The Way That I Am...

"So you're proud to be a good one
But the good ones always complain
About the stuff they never did"

"Don't make a thing about the bad kind
'Cause the bad kind don't even know
All the hearts they're messing with"

Title from The Way That I Am by Tove Lo


1. Intro Description

Harry didn't do dates.  And her certainly didn't do relationships.  He simply fucked and left.  Simple as that.  But he couldn't help his heart from skipping a beat when ever his eyes landed on Niall.  They boy just radiated innocence, and he just wanted to ruin him.  And maybe call him his, but he will never admit that out loud.  But the problem was that, he couldn't.  You see, Harry acts like he despises Niall at school,when really, his feeling are the opposite.  But he just can't come out and confess.  Well, he can, but it's not as easy as it sounds.  And all in all, it could ruin his reputation, and he can't have that.


Niall was quite a lovely lad.  A goody-two-shoes you would say.  He was cute, funny, nice,smart and most of all, innocent.  well as innocent one could remain in high school.  He was popular with both the and the boys of the school.  he was openly gay, ye he hasn't shown interest in anyone.  He has the school pretty much wrapped around his pretty little finger.  Harry, the 'bad boy' of the school, always teasing him, and he doesn't know why.  But he is quite tired and annoyed of it all, causing fro him to hate him.  the whole school suspects that they hate each other, but some how along the way, the pretty blond starts falling for the curly haired 'bad boy' with the green eyes.




Its probably gonna suck /.\
But i think i know how I want this to go... but idk if I should even begin it.
well... i hope enjoy.... and don't forget to like and comment what you guys think

Thanks .xx 

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