Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


11. Hot pink Lingerie and fights

This is going to skip because i don't have any frigging  ideas and i'm not leaving this story until i do have ideas, so bare with me okay... 


Not much has happened, Niall  made me quit my job, I moved in with him. I haven't seen or heard of Jax in months  now, someone told Niall that he was being chased by cops so  now he's in hiding or something. I still haven't figured out what Niall does, and it's bothering me because he stays up all night sometimes and just looks over papers again and again. I beg for him to come to bed but he just keeps saying, "In  a minuet." I've had enough of his stupid lies, I know he has something to do with drugs, but I don't know what kind or how far deep he's in with the drug cartel. 

"Niall." I said sternly to him, he put his pen down and turned from the kitchen table to look at me. "You're going to tell me something right here, right now." I pointed my finger to the ground for affect. 

"Okay?" He asked, he looked so much older with his glasses on and his hair not spiked up. He was wearing dark grey gym pants and no shirt, making it almost impossible to be mad at him. He pushed his papers away from him and sat back in his chair, licking his lips and pushing his hair out of his eyes. 

I walked over to the table, my hands leaning on the other side and I bowed my head before I put it back up to look at him. "No lies?" I asked and he nodded his head. I sighed, "what kind of drugs are you dealing?" His face lit up like he was expecting that question. "And don't tell me that you're not a fucking drug dealer because you come home looking like fucking shit almost every night with wads of cash in your pockets." 

My glare  was hard and he was glaring back. "I'm not a drug dealer." He said and looked away from me, playing with his pen before pulling the papers back to him and putting his glasses back on. I merely laughed, walking over to him and pushing his chair out a little. I  threw the papers to the floor and leaned on the arm rest, my face inches from his. 

"Does it look like I'm stupid, baby?" I whispered angrily. He shook his head, gulping and looking away from me. "I've been keeping track of everything you've been doing. You made me quit my job, Niall, I needed something to do. Ya know, I've never actually noticed how shady you were until I realized you're a fucking liar and you sneak out almost every night." 

"That's just paying the bills, baby." He said and touched my cheek. I  turned around, my back almost touching his front while he stayed seated in the chair.  His hands ran down the back of my thighs and I wanted to melt into him, but I had to keep my ground.  "I wanna take care of you and make you feel like a real princess." Playing that card is  he? 

I smiled a cocky smile and turned around, he was forward in his chair, elbows on his knees and his blue eyes staring up at him while his fingers played with the sides of my pants. I prepared for a little fight, I was totally ready to get answers from him, and I didn't care what it took to get him to spill. I leaned back in to him and swung my hair to the side, I touched up curls and sprayed perfume on me before coming out to him. I know Niall like the back of my hand, I know how to get him to spill everything he has up in that pretty little head of his. 

He bit his lip whenever I dropped to my knees, and dragging my tongue up his stomach and coming back up. i kissed his neck, hitting his sweet spot and turning around, dragging my body down his. My hands running from his neck and down his torso, bringing myself back up  and feeling how much he was enjoying this. I smirked to myself and bent over, allowing his hands to go around my ass and slip his fingers in the waist part of them. I turned to  face him and popped open my button up shirt, my hot pink and black lace bra taking him by surprise. 

"So tell me." I whispered, licking under his ear pulling at it with my teeth. He shuddered under neath  my body and he was starting to sweat. "How is it that you can afford to spoil me to death with all this lingerie," I grab his hands and push them over my bra. "Just so you can rip it off and buy me more?" I said with a pout, he bit his lip and swallowed hard. 

I walked away for a minuet, taking off my pants and showing him what I had underneath, not just what my top half looked like. "Jesus." He seethed when I walked around the corner, strutting with everything I've got and not going back over to him. I walked around the kitchen bending and pulling out a bottle of wine, popping the top off it and putting my mouth around the top to stop it from flowing on to the floor. I knew he was watching my every move, I winked at him as I slipped my lips off the top of it and poured  myself a glass. 

I leaned against the counter and sipped the wine, it was cool going down my throat and I read that there was nothing sexier than when a man comes home and his women is sipping wine in the kitchen with lingerie on. Apparently it was true because he was worming around in his chair. "So, how do you do it?" I asked in a soft whisper.

"I have side jobs that pay well." He choked. 

I smiled, he got up from his chair and I looked down at the ground. "Which are? Because they seem to pay very well, Mr. Range Rover." I said and let my fingers fall down his toned chest. I put my empty glass on the counter My lips connected with his collar bones, lightly kissing them while my fingers played with the pant line of his sweats. 

