The Way That I Am...

"So you're proud to be a good one
But the good ones always complain
About the stuff they never did"

"Don't make a thing about the bad kind
'Cause the bad kind don't even know
All the hearts they're messing with"

Title from The Way That I Am by Tove Lo


6. Chapter 5

    “So you know what you have to do, don’t you?” Zayn informed.  Glancing as his friend as they arrived to school.  They had awoken earlier than normal, so they had time to get to the school and Harry can start working on his homework.

    “Do I have too... Like can’t I just do something else to make it up? I really don’t wanna do this...” Harry complains, walking at a slow pace, not wanting to arrive just yet.

    “Harry” Zayn said sternly. He was trying to help his friend, but that will only work if Harry showed that he was actually trying.  Harry just huffed in annoyance, before he kept walking.  He was walking with his head down, looking at his feet.  He doesn’t know what happened, but he ended up on the floor, with a person half on him.

    “Hey watch where you're going” He growled.  Said person raised his face with a frown on it.  Blue eyes glared into Harry’s surprised green ones.

    “Hey I said sorry! Ht was an accident Harry” Niall sneered.  Harry was speechless.  He had always thought Niall looked amazing, but now, lying practically on top of him, dressed the way he was, he was breath taking.  He couldn’t see much of his outfit, but from what he could see It looked nice, something he hadn’t worn before.

    “Um yeah, can you get off me now?” Harry stated. Niall’s eyes widened a little once he registered in what position he was in.

    “O-oh yeah... sorry” He rushed to stand only to sway but Harry seemed to settle him by his arms considering that he stood up not too long after Niall.  That when Harry took a good look at Niall.  His hair was down like usual, but styles in a way.  Due to the fall the front of it hung loosely in his eyes.  His hair was freshly bleached by the looks of it, yet his roots were showing. But it looked really good on him.  He wore a white long sleeved shirt, with three buttons that went down his chest. And he was wearing some tight skinny jeans.  Like really tight.  And on his feet were a pair of brown boots.  “My eyes are up here Harry” Niall said in a teasing manner.  Harry looked back up too his face, and was about to reply when he notice that he was wearing some make up.  It wasn’t much, but it was still there.  Eyelashes were covering in mascara making them seem longer as they framed his eyes, making them stand out even more than they already were.  His eyes were outlined by thin eyeliner.  On his cheeks was a blush that made his cheeks a light pink, as if flushed.  Harry had heard someone call his name.  He came back from his day dreaming, or gazing shall we say. “Harry? Are you ok? You didn’t hit your head too hard? Niall asked frantically, touching the back of Harry’s head to check for any injuries.

    “W-what? No, I’m fine...” He drawled out, coming to.

    “You sure, you weren’t responding when I called your name a few times” Niall asked once again, giving Harry a worried look, a little hesitant at removing his hand from his head.

    “Why?” Harry asked.

    “Why what?” Niall asked back, confusion written on his face.

    “Why are you being nice to me, when I’m rude and impulsive when it come to you?” He was working up the courage to apologize.  Niall was pretty and making him nervous. He was so small compared to him. So fragile.

    “Well... I don’t know why you are, but I don’t like people getting hurt and it would be the right thing for me to help, considering that I was pushed into you”

    “Wait pushed?”

    “Yeah, Louis was being stupid and pushed me, I don’t know why so don’t ask me” He stated.  That’s when they remember that they were still in the middle of the hallway.  But by the looks of it, class had already started because there was no one but them. Or so they thought, because not too long after, they both heard a chuckle.  They turned their heads and noticed Louis standing next to Zayn trying to muffle his giggles.  Zayn just had a smirk on his face, making it known that he saw what just happened, so he sent a glare in their direction.  Louis just giggled some more before Zayn dragged them away.  “Are you sure you’re fine? I can always take you to the nurse if you want...” Niall asked once more, still not convinced that harry was fine.

    “I’m fine, just hit my head, nothing big.” Harry informed, sending Niall a small smile, that still defines his dimples.

    “If you say so...”

    “Why are you so dressed up?”

    “N-no reason...” Niall stuttered, feeling heat rise to his face.

    “Is it for Payne?”

    “What does Liam have anything to do with this?” Niall asked confused. What did he have anything to do with this?

    “”Nothing nevermind...Are you gonna go to class? You’re kinda late...” Harry muttered breaking the awkward tension.

    “Shoot.....” Niall states before he’s off probably looking for Louis.

    “Enjoyed yourself Harry?” He heard Zayn’s voice behind him.  He didn’t have to look to know that he was teasing and that he had a smirk planted on his lips.

    “Shut It...” Harry muttered turning to send a glare at his friend.

    “I don’t get why you’re so harsh on him though” Zayn stated.

    “Like I didn’t see anything happening with Louis” He smirked at Zayn’s reaction, he didn’t think there was anything, yet Zayn faced just said everything.

    “What are you talking about.... There’s nothing going on”

    “So you mean to tell me, Louis laughing had nothing to do with you either?”

    “Yes, this was the first time I met the lad”

    “Didn’t seem like it”

    “Like you’re one to talk. You were practically undressing him with your eyes”

    “I saw the way you touched him! You basically were undressing him!”

    “I touched his back! That’s about it!”

    “Still undressing him!”

    “You’re stupid”

    “I need a smoke”


    “Do you think they know we could hear them?” Louis whispered from around the corner.  What just happened between the boys was what they had hoped for and more, or so Louis had at least.

