Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


8. Don't Leave Me

This is about to get really fucking sad. I am so sorry, you have no idea how hard I'm hitting my rock bottom right now. I can only be strong for so long before I go completely insane. So in this chapter you will MY own emotions coming out HARD. Again, I'm so fucking sorry.             




Her eyes are spelling out emotions that I can't read. Her smile is cracked, her voice is barely audible and her hair is a mess. I'm scared that if j touch her she'll break into a million pieces because I can see how hard it is for to keep herself together.    But I don't say anything. I don't ask her about her day, I don't ask her what's wrong and I defiantly don't ask if she's okay. Why? Because I don't know how.    
She flinches when my fingers graze her, she closes her eyes when a physical contact is upon her and she defiantly doesn't know how to cope with it. I understand that she's so scared but I need her to understand that I will not let him take her from me.    

She's my whole world and I think I died a little whenever I lost her. "Eve." I said in a whisper and she looked over at me slowly. "Where are you?" I asked, her body is here but her mind is somewhere else. 

"In the past." She said and looked away. 

"Can you get out? I miss you." I say and move closer to her, she doesn't flinch away and I take that as a good sign. "I miss you." I whispered in her ear. 

"I miss me too." She says and looks down at her hands, playing with her fingers and then looking out the window. I kiss her neck and she lets out a soft breath. 

"Come back to me." I say in her ear and stand in front of her, my hands on either side of her as I lean down to her. My mouth connects with her chest and I kiss up to her neck, her cheek and then her lips. I kiss her long and hard and she finally touches me back, guiding her hands threw my hair like it was a piece of art.  Her gentle touch is all I want, I'm tired of her being so upset. I just want her back. She stands up on her knees and drags those beautiful hands into my shirt and drapes them into my shirt from the back. Slowly pulling them back up and resting them on my neck, goddamn she was so beautiful. 

She gasps as I pull her from the couch and sit down with her in my hands still with each of her legs straddling me. "Eve, look at me." I say. She stops her movements and lays her forehead on mine, her hands still rubbing the back of my neck. "You're safe, you're mine and no one will take you from me. Ever." I promise her and she nods, kissing my nose.  Tears are falling from her eyes and I climb on top of her.

She was in pain and I didn't know how to take it away so I'll make her forget about it. Whenever I slowly thrusted myself into her, she pulled at my shirt and her head went back.  She seethed through a clamped jaw, digging her finger nails into me and biting her lip. Her hair was fanned out around her and I couldn't help but watch her eyes screw shut and her back arch, piece of work she is.

"Baby, look at me." I almost beg, I just want to see her eyes.  She flutters them opened and they flood out with tears that got trapped by her close eyes. She looks exhausted, from being sick and from reliving her days with Jax. I kiss down her jaw and then down her neck, coming back up to her lips and kissing them lightly. She has a weakness on me, it was something I loved but hated at the same time. "Nothing will ever take you Away from me again." I said and she nodded, pulling me back down to kiss her more. 

"I love you." She whispered. 

"I'm in love with you." I tell her. And something happened in that moment that I haven't seen in awhile. She smiled, a real, fully warm smile. 









Today is the day I go back to work, Niall's trying to make me stay home but I've been out of work for so long I don't even know how I'm going to afford rent this month. Life in New York is no joke, especially when you live right in the middle of the city. "Niall, I have to go." I say and pull my hand from his and wipe my nose with a kleenex. I kiss his forehead and shut my apartment door and walk down the stairs. 

I open the building doors and sniff in the fresh air, tugging my jacket closer to me and twirling my scarf around my neck. Only about a month more of the cold weather and we should be into spring, hopefully. I was just ever thankful that my work was only a few blocks away from my place so I wouldn't be in the cold for too long.

"You're back!" Dana screams  and hugs me. "But you're still sick. Eve, what are you doing back?" She scolds.

I take my outerwear off  and hang it up on the rack before I sniff and reply.

"Bills, rent, food." She rolls her eyes at me and just waves me off before she goes to handle tables. I look out at the dining room while tying my apron around my waist, for once, we're not exhaustingly busy. I grabbed my note book and pen and went out to greet the guests that walked in and seated them, my attention was fully on them so I wasn't paying any attention to  the door for who was coming and going. 

I gave the table I sat their order when it was ready and then Dana tapped my shoulder, I turned around.

"Ah, that table over there ask for you to wait on them." She said and pointed in the direction of the table. I squinted my eyes, everything was sort of blurry, I needed to get my eyes checked. 

