Five Nights at Freddy's Chica X Foxy

Foxy and Chica secretly like each other but then they become an item... There was then a new animatronic, she is a girl, and she is an adult, the adult's name is Bailey the Bunny. Then Bonnie and Bailey fell in love and they become an item. But when Freddy is alone with no girlfriend, he threatens the girls and he was shut down.

What will happen next?


1. Chapter 1

It was another simple night at the restaurant. The animatronics Freddy, Chica and Bonnie had just finished for that day and we're happy to take a rest. "another day of the same songs" groaned Freddy. "I know, can't we at least sing some new songs?", asked Bonnie. "Nope, it takes too long to write one, plus I'm too tired to think about it", said Freddy. "Chica, would you mind making us some pizza?" "I'll go start right now!", said Chica. "make enough for Foxy."Said Freddy. "Oh, okay." said Chica blushing. She secretly liked Foxy, and didn't want the others to know.

She went to the kitchen and started making pizza. When it was ready she brought it out to the dining room. "Now go get Foxy, he will be happy to eat with us." Said Freddy.

Chica headed over to pirates cove. "Uh, Foxy...?" Said Chica nervously. "Aye, lassie?" Came Foxy's hoarse voice from behind the curtains. "Um, I was j-just wondering if you wanted to eat with us tonight. "Why lassie, I would love to eat with at the crew tonight." Said Foxy happily. Foxy secretly liked Chica a lot, but was nervous around her.

Foxy and Chica walked side by side down to the dining room, trying to have a small conversation. "Do, Chica, I have missed many a show of ye. I-I was hoping ye could sing a bit for me." Said Foxy, glad she could not see him blush. "You want me to sing one of the old songs that we sing all the time?" Said Chica, trying to make light of the conversation. "Aye lassie I would love at hear ye-" Foxy was cut off as they came to the dining room.

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