Lost in a day dream

Amanda and her friend Eva love 1D, what will happen when they bump into their opening act after the show? (Ashton) (Luke) (Calum) (Micheal) (Amanda) (Eva) (1D) (5SOS)


3. Chapter two

Lost in a day dream

Chapter two


************few days later***********

I hear the door bell ring and walk to the door. "Hello?" I say. "This is for, um, Amanda Tod?" The mad at the door says. He's a fedX guy. I sign the paper and he gives my the small box.

I close the door and open the box as I walk in the living room. My parents are at work and my sibling are at school. I see five slips of paper in the box. I take the not book price of paper out. It says, 'Dear reader,

Thank you for buying the tickets, I put a few extra things for you. Hope you enjoy!


Charels Math'

I look at the four other pieces of paper. There's two plane tickets and two concert tickets. A smile spreads across my face.

I call Eva:

Me: Hey! I have news!

Eva: What is it?!

Me: The man I bought the tickets off of gave me plane tickets for free too!!!

Eva: Really! When do we leave to Australia?

Me: Um, a week. WAIT! I haven't told my parents! And I think I have to by tickets on our way back to America. We can stay for a couple of week if you want?! Just bring a lot of money!

Eva: Okay! That so works! I'll tell my parents when they get home!

Ok: Well, I got to go. My parents will be home any minute.

Eva: Ok! Bye! Talk later!

I hang up and walk to the door as my siblings bus pulls up to the house. My parents pull in the drive way at the same time. My big brother, my little brother, and my little sister run into the house. I move back as my parents walk in. "Uh, mom, dad." I say, "Can I talk to you?" "Yes honey. What is it?" My mom says and turns to look at me. "Um, I ordered some tickets to a 1D concert and it's in Australia, can I go? I got plane tickets! You don't have to pay for any thing?!" I ask. "Um, I don't know. When do you have to leave to Australia?" My dad asks. "In a week exact. I'm going with Eva if it's ok with her parents." I say. "Ok. But only if Eva goes. You can't stay for ever. The longest I'm giving you is a month or two." My mom says. My dad nods his head 'Yes'. I hug them both with a big smile on my face. "Thank you so much!" I say. I run upstairs to my room.

I look in the box one last time to see a couple of of prices of paper. I read another note, 'Dear reader,

I forgot one thing, I got you a room to in a hotel. My children were into 1D but then they moved out to their moms. I didn't give them their tickets soon enough or tell them. So these are just for you.


Charels Math'

I look at the passes to a nice hotel. I smile. I get a text from Eva. "I can only go if you're going! Are you?" She asks. "Yes! I'm going!!!!!!" I text back. I start to flip out and start to pack so I don't have to pack later. I crank up the music and grab two plastic suitcases.

I have packed my clothes as some shoes. I dance around the room. I soon go to bed.

**************A week later***********

I wake up and run to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and my hair then pack my stuff away. I put on a pair of black high wasted shorts and a red and black short sleeve and open back crop-top. I pull on my red and black galaxy print vans. (I know, a lot of black and red). I put my blond and black hair into a braid. I grab my bags and run down stairs with the tickets. "Mom, dad, I'm leaving." I yell. Everyone come and gives me hugs and kisses. "My flight leaves in two hours. I got to get going. I'll see you soon. Okay?" I ask and walk out the door. I see Eva in our driveway. I put my stuff in the back of her car and hop in the front. I wave to my family and we are off.

We arrive at the airport. We sit there for a good hour and a half. Our flight is finally called, "Flight 182 is boarding." We walk to to where are flight is boarding. We give the tickets and walk down to our seats.

(A/N: Ashley again. I'll try to update as much as I can! I'll try to update tomorrow morning! I gtg, bye bye!💙)

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