"Okay?" I said with a confused look and walked out back to wash my hands, drying them on my pants and walking over to table 32. "Hi ther-" I stopped mid-sentence as the dark blues eyes and smirk looked up at me. I swallowed hard, "How are you?" I asked a little nervous. I figured if I was nice he would go easy on me.

"You seem a little.. timid?" He said with an awful  smile, showing his beautiful smile. I will admit, Jax was handsome and I didn't mind being with him. It  was just the fact of what he did and said, also, I'm head over heels for Niall.

"No, just wasn't expecting you." I said with a warm, half forced smile."What can I get  for you?"

"There's nothing I want on the menu." He  said and put it down, leaning back in his chair and folding his arms behind his head. I was about to speak but her interrupted me, "they forgot to add something to this menu. Can you tell me what it is?" He said and handed it to me. I looked over it but I couldn't figure it out.


"I don't understand, I'm sorry." I said with a nervous laugh, was this a joke or a test of some sort? 

His hand grabbed mine, lightly pulling me down so I was bending to his level.

"Darling, you are not on this menu and I refuse to eat something I don't like." He said and I looked at him with a gasp. His eyes looked straight into mine and he laughed at my reaction, "You know what I like baby, come back when you have my order." I stood up fast and turned, walking to the kitchen and scribbling things on the pad before placing the order to the cook. My  mouth was dry as hell and my body was on fire, what a way to say hello? 

"Table 32." The cook yelled and my ears perked up, I sighed before going over and grabbing the plate. I looked up at the clock and smiled because I was almost off and I just wanted to go home and snuggle with Niall, if  he was even still at my house. "Ah, good girl." He said as he looked at the huge burger and  salad I got for him. I smiled and placed them down on the table and began to walk away, "Nah ah." He said and grabbed my wrist. 

"Hmm?" I asked out of surprise and pulled my hand back.

"You're off now, you can join me." 

"But Jax, I  don't feel good and just want to go home." I slightly whined and that caught his attention, closing his eyes and smiling.

"I miss the way you  say my name, baby. Come here." He patted his leg as he took a giant bit of the leafy green salad.


"I don't think that sitting on your lap in my work place is very appropriate, as much as I want to." I said with such sarcasm and I don't know how he didn't catch that. "I need to go, I'll see you tomorrow?" I said in almost a question. He nodded and I walked away to  put on my stuff, "I'll see you guys tomorrow!" I called and they all said bye. I rushed out the door and basically ran home, I am terrified of being followed but when I looked back at the Cafe I could see him eating and looking at his phone. I almost cried whenever I walked in my apartment and locked the door quickly before pulling my jacket off. 

"Hey babe." Niall said and walked into the kitchen where I was, looking at his phone completely confused. "Think you could fix my phone? Member that time whenever it wouldn't load and it was being stupidly  slow and then you did some kind of magic to it? Can you do that agai-" I leaped on him, causing him to almost fall over. His phone dropped on the carpet and his hand clasped around me. "Or you can do that." He said into my kiss. 

"I had a  rough day, make me forget everything but you." I begged and attacked his neck with my lips. 

"Gladly." He said I could have sworn I heard him smirk. His hands traveled up and down my back, he sat himself on the couch and ripped open my button up shirt and grabbing a handful of my breasts. I moaned when he started kissing my chest and working his way up to my neck, my hands going threw his hair as I kissed his lips again. 

Instinctively, I started rolling my hips him, making him throw his head back. I stood up quickly and tugged my pants down the legs and he did to his too. I got back on him and slowly lowered myself to him, "oh eve." He moaned against my skin. His face went in between the valley of my chest as my hips rocked back and fourth on him. "Not yet." He said whenever he felt my walls clenched around him.

"Niall, I'm holding this in. But you need to hurry." I said with clenched teeth. Holding an orgasm is good for a few seconds, but whenever you're clenched so hard around someone it makes it hard to keep going. "Niall!" I whined.

"One, two." He said.

"Three!" We both screamed and my body fell aga isn't his. His hands went to my warm skin and drew circles on my  back and I nuzzled myself closer to him, his lips connecting with the side of my head and I smiled. His heart was beating against my cheek and I found comfort in that, "don't ever leave me." He said with a whisper and his arms pulled a blanket around us and we connected stronger together.

sorry about the delay of updates. it's just really freaking hard for me to write about two people loving each other whenever I'm literally falling apart... xxbella

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