Lost in a day dream

Amanda and her friend Eva love 1D, what will happen when they bump into their opening act after the show? (Ashton) (Luke) (Calum) (Micheal) (Amanda) (Eva) (1D) (5SOS)


4. chapter three

Lost in a day dream

Chapter Three


I sit in my seat next to Eva. It's dark outside so I look at the stars. "The plane will be landing in 30 minutes." The pilot says.

I'm waking off the plane with my stuff and end up falling. "You ok?" I hear a voice. "Yea." I say looking up. I see a boy with curly hair holding out his hand. I take it and get up. "Thank." I say, "I'm Amanda by the way." "Ashton." He says. He smiles showing dimples deeper then the sea. "Well, nice meeting you, but I gotta catch up with my friends he says walking off. I grab y bags and walk out.

I see Eva by the exit. "Sorry, I got tripped and fell." I say leaving out the guy that helped me up. She nods and we walk out side. We grab a taxi and tell the driver our hotel address.

We arrive an hop out with our stuff. We walk in the hotel and sign in.

****************Time skip*****************

We have a room with 9-10 rooms. My room, Eva's room, the kitchen, the living room, a movie room, an extra bed room, a game room, and three bathrooms. I plop down on the bed. I take off my clothes an putting on my pjs. I soon fall asleep.

(A/N: Hey Ashley here! Sorry it's a short chapter! I have an idea, but I have to use it for the next chapter. I had a great Christmas by the way! I got a new computer, a new phone, a bed set, some new cute clothes, and some 5SOS and AC/DC discs! I got more but more then I can name off! Well, I gtg, bye bye! Have a great Christmas!)

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