The Way That I Am...

"So you're proud to be a good one
But the good ones always complain
About the stuff they never did"

"Don't make a thing about the bad kind
'Cause the bad kind don't even know
All the hearts they're messing with"

Title from The Way That I Am by Tove Lo


4. Chapter 3

Harry hadn’t teased him for a few days.  Ever since the slip up in English last week, Harry had kept his distance, well, he was more like trying to keep out of Niall’s way.  Which was nice and all, but they did have a project that needed to get done in about two weeks.

    “Now what is it? Is he back again?” Louis asked as Niall let out a sigh, once again.

    “What? Sorry... no” He didn’t tell them about what Harry said.  All they knew was that, for the time being, Harry had left Niall alone.  They just didn’t know why.  And now they were wary of him, keeping an eye on Niall practically at all times.  Suffocating really.

    “Then what’s wrong, considering that Harry has stop I would have thought that you would be happy... Is someone else doing something to you?  Tell me who and I’ll teach them not to mess with you!” His tone went from that of worry to that of anger. Niall just laughed.  “Why are you laughing?”He asked, confused.

    “Lou.... we all know you won’t start a fight, not to be mean or anything, you aren’t necessarily the strongest person out there” Niall stated after his laughing fit.

    “Hey! I can be pretty strong!” Louis retorted, bringing his arm up to flex it to show Niall his muscle.

    Niall just snorted at his action. “Sure, whatever let’s you sleep at night” He teased.

    “I hate you, you know” Louis mumbled, a pout on his face, as he frowned at his friend.

    “I love you too” Niall replied sending a kiss towards him, which caused Louis to move out of the way in an attempt to avoid the thrown kiss.  “Where’s Ashton?” He asked, realizing that his curly haired friend was nowhere in sight.

    “Ash is sick, he got the flu” Louis explained. Damn, that sucked. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Harry make his appearance in the class.  “Look who decided to show up...” he heard louis mumbled next to him, having also noticing the other’s appearance as well.  Harry had taken a seat on the other side of the class, not noticing that he was there.  Niall got up from his seat.  “Where are you going?” Louis asked, confused at Niall’s actions.

    Niall had ignored him and made his way towards Harry.  He stopped in front of his desk.  Harry just looked up at him with a scowl marred on his face.  Niall just looked down at him with a frown.

    “What do you want?” Harry asked coldly, his glare hardening if that was possible.

    “What is your problem?” Niall asked, frowning not leaving his face.

    “I don’t have one, what is yours? I left you alone, you should be happy!” Harry had declared, rising from his seat for emphasis.

    “Well now you're ignoring me, and we do have a project do that we need to do ToGETher” He spoke through clenched teeth.

    “Well I don’t want to work with you” Harry had to admit that was a lame combat, but what more was he to say?

    “Like I want to work with you? You’re just a bastard and the teacher assigned us together so its not like I had a say!” Niall growled out, arms crossing over his chest.  Harry’s attitude was getting on his nerve.  Like honestly, he had never done anything to the other, so I don’t she why he was being so cold to him.

    “You can work on it, I’m not” Harry replied, bending down to look Niall in the eyes.  His eye were a beautiful shade of blue, he had to refrain from staring into them for too long.  Niall moved his arms from his chest to his hips.  He did not lessen his glare as the other bent down, if anything it hardened.

    “What do you mean you’re not? Since you have forgotten, it’s worth 1/3 of your grade, and If I were you I would do it, or you're not gonna pass, and you won’t graduate” Niall threatened, or at least tried.

    “Oh my, I’m so scared” Harry feigned, before a smirk made his way to his face.  Honestly Harry could care less if he passed this class, but considering that he was close to failing, he had to put some effort, but he’s not gonna let Niall be the victor here.  He brought his face closer to the shorter lad.  “Why don’t you make me?” He whispered, smirk still planted onto his face.  Niall felt his face heating up as he stuttered out a reply. Why was Harry acting like this?  He hadn’t acted like this since.... Since English. So niall just huffed, sending a glare towards harry, before he turned at left Harry’s presence.  Harry just stared at his retreating back and swaying hips. He let out a small chuckle at Niall’s reaction before he decided take his seat.  There were people who were looking at him.  Some in bewilderment and others in shock.  He just shot them all a glare which caused them to return to what they were doing.

    Niall had no idea why he had left.  He could have just gone to take a seat with louis again, but he just walked out.  He heard footsteps following him, before he felt a hand on his wrist.  The frown was still marked onto his face when he turned around as saw that it was only just Louis.  His frown disappeared once he saw the familiar worried expression on his best friend’s face.

    “What was that about?” Louis asked.

    “I... I don’t know.  I was just gonna ask him why he hadn’t started his work and then I just got so annoyed and mad that.. well yeah.. that happened.” Niall was also confused as to why he had blown up like that.  He usually wasn’t like that.  It was just that Harry, he was always doing something to get on his nerves.

    “This may sound strange....” Louis began.  Niall just arched an eyebrow, waiting for his friend to continue.


    “it’s about Harry”

    “What about him?” he was starting to grow annoyed again.

    “Don’t freak when I tell you, knowing you, you still probably will” Louis recommended, voice low and soft as to not alarm Niall.

    “Ok, now you’re scaring me..” Niall stated.

    “This is just a theory..”

