Curiosity 2

Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction bring actually bring it back?

Sequel to Curiosity.
Mature Content, Language, Violence.
Read at own risk, and don't you dare steal my ideas.


16. Aofie



'Lights shinning in my face and the sound of a car alarm, air bags popping in my face and Niall screaming my name were the last things I remember hearing before I heard nothing more at all. I was suppose to be in labour right now we had just gotten into a car crash.' 


"Hurry, she's having a baby!" I can hear people rushing and yellling around me, but they're faint and almost mute. I try and open my eyes, but they quickly shut after the bright lights almost blind me. I don't remember what happened, or even where I am for that matter. But my body hurts, bad. I wanted to scream but my right side hurts like a bitch, hurts to even breathe if I'm being honest. My anexity was running through the roof, I didn't know where I was, why I was here or who's touching and poking me.

"Oh shit." I mumble as I started to remember what happened. The early labour, the way home, the car. "My baby!" My body shoots up, my scream is blood clurtling and ear popping. Tears were spewing from my eyes and spilling down my face as fear had just smacked me across the face, have I lost my baby? "My baby!" I kept screaming. A nurse touched my cheek, I found this extremely soothing.

"Shh, hun. Your baby is fine, you're in labour and you're about to give birth." I sniffed back tears, my body literally felt like I had gotten hit by a fucking train, and now I was about to give birth.

"Niall?" I try to sit up again but my body is pushed back down. I started to panic, thinking the worst. All the nurses were looking from me and to eachother with empathic scowls on their faces, going from frantic to sworrow within seconds of each other. "Oh no." I whispered. I didn't say anything else, just laid my throbbing head down and cried violently into the pillow.

I didn't want to head the news. I choked on my sobs and prayed that everything was okay. A door is pushed opened and blankets are thrown on me, my clothes cut off my body and IV's pressed into my skin. By this time, I was half numb. Your body will shut down if it experiences an over load on pain. The same nurse that was comforting me stands beside me, making sure my IV was set on the right amount. "What's going?" I choked out, begging for her to tell me something.

"Your beautfiul little girl is about to be here." She smiled, "But please don't push too hard."

"Why?" I thought you were suppose to push as hard as you can?

 "You've broken ribs on your right side." She said with a smile of empathy and looked at her shoes. I liked how nice she was, she gave hope that not everyone was a sadistic asshole. "Your husband is okay." She whispered and smiled, holding my hand and tightening it for reassurance.

"Stay with me?" I called out as I felt my feet being placed on the metal hooks. "Please?" I asked. She turned around with a huge smile on her face like she was thankful that I had asked her to stay with me. She nodded her head and waited for the doctor to give the que for everyone to make room.

"On three!" The doctor called. "You push!" He pointed at me and I nodded. I felt like I was put in a weird position. My body was aching from all the ways they were moving me to get me positioned correctly. "But not too hard." My nurse said and I would've giggled, if I wasn't in so much pain. "One!" He yelled, "Two!" Oh fuck. "Three!" I screamed as I pushed, I felt as if every little, small, tiny bone was being cracked by a giant. I couldn't stop crying, and crying made everything hurt more. "Again! One, Two, Three! PUSH!" I was about to collaspe.

"I'm going to passout." I cried to my nurse, she looked like she was ready to cry due to looking at me. I screamed out in pain again as I pushed another time.

"She's almost out." The nurse whispered, rubbing my forehead with a cold clothe. I could my body sweating and my tempature rise rapidly. "I'm going to passout." I said in a more faint voice. My eyes started to flutter as my heart beat gained speed. The monitor that was beside me was beeping out of control, but I pushed one more time. I smiled as I felt my body relax into a deep sleep, and the sound of my baby's voice crying.

"We lost her!" I barely heard someone scream.


Everything was quiet. I thought that maybe I had died and this was Heaven? My eyes fluttered opened and I tried to move, forgetting how much pain my body had just experienced. I wanted to hold my baby and I felt like screaming for her, but I didn't have the voice to do that right now. I searched the room for someone, anyone, and just as I was about to give it my all and scream one more time, I looked to my left and seen Niall sitting on the couch by the window, holding our daughter and smiling at the sleeping figure. "Niall." I whispered with pleasure, I felt like I haven't seen him in forever.

"Baby." He smiled a full smile and stood up, slowly, and he limped over to me. His hand touched my cheek and I melted into it. "How are you?" I started to cry. "No baby, don't cry." He hushed. I started to cry even more as I looked at his face, it was marked up pretty bad. I've seen him in a much worse condition, but this time it was nature made, he didn't bring it upon himself. "Look, look what you did." He whispered and smiled. I sniffed and laughed at the beautiful baby in front of me.

"I hope her eyes stay that colour." I smiled. They were a dark blue right now, they might lighten up, I just hoped that they stayed a colour of blue. She had almost black hair, "She has a lot of hair?" I said and Niall laughed, nodding his head. She had almost a full head of hair. "Can I hold her?" I asked and he nodded, placing our baby in my arms and I held her tightly, close to my body and I started to cry again.

"Baby Aoife." [ee-fa] I smiled and kissed her cheek. "Was she fed?" I asked.

He nodded his head, "yeah I just did it before you woke up." He said with such a proud smile. The nurse that I've taken a liking to knocked on the door before poking her head in. "Is she awake?" She asked Niall and he nodded. "How are you doing?" She asked whenever she walked in and shut the door behind her. I shrugged and sighed, I've been better, that's for sure. "It won't last that long." She laughed.

"How long am I in here for?" I asked her.

"Hopefully only a week, you probably want to get home, yeah?" She asked and I nodded my head frantically. "Between Niall and the nurses here, we'll be looking after you and your baby for at least a week until your ribs sort of heal?" She giggled. " It won't take long, they're wrapped and the doctors did their best to place them correctly. The labour didn't even move them that much." She smiled, closing her eyes and tilting her head to the side slightly. "But for now, losts of eating and drinking, a little bit of physiotherapy. After that, you should be good to go home."

"Sounds like a long week." I said and laid my head against the pillow.

"It'll fly by." She winked and left the room. I looked over at Niall but he was already looking at me.

"I can't believe we're parents." He muttered.

"Crazy, isn't it?" I asked and he nodded.

"Are you naked?" He bluntly asked. My cheeks heated up.

"Niall!" I said, what a tool! "You can't just ask someone if they're naked? But yeah I think I'm still naked." I blushed. He just giggled and asked me to try and push over. I did, it hurt, and I took a while, but I got over enough for him to shove in beside me. He put Aofie in between us and we all went to sleep. Despite the pain that we were both in, I think I can speak for both of us and say that, that sleep was probably the best sleep either of us have had in little while.

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