Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


6. "But he's dead."

My heart was pounding as he laid on my couch right there in front of me. His chest was heavy and his breathing was completely abnormal, it was like someone was jumping on his chest. I couldn't take my eyes off him, scared that if I did he would choke or something foolish like that and I feel as if I won't notice him. 

My stomach turned as I looked at the bruising on his cheek and both his eyes. I leaned over top of him to get a better look, I shook my head and applied the iced-pack to it. I wanted him to even flinch but he didn't, he just laid there. I wanted to scream and scream and scream some more, and if we weren't in the middle of New York, I would've screamed already. I would've pulled my fucking hair out because this right here reminds me of why I left and I can't do that again, I can't  just get up and leave like I did last time. 

There was a loud knock at my door, making my head snap up. I breathed out as I slowly walked to the door, tugging my blanket tighter around me and opening it. "Oh no." I said and stepped back, they both looked at me and walked over to Niall. "You can't take him!" I said with anger. "He's hurt, he needs to stay here!" I begged. "Zayn, please!" I said and pulled at his shirt, trying to my  hardest to get him away from Niall. He turned around and shoved me, making my lip shutter as I looked up at Liam. 

He just looked away from me and pulled Niall up. Ella started growling at them, I pulled her close to me and patted her head but once Niall let out a loud yelp she jumped up on the couch and stood over him. I crawled on the floor in front of the couch and put my arms out. "You're not taking him!" I screamed at them. 

"Eve, don't make this any harder  for yourself. He needs to come with us." Liam tried to reason. I shook my head no and then Zayn picked me up, carrying me over his shoulder. "Why are you doing this!?" I screamed and hit his back, trying to get free. He threw me on my bedroom floor and locked me in there before I could get up. Minuets later, Ella was joining me. 

We both pounded on the door with such a force that I prayed it was enough to break the door down so I could throw something at them. I screamed and pounded against the door, Ella sat back and whined. I moved my body over to her and cuddle her, she put her head on my shoulder and kept weeping. This dog was actually crying. "I know baby girl." I said and hugged her, I was starting to weep with her. 

I stood up and decided to use my leg to try and knock the door opened. I had a feeling of wanting to throw up and I wanted nothing more than to just crawl in bed and fall asleep, hopefully waking up from this dream. When kicking the door didn't work, I pulled my phone out and called Gemma. "Hi, what are you doing right now?" I asked when she answered. I tried to make myself sound put together.

"I'm just leaving work, why?" She asked like she knew something was wrong. 

"Can you come to my apartment? I need some help, the door's opened." I told her and she agreed, hanging up and coming over. I sat on my floor trying to figure this out, why the hell were they being such assholes? I cried into my hands, what happened to them? I looked at my collar bones where Zayn pushed me, he pushed me so hard that touching me collar bones hurts. 

I pounded at my door whenever I heard someone walk in, the door swung opened and Gemma stood above me. "What the fuck?" She cursed. "Ella, hi baby." She got on the floor with her, "What the hell happened?" She asked and waited for me to sit up.

"Niall came here all beaten up. I was trying to take care of him whenever Zayn and Liam came in here, fucking took him!" I shouted, my hands going in the air. "Zayn shoved me!" I pulled my shirt down and showed her the slight blueish marks on my chest. She looked appalled as her hand went to her chest, "Yes, Zayn did that. Ella jumped on the couch and tried to protect Niall, he picked me up first and threw me in my room and then threw Ella in." 

My face was red with anger and she looked at me, silent. "What the fuck happened to them? When did they become such cunts?" 

"Right." I said and huffed. "Where did they take him?" I asked her with a pout, she thought for a moment and then her eyes went wide. "How good are you feeling?" She asked and I looked down at myself, "Get up, we need to go." She said and pulled me up. I ran really quick to get changed into black skinnies and grey sweater, I grabbed my blanket just in case and cough syrup. 

We got in her car and she drove off somewhere that's way out of the city. I didn't actually know that New York had a country side. We pulled up to this house that was almost hidden by the trees, I squinted my eyes whenever i felt a sneeze coming on and pulled my blanket closer to me. Ella was scratching at the window, "In there." Gemma said. I felt so fucking weird, I felt like Spy Kids or something. She slowly got out of the car, opening the door for Ella to get out and she instantly start sniffing the ground.

"I don't have a good feeling about this, Gemma." I said with a sniff, rubbing my nose on my blanket. 

"Live a little." She teased and crouched over by Ella who was standing, staring straight at  the side of the house. "What's even in there?" She asked and moved her hair out of her face. I shrugged and she wiggled her eyebrows at me, "Let's find out." 

"Gemma no, this doesn't feel right. I feel like I'm going to go in there and see something that's going to completely break me. I just got him back , don't do this to me." I begged. "Curiosity killed the cat, you know." 