    “Just spit it out, you’re making me nervous now”

    “Ok here goes” he started, before he took a big breath.  “I think he likes you”  All Niall could do was burst out laughing.  He laughed so hard.  Louis and his ideas. Like come on, all Harry had ever done to him was tease him, if anything, he was pretty sure that Harry disliked him.  “Don’t laugh! I said it was just an idea” Louis frowned, crossing his arms.

    “Sorry... sorry, it’s just that.. Harry.. liking me? As if” he stated in between giggles.  “But lou, like how? I’m pretty sure Harry despises me, as I do him.  He’s done nothing but hurt me, so i don’t know where you go that Idea from” Niall mumbled, still recovering from his laughing fit.

    “He was checking you out”  Louis muttered.  Niall froze.

    “Wh-what? oh come on Louis, You honestly believe that he was? maybe it was someone around me, sure it wasn’t you?” Niall asked, the idea of Harry showing that kind of attention towards him was kinda bizarre.  Again, he was pretty sure if Harry felt anything for him, it would be disgust and/or despise.  Why? who the hell knows.

    “I’m pretty sure it was not me, I wasn’t anywhere near you, neither was anyone else.  matter of fact, this only happened a few moments ago when you walked away from him.  He was all heart eyes and everything, so I’m pretty sure he likes you” Louis explained, smirk making its way onto his face.

    “Wh-why are you looking at me like that?”Niall was scared.  When Louis gave him that look it always meant trouble. Louis was scheming something.  And by the looks of it, it was gonna involve him.  “What are you thinking?” He asked.  Louis’s smirk widened.

    “Something for me to know, and you to find out soon” He simply stated.  “But first, do you like him?” louis asked.  Niall just blushed.

    “N-No!” He stuttered out.  “Why would I like that bastard? He’s cruel and he doesn’t ever know when to stop! ugh, As If! ew no!” Niall grumbled, crossing his arms, looking in the other direction.

    “You’re blushing” Louis pointed out, poking his friend’s pink tinted cheeks.  Niall diverted his gaze back to his friend, glare coming back onto his face.

    “I’m not blushing! But this idea of yours is illogical!” Niall stated, slapping away the hand that was poking at his cheeks.

    “Well if you don’t like him, How bout I try something” Louis suggested.  oh no. This can’t be good.

    “What exactly are you gonna do?” Niall asked, wary of his friend’s response.  Well first we’re gonna need to make you over, this clothes, does you no justice.” Louis muttered looking at his choice of wear for the day.

    “What is wrong wit what I’m wearing?” He asked.  He wore a simple white loose fitting shirt, with a pair of pants, that were also a tad bit too loose.  And on his feet were a pair of white supras.  What? Today was his lazy day...

    “Nothing, just like I said, Not the best choice of clothing” Louis again muttered.

    “Ok and what does the way I dress have to do with what you’re gonna do?” He was nervous.  he had no idea what his friend was thinking in that head of his.

    “Well...” he started, walking around Niall, in a circle.  “How about we play with styles? See if we can get a reaction out of him?” Louis stated, stopping in front of Niall to look him in the eyes.

    “I’m not sure lou, what if he returns to teasing me, or worse....” Niall interjected, eyes widening just thinking about all the horrible things Harry could do to him.  Let’s just say, Niall wasn’t as strong as the taller lad.

    “He’s not gonna hurt you, and if he tries, we have Luke remember” He reasoned.  It would be nice to get back at Harry after all he’s been put through.

    “What exactly do I have to do with this?” Niall thought out loud.

    “Well, you’re not necessarily going to do anything but be your pretty little self.  You have a pretty face, all you need now is the clothes.” Louis stated.  “So we are gonna go shopping” Louis finished, clapping his hands together.

    “Um... we don’t have money for new clothes Lou” Niall deadpanned.

    “Lucky you, I have been saving money for a moment like this” Louis admitted.

    “What why?” Niall asked.  He could not believe his friend.

    “Well, I’ve always had the vibe that he liked you, but he practically proved to me me today that he did.  So let’s go!” Louis grabbed onto Niall’s arm before he started to drag him out of the school.

    “W-wait lou! We still have some classes left!” Niall tried to escape his friend’s death grip.

    “That’s not important right now” Louis stated, getting into his car.  Niall Got into the passenger side, regretting to ever agreeing to be apart of Louis’s plan.  ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ he thought to himself as Louis pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards the mall.  The drive wasn’t too long.  Maybe 15 minutes at most.  They arrived and heading inside.  Once in, Louis dragged him into all the stores looking for clothes and trying them on.  He ended up with a good amount of new clothes by the time the finished.

    “Lou, are you sure you want to spend all this money? It’s all too much, don’t you think?” Niall asked.

    “Nothing if a lot when it comes to you Ni.” He muttered, paying for the last of the clothes.

    “But this is so much..” Niall tried again.

    “Just chill Niall, It’s alright. You deserve it anyway... and needed it..” he chuckled, stashing the change he received into his wallet.

    “Hey! My clothes are just fine thank you very much!” Niall huffed.  Louis just laughed as the started to make their way to the food market.

    “Yeah, sure...” Louis chuckled, earning a glare and a hit to the arm.

    “Shut it” Niall muttered, feigning being offended.  Grabbing their food they found a table.

    “Ok, so we’re gonna begin tomorrow, you ready?” Louis asked.

    “As ready as I’ll ever be I guess” Niall whispered, before grabbing on of his fries.

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