Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


12. Spoke Too Soon


I walked in my apartment, Eve was out getting stuff. She was with Gemma and they took Ella with them, leaving me with the house to myself. Or so I thought. "Why are you here?" I asked Liam. He looked over at Zayn but didn't stand up. "How did you even get in?" I asked from the front door.

"Wasn't locked." Zayn said. I just nodded, but they still didn't answer why they were here. "It's about Eve." He said slowly.

I stopped putting the dishes away and looked at them both. Liam had his head down as he looked away, his elbows leaning on his knees. "Okay?" I said, putting my hands out in front of me for him to go on.

"You haven't been around much, Niall. Maybe you should come to the house every now and then." He cleared his throat. "He ah, you tell him." Zayn hit Liam and Liam coughed.

"He's been... Stalking? Eve now for some time."

"Stalking? What do you mean." I asked.

"Um, just watching her movements. He knew her schedule at work in a week, like he's not fucking around this time Niall." Liam warned.

"Can you fucking explain yourself here a little?" I barked, getting seriously frustrated. "What are you talking about, what are you trying to tell me."


"For gods sake, Liam! Spit it out!" I grabbed hold of his shirt, shaking him and bringing him to my face. My eyes held a long stare with his and I finally let him go.

"He's going to take her away niall!" Zayn shouted. "You need to leave and get out of here before he actually does it!" I stood up, my breathing heavy. "He seen her little act the other night, what she did to you." My face went red, I knew I should've close those blinds. "Only made him want her more."

"No else seen right?" I asked.

"No, he was just there." Liam said. I went to speak but we all stood still when we heard the door click open. We all turned our attention to Eve walking in with her phone to her ear, being held up by her shoulder and holding bags in her hand.

She walked all the way in and we all looked at each other. She didn't even notice us as she put her hand to her mouth and sobbed, walking to the bedroom and shutting the door. I wanted so badly to go to her but I couldn't right now. "What am I suppose to do?" I asked.

"Take Eve and get the hell out of here." Zayn said and Liam nodded his head in agreement. "Don't tell her yet, tell her when you're far away from here."

"We'll be in touch, mate. Be careful." Liam said and handed me a small piece of paper and a pay as you go phone. They walked out the door and i locked it, throwing everything off the counter and screaming. Every time things go good that fucking asshole has to come in and ruin it.

"Fuckkkkkk!" I screamed and then I remembered Eve. I walked to the bedroom door, "baby?" I lightly knocked on the door. I slowly opened it and seen her standing, still on the phone. Her left hand is rubbing her right shoulder, her legs look almost shaky and just from looking at the side of her face, I know something's wrong. I close the door and stand by it.

She turns her face and looks at me, her mouth half opened and she says bye to the person she's talking to. She puts her head down and she fully turns to me. "Dana's dead." Her head lifted and her lip is turning white from being bit so hard.

"What?" I asked, completely stunned. Her lip quivered as she looked at me and I walked over to her, folding my arms around her and she started to cry. "How?" I asked in her ear.

"They- they don't know. Alex said she didn't go to work for almost a week and wasn't answering her phone. She called the police because she knew something was wrong! Dana's always at work or at least calls when she can't make it." Her grip on my shirt tightened. "Apparently the police walked in and Alex went in behind them, she was on her couch with a blanket on her feet, the TV still on and a half empty glass of a wine sitting beside her."

"Was she murdered?" I pulled away just to look at her, she looked so broken.

"Apparently the place looked like a blood bath, but she looked like she was killed right there. There was blood all over the walls and the floors, they said there was drag marks of her body and blood being dragged over to the couch. But her body was spotless." Her hands went to her hair as she tugged a little.

This wasn't adding up, something wasn't right.

"Her makeup was redone, there wasn't a spot of blood of her body. She literally looked like she fell asleep on the couch." Eve shook her head and looked around the room. "I'm scared Niall, I'm so scared. This is has Jax written all over it and you know it does!" Anger laced with her voice and I knew she was right.

"But why Dana?" I asked.

"Before I left, he was constantly flirting with her. She hasn't had guy attention in forever so she soaked it right up. I think he might've thought he was making me jealous but honestly, it was making me feel so much better. But I never thought he would take it to this level, niall we need to leave." She rushed the last part of her sentence. I agreed, we started packing right away.

She never stopped crying, just stopped sobbing, I didn't mind if she cried or if she screamed, her best friend was dead. I kept thinking about what Zayn and Liam told me, this adds up but it doesn't at the same time. Why Dana? Why not just go right for Eve, or at least try?

There was a knock at the door and both our bodies stopped moving, Eve's breath hitched as she held it. I walked out slowly, locking the bedroom door behind me with eve and Ella in the room. "Hello?" I called, the knock got louder and I jumped.

