. Anyway as I'm walking to school Luke comes up behind me and trips me. As he walks back to his little group laughing I yell "Not funny Hemmings!" he said "It wasn't was it?" "Fuck off" I said "Whoa bad girl over here knows some language" he said with a smirk. I get up and walk away ignoring him. I walk up to the school gate and I meet Iris there, she has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. "Hey girl" I say as I walk up to her, "Hey what's up" she says "Nothing much, I ran into to Luke and his little group just a few minutes ago let's go before they catch up" "Ok but what happened?" She asks " He tripped me" "Oh" was all she said. I walk to my locker and put in my code, but as soon as I open it up it gets slammed shut. I look over and of course Luke was standing there. "Hey babe" he said " First of all I'm not your 'babe' and what do you want?" I said he looked me up and down and said " You know exactly what I want" he said with a smirk

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