Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


2. Slipped threw my Fingers

I smiled as the little girl asked to pet my dog, her mother talked to me. I looked around, I've been in New York for two months and it still amazes me how busy the streets can get.

I spotted a girl across the street, she was looking at me while she waited for her turn to get to the other side. Her eyes were scanning me, so I did it back, and she looked familiar. I had to go and get Ell home so I walked away, my place was only a few  blocks away from here. 

I had to look back and I seen her walk into that little cafe-pub thing that I tried out yesterday. I put Elle in the house and went back out after locking my doors. The sky was beginning to snow, seeing that it almost December. My phone buzzed in my pocket, "Hello?" I said


"Hey, what are you doing?"


"Just out walking." It was Gemma,  her and I were always friends but she moved back to England a year or so before I met Eve. She came back after Eve left, we've been talking but nothing like that. She's my ex bestfriend's sister, that's just not right, besides Gemma doesn't exactly attract me. 

"Wanna meet me at that little place down the street from your house?" She asked, I said sure I was going there anyway. It was only a ten minuet walk from my place and when I got in  I noticed her, it was her back side but I had a feeling that I knew who she was. Her head turned and looked up at me as she was leaning over a table, her hair has gotten longer and her blue eyes are kind of dull. Nothing like they use to be. 

I secretly watched her rush out back and then another dark hair girl came and sat me down. "Hi there." She said and she filled my glass with water. "Will it just be you tonight?" She asked.

"If you don't wanna join me." I winked and she laughed, "I'm only joking, I will be joined by another here soon." She nodded her head and walked away from me. The other girl was running around getting people's orders and sending them to the kitchen and she looked stressed, her eyes were heavy and she tried way too hard to keep that smile on her face.


I could see her stop in the corner of my eye whenever Gemma walked in and greeted me. I could tell by the way that she walked over that she wasn't impressed. "What can I get you two to drink?" She asked, not making eye contact with me.

"I'll have a root beer, please." She wrote it down, "Niall?" Gemma said and the girl visibly stiffened, her eyes closing and I noticed she was already writing down my drink before I even said  anything. It was her. She walked away after nodding. "She looks really familiar." Gemma whispered.

"Hmm, doesn't she." I said and stared at her threw the doors of the kitchen, she knew it was me. 

"Wait, Niall." Gemma said and looked threw her phone, "Isn't that her? Eve?" She said with a gasp, I licked my lips and nodded, not even looking at the photo that she was trying to show me  because I already knew. She walked back out with our drinks but some guy grabbed her apron in order to get her attention, she tripped and  split the drinks all over herself. I got up and tried to help her but she was on her feet and out back so fast I barely even seen her run out the front door. 

I grabbed her hand, she spun around. Our eyes locked together and my mind went blank,

"Eve?" I asked, she shook her head. "Is that you?" Her hand was pulled out of my grasp and I looked at her blankly. My heart shattered.

She ran away from me, Gemma came out and hugged whenever she realized how hurt I was. But she stopped and turned around, starring at me and then seen Gemma, she shook her head and sucked in her chest before turning and walking away.

"I need to follow her!" I said to Gemma and she nodded her head, she understood completely. I picked up my speed and watched her turn a corner and walk into a building. I just needed to find out which number was hers.

I waited outside for not even ten minuets before someone walked in, "hey wait! Do you know which one Eve Henderson lives in?"

"Ah I think 10." They told me and walked me in, I thanked them a million and walked up to ten. I knocked loudly so she would hear, and I knew someone was in there because I could see shadows under neath the door.

I started to regret this, what if she doesn't wanna see me? What if she doesn't even remember me, it's been three years and all. I sighed and knocked again, but then slowly backed away, my nerves getting the best of me. I turned away and then I heard the door creek opened, her blue eyes were staring at me and I held my breath.


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