    “Yeah, that was all for show” Niall replied sassily.  Louis just gave him an annoyed look.  “I’m kidding, if they had heard they would have said something” Niall added.

    “Well I was honestly not expecting that, yet I did but I doubted it was actually gonna happen” Louis muttered more to himself than to Niall.


    “That Harry would outright try to undress you.”

    “But he didn’t... and why would you expect that?”

    “He practically did, but with his eyes. And to prove my point that he likes you” There was a smirk of victory on his face.

    “Ok that doesn’t prove anything.  Maybe he did hit his head harder than he let on.. but that wouldn’t have happened if SOMEONE didn’t push me” Niall stated, crossing his arms across his chest and jutting out a hip, giving Louis that knowing look.

    “Hey it was an accident, I tripped, and you were just there to catch me. Which wasn’t really much help because then you went crashing into Harry.  You’re really clumsy”

    “Oh yeah, you know what else is clumsy?”


    “My hand” And with that Niall began to chase Louis.  They didn’t last long before the bell signalled that the period was over.  “You got lucky this time”

    “He he he” Louis laughed sheepishly, slightly out of breath.

    “Now that I remember,..... What is up with you and Zayn?”

    “Nothing, Harry was just talking shit is all”

    “Didn’t seem like nothing to me” Oh how the tables have turned.

    “I don’t see what you’re getting at...”

    “Zayn’s hot you know...”

    “Yeah kinda and? You have Harry don’t you?”

    “I don’t know why you think I like him, but there is nothing going on with me and him. And no need to get defensive, he’s not my type”

    “You have a type” Louis laughs.

    “Yes I do” He states, taking a seat in his history class. There were a couple of minutes left before the bell rang. “And don’t even try to change the topic, You like Zayn, don’t you?”

    “Well I don’t know.  I’ve just seen him around and this was the first time we’ve talked, which wasn’t much.  He’s attractive and all, very attractive, and I don’t know.” Louis finally confesses.

    “Well he doesn’t seem that bad...”


    “He hangs out with Harry.... and they are friends.....”


    “And what if he’s like him? I don’t want you to go through what i did.”

    “Yeah maybe... but he seemed nice when I talked to him”

    “Talked to who?” Ashton asked taking a seat next to them.

    “Look who it is.... How are you feeling?” Niall asked.

    “I’ve been better, but who talked to who?”

    “Zayn and Louis”

    “Zayn and Louis?” Ashed asked confused as to what was going on.  It’s not like everyday that you hear that one of your best friends is associated with one of the hottest boys in the school.  “How’s that? I thought you didn’t like him or Harry?”

    “I mean he’s not bad....”

    “Ok I’m so confused, what the hell happened while I was gone?”

    “Not much, Louis is just up too no good like usual”

    “No! Harry likes Niall, and Niall likes him!”

    “Do not!”

    “Do too!”


    “Then why are you blushing!?”

    “I’m not blushing!”

    “You’re literally red!”

    “I’m not blushing! I’m irritated!”

    “Why are you yelling? And no one is explaining anything”

    “Louis thinks Harry likes me so he’s just trying to prove it, and that somehow involved me and now Louis likes Zayn”

    “Ok..... Well this is interesting”


    “I didn’t know that you liked Zayn. But the Niall thing with Harry... well... you had to be blind not to see that..” Ashton muttered as if he were in deep thought.

    “Oh come on! Not you too!” Niall exclaimed.  Louis just sent him a smirk and a look that said ‘I told you so’.

    “Just admit you like him” the smirk would not leave his face.

    “Now why would I do that? Oh yeah... Cause I don't...” Niall was getting really irritated.

    “Why are you in denial? It’s not like he’s bad looking or anything...” Louis stated, trying to defend Harry.

    “It’s not even about his looks, do you not remember that he practically teased and hurt me?”

    “Well it looked like it was all an act, I bet he did it so you wouldn’t find out about his crush on you” Louis pointed out.

    “Now that’s the stupidest thing that I’ve heard...” NIall groaned out.  He didn’t see how Harry could like him.  Sure Harry was quite attractive and built and all, full package really, but he was rude to Niall.  If he did like him he wouldn’t have acted the way he had been.  “Even if he did like me... It wouldn’t have worked out..”

    “How so?”

    “Well for starters. I’m pretty sure he likes girls. He’s always flirting with Taylor... so I don’t see how you would think he would like me... And let’s not forget he’s Captain of the football team.  Meaning, He’s quite popular and such.  Meanwhile me, well I’m just a guy who likes to wear make up and likes guys. He wouldn’t go for me to begin with” He may like him a little, but all he just said was true.  Why would Harry go for him?

    “You are honestly so dense. I say this all the time. I don’t know why you don’t believe me.” Louis starts.  “He likes you! and a lot! Trust me.  He could hardly take his eyes off you when he saw you this morning.”

    “I just don’t see it, he is honestly flirting with not just Taylor, but other girls too.  And if he liked me, he wouldn't be doing that.”

    “He’s also probs in denial” Ashton added.

    “I don't know.....” Niall was still doubtful about Harry.


Yay another update! Even I'm surprised at myself haha. Well I honestly am just winging this story. Is it even making sense? I want to keep going as it is.... but do you guys even like it? Well i hoped you did... So comment what you think like and favorite please. Thanks .xx

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