The Way That I Am...

"So you're proud to be a good one
But the good ones always complain
About the stuff they never did"

"Don't make a thing about the bad kind
'Cause the bad kind don't even know
All the hearts they're messing with"

Title from The Way That I Am by Tove Lo


5. Chapter 4

Harry felt horrible.  Not only did he see the hurt in his eyes, but it was his fault. He didn't know why he is this way.  He want to be with the small blonde, but his pride is stopping him from doing so.

He was debating on stopping, but when he knew he couldn't. He caused him too much pain to accept him.

"Dude are you coming or what?" Zayn asked him. He had spaced out for a few minutes. He turned to face his friends.

"Yeah, be there in a few" Harry replied. He needed a moment. Zayn just gave him a worried glance before he nodded and started to leave. There was no way he was going to get an answer from him at the moment, so he let it slide till later when it will just be the two of them.

Practice was going to begin any minute and Harry had yet to show up.

"Malik!" Coach called to him.

"Yes sir?"

"Where's Styles?"

"Um he should be here any minute sir" Zayn was worried. Harry never missed practice nor showed up late.  He felt bad. He was suppose to be his best friend yet he had no idea what was going on with his friend.

But like he predicted, he, along with the rest of the team, saw Harry making his way through the field towards them.

"Styles you're late!" The coach called out, not pleased.

"Sorry coach, won't happen again" Harry mumbled.

"Better not. 10 laps! Then warm up!" He stated before speak to the whole team. The group of boys jagged their way to the field before they began their laps.

"Harry?" Zayn called out.

"Yeah?" Harry sounded out of it.

"Are you ok?" Zayn asked, he was gonna save it for later, but might as well now.

"Yeah, why wouldn't i be?" Harry retorted.

"You've been out of it lately. Are you sure there's nothing going on?" Zayn just wanted to reach out to his friend.

"Yeah, im fine" he replied, still not sounding convincing.

"Harry, i know you're not fine, what the hell is going on" Zayn demanded.  Harry just let out a sigh.

"Its Niall" he started.

"What about him?"

"I think he hates me..."

"And why should that matter?  I thought you didn't like him either?"


"Wait.... you like him?"

"Keep it down! And maybe.... kinda..... yeah...." his shoulders slumped

"Ok, and why exactly do you suspect he hates you?

"I kinda told him that i don’t want to work with him?"

"Ok and?"

"And he just left. and he looked like he was gonna cry. He looked hurt and rejected. And it was me who caused that. I feel so horrible.” Zayn could see his friend hurting. Hell he looked close to tears right about now.

"How bout this...after practice you’ll explain everything to me. and we’ll see what you can do. but for now if we don’t hurry, coach is gonna have our heads. " he spoke. Harry just nodded his head before they were both off sprinting their last laps.

Practice seemed to drag on longer than usual.  But when it finally ended, both boys when to go freshen up before heading to Harry’s house. They grabbed some food before heading to the game room to play some FIFA.

“So are you gonna tell me what exactly has been going on?” Zayn asked, taking the lead with a goal.

“What more is there to know? Niall practically hates me” harry mumbled, trying to score, but failing.”

“But if it’s a project why did he get so worked up?”

“The teacher said it was worth 1/3 of the grade, so he like to keep his grades up and since i told him to. and i told him i wasn't going to do my part, and he kinda freaked. I didn't know his grades mattered that much to him.” Harry mumbled.

“Ok what I’m getting is that he he cares about his grade. Maybe to get him to like you, oh, I don’t know... maybe do your work?” Zayn suggested sarcastically, smirk on his face.

“But like me doing my work? Can’t believe this is what it’s gonna take for him to like me...” Harry muttered, clearly annoyed that he didn’t think of that, even though it was an obviou solution.

“Not just that Harry.  You have to be nice to him. Don’t see why you aren’t? But you better do it quick... heard Payne had a thing for him too.” Zayn informed.

“Payne? As in Liam Payne?” Harry stated in disbelief.

“What other one is there?”

“He’s back?”

“Yep and has eyes for your blond, so I would hurry, unless you want Liam to Win Niall’s heart”

“Thanks man... some good motivation” Harry was getting annoyed.  Although it was no surprise. Niall, being openly gay, was quite popular with the the guys at school.  Him having more of a slightly curvy, petite figure, made him more feminine, and therefore attracting some male wandering eyes.  And Harry got quite annoyed with all the attention Niall was receiving from them. Niall was his, and his alone to look at. Although no one but him knows that.

“Imma go take a smoke, wanna come?” Zayn asked, standing from his position and stretching.

“Sure” Harry mumbled, saving the game and turning off the counsel, before they headed outside.



This is just a filler. I felt like writing, but i have no idea what so this was made. This was also for the meantime that I think of what should happen next. comment, like, and hope you enjoyed.

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