She looked back at me, "But satisfaction brought it back." And with that, she took off down the hill. Ella shoved me forward, "Okay okay." I whispered. I followed her, she was standing underneath a window and it made my stomach turn. This was not  a good idea and I knew that if we looked inside there I wasn't going to like it. 

I didn't even get a say in what was going on before she jumped the window, pulling Ella up with her. Fuck man, this was stupid. I did the same as Gemma and she pressed her finger to her lips and turned back around, we tried our best to listen to the conversation that was going on in the room next to us. I was so scared they were going to hear my heart pounding against my chest, so I held my breath. 

Gemma crouched around the corner, I panicked and followed her. My breath hitched whenever I seen Niall laying on bed in a room, his eyes were closed and his forehead had wrinkles on it as he looked like he was having a bad dream. Gemma grabbed my arm whenever I tried my hardest to go and see him, I just wanted to kiss the pain away. "Not yet." She said and pulled me over to the doorway of another room. "Listen."

"Her that damn dog." I heard someone's voice bark about Ella and I. "They threw her in the room and locked, she's not coming out anytime soon." This is fucking shit. This is like one of those movies, and I bet if girls were watching they would be screaming at Gemma and I to get the fuck out of here. "He's in the room, passed out. He took a good beating." 

Gemma rolled her eyes, "who's guys were they?"

"Mine." And there goes my heart, my stomach, my fucking life. I turned around and hurled everywhere, Gemma pulled me back but it was too late. The face that haunted me in my dreams for almost year was staring at me, he touched my hot skin and smiled at me. "I was wondering when you would come back." He smiled at me. I gulped, not taking my eyes off him. "Oh baby, I can feel your pulse coming from your cheek." He laughed and helped me up off the floor. Gemma hid somewhere with Ella and I was praying that she got the hell out of here.

"Sorry, I'm not feeling well at all." I said, referring to the throw up on the floor. "I thought this place was abandoned." I lied and looked at him, if there's one thing I remembered about Jax it was that he would die to see me happy. Unless it came to me being happy with Niall, then that was a no no. "Jax." I whispered and touched his cheek to make sure he was actually real. "I thought you were-"

"Dead?" He asked and nodded my head. There was something different about him, his cold blue eyes have turned a darker shade, not in a bad way. He looks like he actually has feeling in him, he doesn't seem like the stupid asshole that I was forced with years ago. "Baby, have you ever heard of faking your death. Niall thought he shot me but I'm invincible baby girl." He brought his lips to my forehead. "You are hot." He said and  looked at me. "What's this?" He asked and tugged the collar of my shirt down. 

I pulled my blanket closer to me, but he pulled it back down. He looked at me, waiting for me to tell him. "I work with very rude costumers." I lied, pulling my blanket back. He didn't buy it, but he didn't say anything. Instead he took me into the room where I heard people talking, I looked around for Gemma but couldn't find her. 

I wanted to run into Niall and drag him out of here but there was no way I was getting from Jax, he would not let go of me. It was comforting, he wasn't grabbing me in a greedy way, he was holding me still so I wouldn't fall over. He sat down and pulled me on top of him, I want to leave right now.  I heard Niall groan in the room and I stood up, rushing to see him.  "Niall?" I said and he opened his eyes and looked around, once he knew where he was he started  to panic because I was there. "Help me!" I muttered and Jax stood beside me, I looked up at him and Niall sat up quickly on  the bed. 

"Jax, what are you doing?" Niall asked whenever Jax's mouth connected with my neck. I squrimed and pulled away from him, only to have him lock me in place. I sighed and looked at Niall, his face was red and his eyes were crazy. "Stop." He  said and tried  to stand  up but quickly sat back down with his hand on his head. "Jax, please  don't do this." He begged.

"Did you see what your little friends did to her? You can't protect her Niall, you can barely protect yourself." He said in a childish voice. 

"Who the hell did that?" Niall asked and slowly got up, I melted into his touch. My head laying on his chest and his arms wrapping around me and he kissed my head. "Who did that?"  He asked me. 

"When you were busy knocked out,  Zayn and Liam came to get you. Her and your dog tried to stop them, you can't  protect her  Niall like I can. Just give her to me." He held his hand out and Niall shook his head.

"She's a  not a fucking doll, Jax?" He said and  pulled me behind him. My hands grabbed at his shirt from the back and I  leaned  against him as he told Jax no."We're leaving." Niall  said and started to walk out. I was surprised whenever Jax let us just walk out, but whenever I looked back, the smirk on his face told me that this wasn't the last time I was going to be seeing him. 

sorry the long ass  update, i'm so fucking tired

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