Brooklyn is a 17 year old girl and a cheerleader at Topgun. She comes home one day to find out that Calum hood is her brother and she needs to leave to go on tour with them in 2 days.
What if she finds love?
What if he breaks her heart?
What happens when she can't cheer?
Read to find out!


1. Finding Out

Brooklyn's P.O.V



We all shouted out of breath.

Practice just ended and we were all dripping with sweat, coach is working us extra hard for nationals

How Rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself!

I'm Brooklyn Rose Hood!

I am a cheerleader at Topgun

I have wavy dark brown hair

And really deep brown eyes

I LOVE watching hockey

I am a pro tumbler

And my birthday is March 17th, 1997

I'm 17

Everyone says I look like Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer, and I also have the last name hood...

I walk home in the process of chugging a water bottle when I see a flower that I really like, I admire it's beauty for a few seconds then walk up the driveway

I walk inside and scream "IM HOME!"

I walk into the living room to sit down but instead to see Calum Hood

I am very shocked yet confused,

"Mom why is Calum Hood inside our house...?" I ask

She sighs and looks at me with tears in her eyes and shakes her head

"I'm not your real mom, and this is your brother, Calum. You are going on tour with him and his band mates, no questions asked because he is old enough to take you as a legal guardian and I can't deny him that, please start packing you leave in 2 days."

My 'Mom' Said

I hope you Guys liked this, it was shitty if I do say so myself... 😅

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