Percy And Perry

This is the story of Percy Jackson and his pillow pet Perry. We made this just for fun. Enjoy!


2. The Lonesome Pair


3rd POV

Percy was in the pillow pet isle.

Yea he was running from monsters. And yea he only remembered his name. But he needed a pillow and a pet he needed a pillow pet.

He past a dog, cat, a pig, and a dolphin (which he wanted for some reason). But then he saw a panda all alone no other panda's with him.

"Perfect. We can be alone together," Percy said to the pillow pet.

Panda's POV

Finally a friend. I didn't have any. But I do now. :)

Percy's POV

"Perry, I'll name you Perry," I said.

Then I heard a crash behind me. I turned. It was the stupid monsters. They should be dead by now.

I held Perry to my chest. No I'm not letting anyone hurt him. He's mine.

Then I ran out of the store.

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