The Way That I Am...

"So you're proud to be a good one
But the good ones always complain
About the stuff they never did"

"Don't make a thing about the bad kind
'Cause the bad kind don't even know
All the hearts they're messing with"

Title from The Way That I Am by Tove Lo


3. Chapter 2

A few weeks passed from the incident, and neither had said a thing about it. Both acted as if nothing ever happened.  They went back to trying to ignore one another. Which Didn’t quite go as planned because of course, Harry just loved to tease Niall. So nothing changed there.  Niall would just ignore Harry or give him a full on death glare until Harry surrendered, which wasn't an easy objective.

“What do you want?” Niall asked, not even bothering to even look up from his book. Ashton and Louis, Niall’s best mates, just snicked at Harry. He just sent a glare their way, causing for them to instead have knowing smirks on their faces.

“What are you reading princess?” Harry asked, snatching the book from Niall’s hands, not liking the fact that He was more interested in the book than him.

“Hey! Give that back!” Niall demanded trying to grab it back, but being shorter than Harry was certainly a disadvantage. Harry just chuckled as he put it out of his reach. Niall was growing irritated by the second. “Harry!” Niall just screamed as he tried jumping for his book. Harry flipped through the pages but turned away so Niall won’t grab the book.

“You like this stuff? It’s so boring” Harry opinionated.

“Just give it back already! Harry I’m being serious” Niall growled out, reaching around Harry to try to grab his book, but like before, it was a failed attempt.

“You’re such a girl, reading this romantic shit” he teased.

“Can I just have my book back? you can tease me all you want, but I just want my book” Niall gave up. he had no chance against Harry and he was growing frustrated and his eyes were starting to water. But he would not allow for the tears to fall because of Harry’s idiocy.

“Here you go, enjoy your boring shit of a book” Harry mumbled, not even bother to hand Niall the book, but rather just throw it on the floor in his direction.

“I hate you” Niall growled. Harry stopped in his tracks. He wouldn’t admit that that statement hurt. But there’s nothing he could do about it. Turning around he faced Niall once again. What he saw hurt him even more. Niall had tears in his eyes.  And it was all because of him.

“The feeling is mutual” Harry stated. Before he couldn’t bare the sight anymore and just turned back around and left. Niall just picked his book up, before he joined Ashton and Louis once again.

“You ok Ni?” Ashton asked,looking worried and sorry for his friend.

“I don’t see what Styles’s problem is, you have done nothing to him” Louis sneered.

“It’s whatever, it’s not like I can stop him or anything” Niall mumbled just looking at his book. That was so pathetic. Harry probably thinks the same thing, getting all emotional over a book. But i wasn’t the fact of the book, just the idea that he was tired with Harry’s antics. Why is he the unlucky one? Sure he’s gay, but he isn’t the only one in the school. Was it because he wore makeup? Not his fault he just wants to be pretty. Harry was really starting to get on his nerves.

“Ni?” Ashton spoke, snapping his fingers in front of his friends face. He had just spaced out.

“Sorry what did you say?” he asked, glancing at his best friends through his mascara covered eyelashes, not wanting to lift his head.

“I said, you don’t have to put up with it, I can ask Luke to you know, handle it” Ashon suggested. He never believed that violence was the answer, and he didn’t want his best friend and his boyfriend to get involved.

“Ash you know I don’t like fighting” He finally rose his head. He looked tired. Which he was. Tired of Harry that is. “I don’t want to get the two of you involved. Sooner or later he’s gonna get bored and stop. I just hope it’s soon” He continued, before the bell rung, signaling to the students that lunch was over.

“Be careful Nialler” He heard Louis mutter before he saw Ashton nod his head in agreement.

“ok sure... I’ll see you guys later” He stated before he made his way to his class. He had English next. Now, don’t get him wrong, he loved this class, but unfortunately, it’s one of the two he shared with Harry. And those classes usually ended up to be the worse, and he didn’t look forward to them for that exact reason.

As class started, he began to doze off. He turned his attention down to his notebook before he started to doodle in the margins.

“Ok, so for the next project, you will be doing it with a partner” The teacher spoke, catching Niall’s attention. That was not good. He felt that whatever was going to happen, was not good.  He heard people turning their chairs looking at their friends, talking about hopefully being paired together. Sadly, his only friends weren't in class, sohe was screwed. “But!” She started again, raising her voice to get the class’s attention. “I’ll be picking them” She finished. Quite a few groans of disappointment were heard throughout the class.  She didn’t even care about the noise, because soon she started to call out names and their partners. “Niall” she called out before looking back down at the list. “And Harry”

Niall groaned. Harry turned around to face him, a smirk planted on his face. No good can come out of this.  The teacher finished calling out the names before making a suggestion to the class and beginning to pass out a sheet of paper to each student.

“You may move to be next to your partner and you will have the rest of the class period to discuss the project” And with that she went back to her desk and began to type on her laptop.

He let out a groan of protest as he laid his head down in his arms. Today could not have gotten any worse.  He heard harry make his way next to him and take a seat beside his own.

“Well princess, looks like you’ll be working with me” Harry whispered into his ear, causing for Niall to start to blush.  Niall just lifted his head so he could read through the assignment, and to get the blush off his cheeks.  Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that harry was smirking at him with his arms crossed over her chest.

“Ok, not like I have any choice in that matter, but you are going to help me” Niall stated, turning to face Harry with a frown on his face.

“Don’t worry Princess” Hh smirked, winking at him. The action caused for Niall’s cheeks to heat up.  As the class went on, Niall was just ordering Harry to do his part, yet the other just to tease him, would just sit there.

“You gotta do something!” Niall growled.

“I’ll do you” He stated, smirking at Niall’s reaction.  Niall was shocked.  Harry usually went for the annoying and rude kind of teasing.  Not the flirting type.

“Um?” He didn’t know what to make of it. Harry didn’t know what to make of it. He didn’t know why he even said that.  He was just going with the excuse that he was just teasing him.  Which was pretty awkward, considering that he shouldn’t be hinting that he kinda liked the small blonde.  Niall just went back to working on his part of the project.  He had gotten too weird out.  harry, not knowing what else to say to make the situation less awkward just left Niall alone and decided to do some work.

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