Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


4. Rush Hour

"One sec!" I called over my shoulder to the costumer grabbing at my apron. I sighed whenever I got out back, Dana taking the heavy tray off my hands that was full of dirty dishes. "Crazy today." I said leaned my hands over the counter. I stretched out my neck and couched.


"Getting sick again?" She asked me, patting my back. I nodded my head and sniffed. "It's because you work too much and too hard."


I laughed at her statement, "Gatta pay the bills somehow." I winked and she giggled, fluffing up my pony tail whenever I walked away. I spent the next hour taking orders and trying my hardest to get to the tables as fast as I could, the only thing keeping alive for this shift was the fact I get to go home in 30 minuets and sleep.


The thing I like best about my job, it's busy which gets rid of the time and you get basically your pay cheque in tips every week.


I can feel my nose starting to get really stuffy coming on the end of my shift, and my body was starting to ache. I signed out and waved by, grabbing my jacket and scarf and walking out.


I stopped by the drug store before going home to get something to stop this cold before it got worse. I walked up to the cash and put my stuff on the counter, smiling at the girl that was ringing them in and then dropping it as fast as it went on.


Niall's girlfriend was taking my order. Flashbacks of the other night started spewing threw my head, "that will be-" her voice cut off whenever she seen me. She's British and gorgeous. "Hi Eve." She smiles a really warm smile at me.


"Ah..." I say blankly. I don't understand.


"Niall told me all about you." She says, and she's not being rude about it, she's actually being really nice like it was his sister or something.


"Ah..." I say again and she laughs. "Why are you being so nice... You're taking him talking about me really easily for his girlfriend.." I said and raised my eyebrow.


She looked at me and I figured she was going to tell me off, but she started laughing. Hitting her hand off the counter and crying because she was laughing so hard. "I don't get it." I tell her and she's laughs even harder.


She's making her lips like she sucking threw a straw trying to breathe. "I'm not-" she try's and starts laughing again. "I'm Harry's sister." She bites her lip trying to keep herself from laughing even more.


"Okay?" I say, she can be Harry's sister and still date Niall? It's not like I'm asking if she's dating Harry. My reaction causes her to laugh even more, it's starting to freak me out. I passed her money and began to walk out the door until she stopped me.

"I'm not Niall's girlfriend. Him and I are very good friends, I left for home shortly before you came into the picture, he was a mess." She said and I turned around.

"He went to that hotel to look for you, but the girl at the desk said you already checked out." She waited for me to say something, I didn't. "He looked everywhere for you, even put posters up and asked everyone he seen."

I stood there with a confused look on my face. She watched as I slowly walked back up to the cash, "he looked for me?" I said and she nodded. "I didn't think he cared, I waited for weeks at the hotel." I said to mostly myself.

"He was giving you space. Harry said that whenever he went there to see you, you said you just wanted some space so he gave you just that." She explained and I looked at her, shaking my head.

"I never said that?" I told her and I thought for a moment, why the hell did Harry say that? "Ah I know why he did that." I whispered to myself.

"Why?" She asked.

"Harry came to the hotel two days after I got there and tried to talk to me about him and I, I might've told him I need space from him? But defiantly not Niall." I said.

"Sounds like him. He's the type to want something he can't have." She rolled her eyes.  "I'm Gemma." She smiles and puts her hand out.

"Eve." I smile and shake her hand, she laughs because she clearly already knows my name. "But I need to go home and get in the bath before I literally fall and die." I told her and we said bye to each other. I walked back to my apartment and sighed in relief as soon as I walked in the door, putting my keys on the counter.

I turned to go and lock the door but it was already opening. I froze, my heart pounding. I reached for the kitchen cupboard, patting around for the small gun I keep in there just in case. "Hello?" I called out and then blonde spiked hair peaked through the door. 

"Hey babe. I was thinking that we should do something today, maybe go somewhere out to like bar or something. Have a night to ourselves."  I almost fucking cried. I brought my hands to my face as he walked over to me, "Holy shit, is that a gun?" 

Fucking dick didn't even notice how scared I was. "Yes." I muttered, turning to look at him. He holding the gun up and inspecting it, while my eyes were tearing up I was so scared. He was laughing about how silly it was to have a gun and then he noticed my emotion. "Did I scare you?" He asked quietly. I nodded my head and he wrapped his arms around my shoulder, I buried my face into his neck. 

He kissed my head, "So how about it?" He says.

"I'm really not feeling good. " I complained and he nodded. "We just sit in and watch movies?" I asked, unsure of what he would say.

"Yes! I'll be right back." He  says and walks back out the door. I locked my doors but gave him my keys so he could just let himself in, I made my way to the bathroom and started a bath. I groaned whenever the hot water just wrapped around me, I could feel the stress melt into the water. 

I stayed in there for almost half an hour, I only got out because I was falling asleep in there. I'd rather not drown whenever Niall's going to be right back. I got changed into some gym pants and a long sleeve shirt, cuddling into my blanket on the couch and turning on the TV. 

I had a  cup of coffee in my hand, sipping whenever I felt like it was safe- only to have my lip burnt off. I finally hears the keys hit the door and then Niall walked in, Elle jumped up on the couch and attacked me with kisses. "Easy, you don't want to get this cold." I told her, giggling whenever she backed down, laying on her tummy and putting her paws over her eyes and whining. I played with her ears as I watched Niall come in. 

He had a bag full of stuff that he put on the counter and then he walked back out and came back in with his guitar. My eyes went wide, it's been forever since I've heard him play, I'm way too excited right now. He walked over with the bag of stuff in one hand and his guitar in the other, he set the bag in front of me.

I went through it, pulling out a bunch of movies. Titanic, The Lucky One, Ted and the first season to the Walking Dead. "What one first?" He asks. 

We both look at each other and at the same time we say, 'Ted." He put the movie in and while the credits were playing, he was playing his guitar. His fingers made music with it, allowing me to relax even more; almost making me fall asleep. He got up off the floor and put it away, he picked me up off the couch and set me in his lap which I gladly responded to. My head lay on his legs with his arms around me and orange in a cup with a straw, this was perfect. 

It didn't take long for me to fall asleep, I just hoped that when I woke up he was going to be there still. 

this is the shittiest chapter i've ever fucking written and i'm so fucking sorry, i hate giving you guys shitty chapters. but i'm having a really hard time trying to pull myself together, this break up is taking literally everything out of me and i;m so sorry! i'm begging you all to try and understand ]; xxbella 

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