"What are you doing?" He asked in a low voice. He didn't want to enjoy this but his little friend was telling him otherwise. I like how I can turn him on so easily. His hands went to my hair as I dropped to my knees for him, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner like three years sooner. 

I knew that Jax was right in with selling but he never came home looking like what Niall looks like at least twice a week. "Trying to please you the way you please me." I said in a small voice, kissing across the  bottom of his stomach and grabbing the back of his legs. He seethed from above me whenever I took him fully in my mouth. "Niall." I whined, looking up at him with him still in my mouth. 

"Yes princess?" He hummed and pushed my hair back for me. He was always so gentle and loving with me, always wanting to please me whenever I was wanting to please him. 

"Can you tell me your job? Because you just seem so proud of yourself for the money you take in and I wanna be proud of you with you." I said and he hit the back of my throat, making him moan and tug at my hair a little bit. I pulled away and kissed his tip, bringing myself back up and pushing myself up on to the counter. I pull him towards me and biting at his neck, sucking and blowing on the skin, promising to  leave a mark. 

His hands went between my thighs, pressing on my hot core and making me moan out loud. I bit my lip and wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer and keeping him there tightly. "I work for Jax." He says and my breath hitches, but I cover it up by moving closer to him. Making it seem as if his movements were the reason I was almost choking. "He sends me on jobs." My teeth tugged at his skin, my hand clasped around him and started pumping back and fourth. His head went back and he moaned. 

"What kind of jobs?" I asked, already out of breath. 

"The kind that you don't want to know about." He kissed my neck, holding on to my body tightly as he positioned me closer to the edge  so he could pleasure me in so many ways. I screamed out whenever he finally slipped in side me, my head went back and my nails clawed into his skin. 

"I wouldn't be asking if I didn't want to know." I said in a pant. 

"Fuck you've gotten tighter."  He  complimented. Squats and keegle. His hands grabbed at my ass, and he ran them all over my body. He pulled away slightly and kissed all over my chest, making my breathing even more heavy as I  feel him thrust harder. "I deliver things for him. Sometimes I get in a fight or two, it happens." He pants, finger tips digging into my thighs as he goes harder with every thrust. 

I'm more than sure the neighbours can  hear me, but it was okay because this felt more than amazing. "Why won't you tell me?" I asked.

He stayed quiet while he finished, we always finished at the same time. Our bodies becoming sloppy and heavy as we hang on to each other. My head laying on his shoulder and his arms wrapped tightly around my upper  body, and that's when he breathed out. "Because,  Eve." He said and kissed my shoulder. "I don't want you to leave again so I'm keeping my shit to myself, okay?" He said in a rather biting tone. 

"I'm not leaving." I whispered and took his  face in my hands. He closed his eyes as I ran my thumb over his bottom lip, he kissed it and then looked at me. "I'm not leaving, not again." I promised. 

"Jax lines up fights sometimes also, I'm usually the one that  agrees to  doing it. Either me or Zayn." He admits. "Which is why I come home looking like shit a lot." He shakes his head. "It pays so well that I don't even care that I get my nose broken way too much, seeing the money in my hands makes it seem so worth it. But then when I come home and see you in tears, trying to clean me up.. I don't know Eve, you're my everything and I  don't want you leaving me again." He laid his head in the crook of my neck, I swallowed and held him to me. My hands played with the hair line on the back of his neck and I was  holding back tears.

"But then I see how happy you are  whenever I bring home gifts for you and take you out places, makes me want to do it ten times more." He admits and I look at the window. "You know it's hard being in love with the money and being head over heels for you." I looked at him sympathetically.

We walk into the shower together and just stand under the water, our bodies never leaving and never not touching. I feel bad for starting a fight with him, but I'm glad I know the truth now. I just don't like the fact that he's in with Jax and never told me that he didn't actually die that night. 

He's been in 'business' with Jax for some time now, I just don't understand why he wouldn't tell me. I hate being lied to and honestly, I'm scared  that Jax knows I'm living with Niall now. He knows where Niall lives and I'm home by myself most of the time, holy shit I'm freaking myself out.

I've been living with Niall for two months now, if Jax wanted anything to do with me he would've already done it by now. Right?

updates what's up. i work until 9 tonight and then have  an exam tomorrow plus an appointment for braces.... finally getting my overly fucked up teeth fixed THANK JESUS! GUESS WHO GOING TO ONE DIRECTION IN TORONTO???? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE, i'll be 19  whenever I get there so I'm going to make a sigh telling Niall to meet me at the bars. either that or i'm making a sign telling niall i'd get on my knees for him [girl almighty] xxbella  

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