Trapped Within The Lies

"Whose the unlucky girl?" I rolled my eyes. "Kesha".
A pang of jealousy hit me. // Copyright xfantasy_at_homex


2. Chapter One

trapped within the lies

chapter one


Ashlynn's POV


There are a few steps that you need to know about College. Step One : Moving In.

College might seem like another happy place of learning and fun! Trust me, it's not. It's the opposite of fun and games. College is hell, horror, more horror and horror. Moving day, is the worst of all. You know what I mean. You are afraid of what others will think of you. You want to be accepted. Nerd, Geek, Diva, Jock, Duff, it'll all come to you. Like how it came to me. Just wait, and you'll find out.

"Ashlynn don't forget your underwear!"
"Ashlynn make sure to bring your socks!"
"Ashlynn we're going to miss you! Call us everyday!"

That is, my friend, the type of sentences you'll hear on the first day of college. It's always "Ashlynn This!" Or "Ashlynn that!", I'm TIRED of it. Read that in your mom's voice. Familiar, right? 

"Yes mom, I will. And I'll miss you too, so you can stop reminding me every 5 minutes." I told my mom, as I stuffed the underwear into my over-stuffed luggage bag. "Oh honey, we just miss you so much!" mom cried as she carressed my cheeks. The rant about how cute we were until how mature we become starts in 3, 2, 1.

"When you were this young," she motioned the size of a newborn baby, " You were so cute! I remember after I gave birth to you, the doctor placed you on my chest and you just wiggled you teeny tiny nose. now you are  such a beautiful girl, and going to college. I'm so proud of you." she smiled and squeezed dad's hand tighter.

Dad flashed a smile at me. I could tell he was holding back his tears. I felt proud because my dad is actually proud of something I did. "Let's not waste time darling! I'll get the car keys and we'll drive straight to Seattle right now! It's a 2 and a half hour drive!" mom cheerd and walked out. "Aw, come here, babygirl," dad smiled and pulled me into a teddy-bear hug. 

The two and a half drive from Vancouver to Seattle was TERRIBLE. There was a cockroach in the car and I couldn't sit straight fr 2 minutes without shifting where I sat. Mom said that they'd call the bug exterminator right when they got home, which I argued about because I'm terrified of bugs and I looked like dying horse from shifting too much.

I got out of the car and everyone was wearing a 'CWC' blue sweatshirt, except some parents, who were happily taking photos with their children. I was missing out on the sweatshirt, which was REALLY awkward because some kids were giving me dirty looks. Luckily, I walked around and saw a stand selling those sweatshirts, so I asked for my parents money. They were reluctant at first but after a few minutes of begging and pleading, they handed me the money and slipped on the sweatshirt. 

"Ashlynn!" . Let me guess. It was Alex. I turned around and it was who it was, and I leaped into his arms. "Eeeeeek!! Alex! You made it! I was starting to think you wouldn't come." I giggled as he put me down. NOOOO. He's not my booyfriend. He's my best friend. I didn't see him for 2 months because he went to Hong Kong for a holiday. "Are you kidding? I'm going to this school." 

His parents were talking to my parents and an idea popped into my mind. "Wanna check out our dorm without pur parent?" i sneered. 

"After you," he smiled and we walked towards the dorms. "So... how was Hong Kong?" I said and flashed a smile aat him as I stuffed my hands into my pockets. "You WON'T BELIEVE who I met there." he penetrated. "Let me guess, your Girlfriend?" I guessed. "Oh wait, you don't have one.". He gave me a ha-ha-very-funny look and I slapped him in the arm. "I'm joking! So who did you meet?"

"Virgin boy is no longer." he smiled. "Who's the unlucky girl?" I rolled my eyes. "Kesha." 

A pang of jealousy hit me.

"Well?" he grinned, he was proud of himself. "Congrats! I'm so proud of you!" I plastered on a fake smile. "Alex!" someone called from behind. It was a girl with perfect blonde hair, deep ocean blue eyes, wearing a CWC shirt sweatshirt as well. Alex wrapped his arm around her. The only name that kept ringing in my mind was Kesha. 

They started kissing and smooching, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. I tried my best not to look disgusted. I took out my phone and texted to Alex. The last thing I wanted is to disturb them. 

To: Alex the Dumbass 


Alex's phone beeped and vibrated. He didn't pick it up. 


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