The day we met


1. chapter 1

I walked in my room and I took a long stressed sigh. I jumped on my bed and got my phone. I looked at my sparkly case then I remembered what I was doing. I tweeted a picture of my wall to my cousin, Jamie. I feel asleep hours later with my phone in my hand. My mum walked into my room and startled me. "Mum!" I screamed. "Sorry Briella. I thought you were looking at your phone." I looked at my phone hanging over the side in my hand. "Is there a reason your in here mum?" I looked at her while I say up. "It's time for you lie down now Brie." I rolled my eyes and lied down.

The next morning I got ready for school. "Bye mum. Going to school." I grabbed my car keys and left for school. I'm the anti-social kid so I put my head down and look at the ground and hope I don't trip. I held all my heavy books trying to tune out everyone saying my short. A tear ran down my face as I heard a girl say I'm worthless. Little did I know I ran into someone. I looked up at a tall. TALL boy. He had blonde hair and a lip piercing. "I-I'm sorry" I said really quiet. "What? I didn't hear you." He bent down to help pick up my books. He handed me my books and grabbed my phone. He unlocked it and stood up, probably so I couldn't grab it. He handed me my phone winked and walked away. I looked into my contacts and he gave me his number.

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