The Way That I Am...

"So you're proud to be a good one
But the good ones always complain
About the stuff they never did"

"Don't make a thing about the bad kind
'Cause the bad kind don't even know
All the hearts they're messing with"

Title from The Way That I Am by Tove Lo


2. Chapter 1

well here goes.... i just couldn't figure out how to start it..... I might be changing it maybe so yeah..... enjoy and don't forget to tell like this and to comment if you liked it or not c: Thanks .xx



School was just his playground. He loved the idea that people did whatever he told them to just simply because he was 'Harry Styles'. Yep. he had the life. But he wasn't happy. There was a cute blond that everyone adored that he wanted; but eh idea of committing to a relationship, to a single person, frightened him.

"Hey, you alright man?" a boy with jet black hair slicked back and tattoos adorning his arms, that were visible with the muscle shirt he wore, spoke, clearly concerned. Harry's green eyes clashed with the honey brown ones that of his best friend.

"Yeah, I'm fine" he lied. This simple crush he had developed on the blond was taking his toll on him. He's never felt anything like this before with anyone, and he has no idea on how to deal with it. His friend just eyed him suspiciously.

"Are you sure?" He asked again, lips reattaching themselves to the white cancer stick he had in between his fingers for a few seconds before he released it, exhaling the smoke substance that came with the inhalation of the substance. Harry was growing annoyed.

"Yes, Zayn, I'm fine" he gritted out, rolling his eyes in the process. Zayn still didn't believe him, but he just shrugged his shoulders, letting it slide, considering he knew that Harry wasn't going to tell him anything anytime soon. The next few minutes were spent in silence, before the bell rang, signalling the end of lunch.

Walking to his locker, the said blond that always haunts his thoughts, walked past him, not noticing anything that was happening around him due to being glued to the book he was reading. His hips swayed unconditionally with every step he took, taunting Harry. Detaching his eyes from the blond;s behind, his eyes grazed upward in time to notice a door open in the blond's path. But before he could yell out a warning, the blond collided with the door dead on, causing for him to fall backwards in a daze, the book forgotten beside him. He laid there for a few seconds before pulling himself into a sitting position, holding the back of his head as he cast his eyes downward. The hallway grew silent. there were a few people who bothered to help him, one of them being the person who opened the door in which cause the problem int he first place. He just shooed them all away with a wave of a hand, probably too embarrassed to even speak. Harry remained where he stood, back leaning up against the lockers with hands in his pockets of his skin tight jeans, waiting for the hallway to to empty out. Once only Niall and himself remained, he quietly made his way over to the blond.

"You ok there princess? That was quite a fall you had there" he teased, standing over the small blond.

"What do you want? Now is not the time... Shouldn't you be fucking someone or doing drugs or something?" he sounded annoyed, yet he still didn't move his head to glance up at Harry. He had removed his hand from his head and set it along side his other one in his lap.

"Jealous?" he snickered back, wanting to get the other riled up.

"As if!" he rebuked finally raising his head to send a glare to Harry. The sight before his shattered his heart. Niall had been crying, if the tear stained cheeks and wet eyelashes with the smear of mascara surrounding his eyes was anything to go by.

"As fun as it is teasing you, you look like you need help getting to the nurses office" he offered, covering the pained expression he had gotten from looking st he blond in this state.

"Why would you want to help me?" Niall asked, glare not lifting off his face, but more like hardening. The glare didn't faze him. He was just worried on how badly hurt Niall was. Taking his hand out of his pocket, he extended it out for Niall to grab.

"Even if I don't look like it, I am capable of being nice" he explained, waiting for Niall to grab his hand. Niall just looked at his hand skeptically, but once he figured nothing bad could come out of this he grabbed the hand allowing for Harry to pull him up. Maybe he pulled a little to hard because Niall ended up tripping forward, colliding with his chest. Harry noticed just how much shorter Niall was than him, and how his small hand fit nicely with his larger one. It felt nice having said boy in which he secretly desired pressed against his as so.

"S-sorry" Niall stuttered, taking a few steps back, a light blush adorning his cheeks. Harry almost melted at the sight.

