To Kill A Killjoy(In Progress)

Acid Apocalypse has recently had her sister stolen by Dracs and this gives her a new reason to keep fighting, but there is an issue, she falls in love. Will meeting Fun Ghoul distract her to much? Will their love prevent her from getting Wild Fire back or will it only give her an ally willing to help in her battle?


1. Stolen

Acid!I heard the cry from behind me but I knew for either of us to survive I had to ignore it. I ran from the building shooting anything in my way to get out to my car, Riot was already in the driver seat with the engine running. I jumped through the window feet first with the momentum I had built up from running. I was barely completely in before the car sped off, leaving a dust cloud behind us.

     We were already miles down the road before we knew we were safe, Riot broke the silence first, She can survive, and you know it.

No she cant, we both know for a fact that we turned tail and ran. Betrayed her, we left the only family I have in this god forsaken desert for dead back there. We turned tail and ran in her time of need; you know what happened last time anyone that was connected to either of us was captured by the Dracs, your broth—“

Ashlyne dont,

No, we both know that was the last time I will ever see her alive. Just like you remember seeing Will for the last time, crying out for help as we ran. He was held under a Dracs ray gun just like Wild Fire was about ten minutes ago.

We continued to drive in quiet until I seen the familiar building in the distance. Once we arrived Riot pulled the car around back, then we pulled the tan tarps over to help hide it from any unwanted guests passing by. Neither of us bothered saying a word as we trudged up the back steps and inside. He went up the main stairs from the living room to the loft while I went left down to the end of the hallway then scurried down to the basement where Wild Fire and my room reside.

     There is only a small dim hallway with two doors, the one to the left covered in girly stickers painted over with a crude red spiked spiral that resembles flames. The other door has an infinite amount of band logo stickers completely plastering it to where you cant even tell the there was once a wooden door below, over these stickers is a spray painted purple cloud with bright green rain falling down it.

I took a hasty left into my sisters room and closed the door behind me. Her walls that were once painted a light shade of violet have now been covered in numerous symbols of killjoys that have come into our lives suddenly and left just as quickly. She has a bunk bed in here so whenever we would come across someone we had deemed as friend not foe that was in need of medical assistance they would be stationed on the lower bunk. Wild Fire was always interested in reading about disease and injury and had day dreams of becoming a nurse before the war started so she had the greatest amount of knowledge in the healing field than anyone else in zone7 beside Papa Midnight of course. Whenever she had free time she was take herself to him and learn whatever he had to teach her that day.

I sat down and leaned against the far wall and just looked around, I knew that I didnt have long before Riot would be down to check on me and we would apologize for what we said to each other but I didnt care. I let the tears roll. My sister, the only family I had in the inner zones was gone. I wasnt going to allow myself to have false hopes that she would one day come back to me, no. The only good part of this situation is it gave Riot and I another reason to fight.

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