The day we met


4. chapter 4

I ran into the music room and grabbed the guitar. I strung a few cords and started sings a song i wrote. I heard the door handle open and I stopped playing. It was Luke. "Briella? Are you okay?" He called out since the room was pitch black. "Y... Yeah." I hesitated. He turned on the lights and saw me with the guitar. He stared at my arms. "Why?" He asked. I shrugged. He pulled a stool right next to me. "C'mon tell me? Why the cuts?" He looked into my eyes. "I'm.." I couldn't talk from crying. Luke could see the pain I was in. I couldn't breath anymore. My heart was racing. "I'm..." I said with a single breath. "Worthless" I said. Tears streaming down my face. Luke wiped my tears and smiled. "Your something to me." He said and kissed me.


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