I reached in the cupboard for my gun and took the safety off, I looked in the peep hole and seen Jax staring at me with that stupid smirk on his face. I put the gun in the back of my pants and opened the door, but leaving the chain hooked. "Can I help you?" I asked.

He looks at the chain and then back to me. "Open the door Horan." He said with such venom that I almost cringed. "You've got three seconds because i roundhouse this door." I knew that wasn't a threat. I slowly opened the door and he looked around, he's not very hidden with his thoughts, I can read this prick like a fucking book.

"Why are you here?" I asked, looking him down.

"I came to see you." He said and licked the corner of his lips.

"For what?"

"You killed Dana, why Niall? You knew I was taking a liking to her, so why did you do it?"

"You're not serious are you." I said in a monotoned voice. He laughed, shaking his head. " we all know that was you, Jax. I don't know who you think you're fooling."

"Where's Eve?" He asked and started walking around the place.

"Out for a run." I lied and I prayed she stayed quiet in that room. I prayed that she took the dog and is hiding in the closet with a gun close to her.

My breathing got heavier as he walked past the bedroom door. "I see there's something in here you don't want me seeing?" He turned and winked at me. He started to shake the doorknob and I was surprised that Ella wasn't barking. "What's in here Niall? Hmm?" He asked.

"You've gone completely fucking mad my dear friend." I said and almost laughed at how stupid he looked. He's finally lost his last screw, he's fucking crazy.

"Dear friend." He whispered to himself. His foot started kicking the door, I grabbed him and pulled him back from it. "WHAT'S BEHIND THE DOOR NIALL?!" He screamed in my face, his forehead on mine.

"Nothing you fucking nut!" I screamed and pushed him off me. "Get out of my house, maybe you'll see eve on the way out. Fucking take her, can't stand her anyway, surprised you kept up with her with how long you did."

He stared at me, I thought he was about to leave, believing me. Then he started laughing, he's gone mad. "You fucking love that whore with everything you've got inside you. If it came down to your money or her, you'd gladly be fucking broke. You can't lie to me Niall? Who do you think I am, your mother?"

My cheeks went red with anger. "Don't bring her into this, she has nothing to do with this. Damn you, Jax. You're a fucking idiot."

"Aw, but Niall. Your father always taught me how to be the best liar, why do you think his and your mother's marriage lasted so long? Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't turn out like him."

"I didn't turn out like him because you did. You're everything he was, nothing but a lying fucking cheat who would do anything to see someone in pain. Get the fuck out of my house right now."

"Yeah you're right. Mom always was the pussy, you defiantly got her jeans."

"Fuck you!" I spat.


"Mom always was the pussy, you defiantly got her jeans." I heard Jax say. What the hell? Ella's ears perked up as mine did also.

I stood up and opened the closet, unlocking the door and walking out. My eyes attacked Jax and he just smirked at me. I knew Niall was giving me a dirty look but I didn't care, I was tired of running from this asshole, and right now, the last thing I need is him stressing me out.

"How was your run?" He bit his lip.

"I can't run." I stated.

"Why are you out here?" Niall said, I didn't walk over to him, I stayed in my own zone.

I ignored him. "You didn't tell me you guys were brothers." I stated harshly. It made since though, honestly, I don't know how I didn't see it. The naturally brown hair, the blue eyes, only thing different was their attitudes. Maybe that's what threw me off, Niall was the all American man while Jax was something straight out of hell.

"Get out of this house right now." I said sternly. My confidence ended as soon as he pulled the gun out, pointing it in my direction. I gulped but didn't break eye contact.

"Miss your friend?" He asked. What a dick.

"No." I stated and he looked at me confused. I watched his face twitch into something sinister.

His gun switched from me to Niall. "Maybe you'll miss your little boyfriend." He cocked a smirk at me. I began to panic.

"Jax please don't!" I cried and ran over to him, trying to pull the gun out of his hands and then realized that's not a good idea. Niall wasn't saying anything with his mouth, but holy shit, with a dirty look like that; Jax should be dead. "Please!" I cried and grabbed his shirt, shaking him a little.

"Ya know Eve, I really did love you. I don't understand why you wanted him so bad, why you went behind my back to pleasure him."

"It was over three years ago, Jax! Stop please!" His face was twitching and his eyes filled up with water. "I'm sorry I hurt you Jax, but taking the people I love away from me isn't going to make me love you!" I stood away from him so he could see me.

"Fuck you. You whore." He seethed, cutting threw me like a knife.

"Don't kill him Jax!" I screeched.

"WHY NOT! Huh, eve? Why not?!"

"Because I'm pregnant!"

I know it's been a while, I'm really sorry! My laptop broke, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out & then getting braces so I've been busy as fuck with all that! Please don't hate me. I love you all so so so so sooo much, I love you more than I love myself! Seriously. Xxbella

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