Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


13. "I'm not ready."


"Because I'm pregnant!" We all froze, she's pregnant? 

"With him?" Jax asked, my attention diverted from Eve over to him, Is he stupid? Whose else's would be? 

"No Jax, I'm pregnant with the dog." She snapped, I giggled. "Just leave me alone Jax, you already took my bestfriend from me, please don't take Niall away from me again?" She pleaded and Jax looked between her and I. Was he actually thinking about his actions for once?  "My baby needs a father, please don't do that to it." 

"Prove it." He seethes. She rolls her eyes and walks over to him, she lifts her shirt and turns to the side. I cover my mouth, putting my hand on my side and try to keep myself standing. She's already showing, oh my god. I almost throw up and Jax touches it, I'm not ready for kids? "Congratulations, Niall." He says to me, there's no sarcasm at all in his voice. He's actually congratulating me. "I wish that was me." He pointed at me and my eyes widened, I looked at Eve, ready for her to tell me this is a joke. 

Jax turns, putting the gun on the counter and walking out. I fall to my knees, I can't have a kid, this can't happen. She's got to be joking. "This is a joke right?" I ask and she turns her head to me, looking at me as if I just said she looked incredibly fat. 

"No?" She said, spitting venom at me. I flinched and looked at my hands, oh God. "Are you serious Niall?" 

"I'm not ready, Eve." I said to her, shaking my head and she scuffed. I watched her walk to the bedroom, she was in there for a few moments before she walked out with suitcases behind her. I didn't even try and stop her. 

I sat on my floor for a few moments, wondering what I'm going to do. Do I go and stop her, apologize, lie to her and tell her I am ready? I waited until it was almost too late to get up and go tell her I'm sorry. my door swung opened and I just caught her hair turn the corner, making my speed increase. 

I just barely got her hand before she left out the door. I held her close, hugging her and squeezing her as I felt her choke into my shirt. "I'm so sorry." I whispered into her hair, she didn't touch me, her hands stayed on her suitcase. I was so selfish, she just lost her bestfriend and here I am letting her loose me too. This can't be good for baby.

"It's fine." She pulled away from me, surprisingly, there was no tears. "I understand." She said, her hand coming to my chest to push me away. I caught her wrist, turning her back around to face me. "Let go Niall, I'm leaving." 

"To go where? With what? Your fucking suitcase, that's fucking perfect. Let's run away from Niall again, the one person that can protect you and fucking support you! Great idea, Eve." I snapped.

"I can support myself just fine. Thanks. " She hissed. "Before you came into my life I was okay! You introduced me into your shitty life, your shitty friends! JAX!" She screamed, her hands going in the air. I looked around and seen people starring at us.

"Can we go back up and just talk about this?" I asked and she huffed, grabbed her bag and going back upstairs. I closed the door behind us and locked it, turning around and staring at her. She's right but she's also very wrong also. "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't be where you are right now. My friends are anything but shitty, they do shitty things but that doesn't make them shitty people." I said threw gripped teeth.

She scuffed, "no shit." Fuck she's a brat. "I wouldn't have moved from my hometown to get the hell away from you, I wouldn't have been abused by Jax for months! I wouldn't be standing here right now ready to scream how much I fucking hate you!" 

"You also would still be getting abused by your dad, you would still be getting treated like a little kid-"

"Oh, because you don't treat me like a little kid? 'Eve, don't go outside by yourself.' 'Eve, hide over there. Don't go over there without me, don't leave without me.' Fuck you Niall, I'm having this baby and I'm going to raise it without you. Thanks for 'supporting' me." She cut through me like a fucking knife. She stopped at the door, "the only reason why Harry told you to wait until I got my shit together was because he wanted me. He came to my hotel the night I left and tried to get with me. But just because they do shitty things, doesn't make them shitty, right?" She said with a cocked eyebrow, leaving me almost breathless, gasping for air. 

"i gave you things no one else could ever give you!" I screamed, pointing my finger at her. 

She laughed, "get over yourself. You bought my love, you're never here Niall!" Her arms go up in the air for a second time. "You never were there! All you think about is your 'job'. You don't think about me unless I'm standing right in front of you, either naked or dressed up. Honestly, I don't want you to see me pregnant, I feel like I would disgust you." Her face contorted into something I've only ever seen my mother do to my father whenever she was completely unsatisfied by him. I feel like I'm having deja vu with this argument, I feel like I've watched this argument play out before. 

"Where are you going?" I finally gave up fighting with her.

"I'm sure Harry will find out what hotel I'm at." The door slammed. 

"You don't have any money, Eve! Get back here." I called after her.

"It's called a savings account, Niall." She said back and that was it. I just let her walk away, carrying my baby with her. I was mad, overly mad. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how right she was. I wasn't there, I'm not there, not then and defiantly not now. I gave her everything except what she needed, that makes me a shitty person.  

I found her once and I'll find her again. She can't go that far, she defiantly doesn't have a shit ton of money. I just needed to find her before someone else does. 

no this is not repeating what happened in the first book, i know you're all probably thinking 'oh not again.' but hey, she's a women, and sometimes women need to leave their men to make a point! It almost always work, scream what they've done wrong in their face and then leave them to think about it, it's called 'taking a break'. xxbella

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