"So to the nurse's office?" He tried to cover up the tension by bringing back the original subject. Niall only nodded, waiting for Harry to take the lead. As Harry did so, he struggled to keep in pace with him. Noticing, Harry slowed down his steps, allowing fro Niall to fall into pace with him. "Does your head still hurt?" He asked, not wanting to take a glance at Niall. Niall was actually confused and astonished that Harry had bothered to help him, considering that he's always teasing him.

"N-not as much... It's just throbbing..." he whispered loud enough for the other to hear. Not too long after he spoke, they arrived at their destination.

"Well i have to go now" Harry stated, starting to walk off before he stopped and turned to Niall. "Oh, and don't tell anyone about this alright" he glared at the blond boy to emphasize his point. NIall let out a squeak of fright by the other's sudden mood change, but he nodded his head anyway. With the frantic nod, Harry continued on his way. Harry confused him. Shouldn't he just be teasing him or something. Why was he helping him? he grabbed his head again, thinking about it just cause for his head to throb painfully. Setting the problem aside for the time being, he entered the nurse's office, explaining what happened all while leaving out any details having to do with Harry.

Harry didn't end up going to class. He had decided to step outside for some fresh air. He fucked up once again. He let out a frustrated sigh, punching the school wall in the process. His knuckles were bleeding due to the impact, but he didn't seem to care or feel the pain at the moment. Shaking his hand off, he pulled out his pack of cigarettes out of his pockets. Taking one and setting it between his lips, he put the rest back before replacing them with his lighter. Bringing it up to light the end of his cigarette, he took a drag from it, slipping the white death stick and exhaling the smoke. He hated feeling guilty. Yet he felt it quite often when it came to the small blond. But his pride didn't let him do much about it. Too deep in thought he didn't notice the figure approach him.

"Harry?" startled, he ended up choking on the puff of smoke he had inhaled by accident. "Are you ok?" the soft voice asked, patting his back to help. Managing to regain his breath and get his coughing in control, he sent a glare to said person that had startled him.

"What do you want?" His frown remained upon noticing that it was just Niall. He didn't want to show weakness in front of him, or that for the fact that he was his weakness. The glare sent in the blond's direction caused for him to flinch and back away a little. Did he get him at a wrong time?

"I-I just wanted to t-thank you" He mumbled meekly. He shyly looked at the ground, not knowing if he should just leave and leave the taller of the two alone or wait for a response.

"It was nothing..." He removed his gaze from Niall to just observing whatever was in front of him. Having his glance downwards, too afraid to look Harry int he face, he noticed his bleeding hand, and he gasped at the sight.

"W-what happened to your hand?" he asked, grasping his hand gently with both of his.

"It's none of your business" Harry growled out, snatching his hand away from Niall rather harshly.

"At least let me help you if you won't tell me" Niall demanded, hands on his hips, with a frown set on his face sent towards Harry.
"Shouldn't you be in class or something?" Harry was growing annoyed.

"I can say the same for you, but the nurse let me leave early" Niall explained, moving his arms to cross over his chest, yet the frown still remained.

"Why do you even care what happens to me?" He sent one fo his own glares towards Niall. This time Niall didn't seem fazed. He was standing his ground.

"Because unlike you... I actually am worried that you got hurt" Niall explained, his glare still not letting up.

"Just leave me alone, will ya!" Harry growled out, stepping towards Niall, expecting to use his height as an advantage. Niall didn't even flinch.

"Just let me bandage it and THEN I'll leave you alone" He once again demanded. Sighing, Harry gave in. Niall let out a small giggle of accomplishment that caused for Harry's heart to begin to race. "Be right back" he mumbled before he re-entered the school for a few minuted before he came back with bandages and a piece of cloth. Having taken a seat waiting for him, he stuck his hand out for Niall to grasp when he asked for it. As he allowed for the other to clean it, he heard the other humming a a quiet tune. Finished cleaning it, he wrapped the hand int he bandages.

"There all finished" Niall blamed at Harry as he let go of his hand. "See, now that wasn't too bad now was it" he teased.

"I guess not..." he mumbled. "Thanks?" he stated, it coming out more like a question.

"It was no problem, well, like I promised, I'll be leaving now, so bye. And try not to strain your hand so much alright" Niall ordered before he started making his way over to the parking lot. Once Niall was out of his sight, he moved his glance down towards his hand. It still tingled from where Niall was touching him. He let out a frustrated sigh. All these feelings he had at the moment frightened him.

He was so whipped and they weren't even together. They weren't even friends yet.

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