Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


9. Night Out part1


I was feeling a little ambitious tonight. I was at my house playing my guitar to my dog, that I finally got back, waiting for Eve to get off work. She was off tonight at nine which left plenty of time to get this plan together, and I needed to get moving now. It was already eight. 
I walked into my room, Ella following behind me and staring at me with her head tilted. "What should I wear, this? Or this?" I held up a black blazer and a blue blazer, her paw went up to the black and she whined a little. "Thank you." I buttoned up my white shirt, tied a tie around it and tucked it into my black suit pants. 

I threw on my blazer and my North Face jacket and said goodbye to my furbaby. I walked down the street and into a little shop that was down the road, I had to be careful because Eve's work was right across the street. I could see her running around with a bunch drinks in her hand, she tried too hard to please everyone.  "Hi there, anything I can help you with?" The girl asked and I looked around.

"Yeah,actually." I said and explained my plan to her.

"What does this miss look like?"  I pointed out the window to the girl that was being tugged at and keeping herself calm. "She's very beautiful." The girl said and pulled me toward the back. "This would look breath taking on her." She sighed a good sigh, she looked at me with soft eyes. "She's very lucky." She winked and we went over to the cash, I paid and ran out of the store. 

I fiddled with Eve's spare key she gave me and finally opened the door, placing the dress on the bed for her and walking out to the living room. She should be home any second now, and as if on que, she walked in. "Oh hi..." She said, walking in slowly and taking in my dressed up self. "You look rather dashing." She laughed.

I walked up to her and kissed her long and hard, she smiled into the kiss and pushed on my chest. "Go get dressed, we're going out." I said and she blushed. "Go look on your bed." I smiled. I walked behind her, slowly opening the door as she turned around to look at me with happy eyes. She picked the dress up and held it to herself and screamed thank yous everywhere. 

"I need to shower, I'll be quick!" 


45 minuets later, she walked out with her hair in tousled curls,  make up and the dress on. She had her arms behind her back and was looking down at her feet like a small child waiting for her crush to say he likes her new dress. "Oh baby, you look beautiful." I said and touched her arm, she blushed and stood on her tippy toes to kiss me. She turned to grab her jacket and a pair of shoes, of course she would slip on grey Converses. "We're taking the car, it's too cold to walk." I said and she nodded.

We walked out to my car and she hopped in the passenger side. "What brought this on?" She asked, looking at me with a small smile.

"I don't know, I was feeling ready to go today. All we usually do is just sit in and cuddle, have sex and eat. Not that I'm complaining because I love all those things but I feel like it was making us depressed so I decided to go out." I smiled and my hand went to her thigh. "We're meeting someone there also." 

"Oh who?" She said, she's not even really paying attention to me.

"You'll see." I said and drove out to Manhattan. The lights out shone the stars in the sky, that's one thing I think we both miss about home. The stars that use to fill the sky  were so attracting, making you want to stay out all night to watch them. We did that one time, I wish we could leave this city. I love New York, I just miss things being quiet and half sane, I wonder if I could convince her to move somewhere else.... 

I pulled up to The Gramercy Tavern and she almost threw up. "Niall, this place is crazy expansive.." She's been talking about this place for forever now and I knew she  would love it. 

"Eve, what's one thing I don't really care about?" 


"Money, baby I've got it." I whispered and touched her cheek, kissing her softly. "Let's go." I helped her out and she looked around, she's always been so curious of things. "Reservations for four, under Horan." I told the host and she went threw the book. 

"Right this way."  Eve grabbed on to my hand as we  walked through the isles, people were staring at us but mainly her. It made me mad that men stare at her but it also made me proud because they can't have her,  and  she would never go for any of them. "Mr. Styles, Mr. Horan is here now." 

Eve's face went blank as she stood there by the end of the table. Her and Harry making eye contact and Harry smirked to himself. "Hi Gem." She squeaked and sat on the inside, across from Harry. Her hand went straight to mine as soon as  we sat,  she was awfully  cold all of a sudden.

"How  have you been?" Harry asks her and she shrugs. He pushed his hair back and chewed his gum, staring at her while she didn't even look up once. The waitress came over and asked if we knew what we wanted, Harry ordered something that was totally out of my vocabulary, same with Gemma. 

"And for  you?" The girl asked Eve.

"Ah, I'll have the smoked salmon with the roasted asparagus  salad. May I have a spirit with a lemon for a drink please?" She was so nice and polite. 

"I'll have the same, that sounds really good. But bring me a deer  instead please. Dark." The girl walked off and my hands traveled to the hem of her dress, she looked up at me and I winked at her.  "So, how have you been Harry?" I asked and he laughed.

"Busy, that's for sure." He nodded and kept chewing his gum. "A little lonely, but that's my own fault. Isn't it?" Him and Eve made eye contact and she just nodded along with his story. I moved a little closer to her and kissed the side of her head, making her smile. I moved my hands up further and I could see her breath  being held. "What about you, Niall? Haven't seen you in a few." 

"Same shit, different city."  I shrugged and took a drink from my water. The spot where my hand was getting pretty warm, making me move it up a little higher. My fingers  moved her dress length in the middle a little and I could see a smirk on her red lips. "Met up with your sister a few years ago, you were off the map at that time." I made conversation, frustrating her even more by how cool I was about this. 

"Yeah yeah, I know. I  had to though, you know that." He's gotten a lot more mysterious over the years, he  use to be  very out going and willing to tell anyone his story as long as they were up for listening. I  guess the years really do change you. 

My finger grazed  her lace panties. I groaned out loud, bet she's wearing my favourite ones. I covered up my sexual  groan by complaining that the food wasn't  coming fast enough. Gemma and Harry laughed before going into  their own conversation. I leaned over to Eve, pressing my lips to her ear and whispering " are those ones my favourite ones?" I  asked her and she nodded her head. "Did you do  that on purpose?" 

"No, I  wasn't expecting this."  She said back to me, her lips grazing the skin of my neck.  Her hand slowly pushed my  hand further under her dress and she bit her lip.

"Ou, you're bad."

the  rest  will be in the  next chapter, it's almost one in the morning and i need to sleep before i kill someone. xxbella 

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