Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


5. Colds and Cuddles

I didn't go to work for almost three days, this cold was taking everything out of me. It was a good thing I had Niall here and Ella too, to keep me  company and make this cold a  little easier to knock out. 

I loved how Niall played his guitar every night for me, he even cooks and brings me my medicine whenever I need it. He's the first one there whenever I'm having a coughing fit, last night he even held my hair back while I puked in the toilet. Ella was getting close to me, she was always following me around whenever Niall went out somewhere that I don;t know of. It was nice to have him back here, the only thing I didn't like was that I'm pretty sure he's in the same 'money maker' as he was whenever I first met him and that scared me. 

I didn;t want to ask how he afforded that nice apartment and still had money to blow. The answer, I feel, to that quiestion would scare the shit out of me so in this matter I think that 'what I don't know won't hurt me' kind of thing.


I looked at the clock, he's been gone for a very long time, even Ella's noticed because she's waiting at the door whining. "Something's wrong." I whispered to myself, I have a gut feeling kind of thing and it's almost never wrong.

There's a knock at my door, I slowly get up off the couch and go to open it. Ella sticks her nose out and stops me, she sniffs the door and then starts yelping. I open the door and he falls inside my apartment, blood running from his face.

Ella's quick start scratching at him and licking his face. I close the door, "Niall?" I say in a broken voice. One because I'm trying not to cry and two because my voice is almost gone. "Niall..." I whisper and shake him.

I roll him over, Ella starts hollowing and tears start flooding my eyes. "Niall!" I cried, my voice cracking and getting raspy. I shake him again, he's barely breathing. My finger tips dig into his chest and he starts coughing. Ella and I nudge him, trying to awaken him. I wish I could scream right now.

He's bleeding from his nose and under his eyebrow is cut open, his eyes are almost swollen shut, already turning black. "What did you do!" I try my hardest to scream at him. I sit down in between his legs and pull his body up to mine, hugging him tightly. "Niall!" I cry and burry my face in his neck. I shake him again, calling his name but my throat is on fire.

Ella's pushing his back into me, she's trying her hardest to wake him also. Dogs are so damn smart. I try and lift him to the couch, but I'm too weak right now. "Ella help me!" I call to her and she runs over whining.

She's too small to be carrying his legs but she's doing a very good job as I hold his upper body and she holds the bottom. I place him on the couch and straddle him. "Niall!" I say again, my voice is getting softer the more I yell and scream. I start hitting his chest, my fists in balls as they pound against him.

I laid my head on his stomach as my hands continued the abuse towards him, finally he started coughing again and he groaned. "Niall!" I sat up and grabbed his shoulders, pulling his body toward me. "Niall?" My voice is giving out.

"Ev-" He tried and closed his eyes again.

"No no no." I said in a hushed whispered as my voice was almost gone. I need to sleep! Ella was using her nose to push on his hand, she licked it trying to wake him up. I shook him and his eyes half opened. "What happened?" I said in barely a whisper.

"You're better off not knowing baby." He said with a groan, his hands going to his ribs. I ripped his shirt up, he seethed at the sudden movement. Bruises, bruises every where. He looks like he's been literally kicked to the curb.

His lip was stained with blood and it made me cry even harder. I got up and got a warm, wet clothe and started cleaning him up. I iced his ribs and put a blanket over top of him. He kept trying to pull away whenever I applied pressure to his face.


"Eve, baby." He said, taking hold of my fingers and tightly holding them.


"Tell me-" he cleared his throat. "Tell me you love me." He whispered.

"I love you Niall." My voice broke, completely fucking snapped. I knew that it was far past damaged now and that it was going to cost a shit ton to help me. My hand touched his cheek and he leaned into it.

"That's my girl." His blue eyes looked like they were in so much pain, making my heart break. "I love you with everything I have." He whispered to me, "you know that right?" He said and I nodded. "Good." His eyes fluttered closed and I sobbed out loud, laying my head on his chest from the side of the couch. He tried to so hard to put his arm around me but he didn't have the strength.

I had to get up and go to my room, it was too hard to sit there and watch that. I cleaned the rest of him up before sliding myself in bed. "Come here." I whispered and patted my bed whenever I heard Ella whining outside my door. She walked in and laid down beside me, I pulled her to me and cuddled into her.







{ three hours earlier }


"You have it?" He asked and I nodded, getting ready to hand the product to him. "Well, give it." He demanded.

"My half first." I said, Zayn standing behind me. No one knew he was here, Liam was too. Alex stood there and looked at me, "you want this, you give me my share." I said and tried my hardest not to roll my eyes at his stupidity.

"Listen, Horan." He said and grabbed the collar of my shirt. "You have no place to start demanding bullshit, understand?"

"You don't scare me, Alex. I'm not going risk my life for this shit and you not pay up, so let's see the money." He pushed me, but I gained my balance. He held out a bundle of cash and put it in my hand. "Alright." I said and handed him his stuff.

"When's your next shipment?" Alex asked before I turned around.

"I have your number." I said and we all walked to the car. Zayn got in the drivers side, he was tense, his knuckles tight around the wheel. "You okay?" I asked and he just nodded.

"How's Eve?" Liam asked and I smiled.

"She's good, she's sick right now though. Works way too hard." I explained and he nodded. "She would love to see you guys." I told them.

"You and I both know that can't happen." Zayn said and I nodded, he's right. Even though Eve is very familiar to this scene it would endanger her and that's the last thing I need. "Fuck." Zayn muttered whenever we stopped at the end of the dirt road. "I knew it."

"Can't you just.. Run them over?" Liam said, sitting up further from the back seat. Zayn shook his head. "Do we get out?"

My heart was fucking pounding, I don't need this. Eves waiting for me back home, I was the first one out of the car. "Problem boys?" I asked and they all smirked at me. I didn't even hear Liam scream my name before someone stood behind me and punched me in the back of the head. I seethed and turned around, punching them back.

There was too many, even with Zayn and Liam. I screamed out in pain as someone's boot came in contact with my ribs, that's going to bruise nicely.

I felt myself coughing up blood, my body aching as i crawled back to the car. They all left, just me Zayn and Liam struggling to get up. Zayn started the car and drove off quickly, my head was pounding and I felt myself slowly drifting to sleep.

"I need to go to Eves." I told Zayn.

"Is that a good idea, mate?" Liam asked me and I shook my head. It defiantly wasn't a good idea, but I had to see her.

Minuets later, Zayn's trying to pull me out of the car and they both drag me up to her door. Liam knocks and says good luck before she opens it. I can barely see her face, but by the looks of it, she's crying and worrying.

I'm trying to talk to her but it's not working. I can feel my dog pushing my back against Eves front as she holds me, rocking me back and fourth. I try and tell her I'm okay but it doesn't come out.

She doesn't need this, this is why she left me. "Eve, baby." I say and grab hold of her hand.


I need to hear her say it, she needs to say it. "Tell me-" fuck this hurts so bad. "Tell me you love me."





YOOOOO ou, I love getting into the stories! Fuck niall you are SO dumb sometimes! Xxbella

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