Lost in a day dream

Amanda and her friend Eva love 1D, what will happen when they bump into their opening act after the show? (Ashton) (Luke) (Calum) (Micheal) (Amanda) (Eva) (1D) (5SOS)


2. chapter one

Lost in a day dream

Chapter one


I sit on my bed on m laptop. I rub my head as I look over that the clock on the wall. It's 1:23 in the morning.

I have been sitting with my laptop all night looking for 1D tickets! CAN'T FIND ANY FUCKING TICKETS!

I FINALY come across some tickets! I dance around my room but stop when I heart mom groan from the other room. I sit back down and look at where we are sitting. Row..... A. Seat..... 10. Row..... A. Seat.....9. I squeak as I find out we are in the front row! I cover my mouth and buy the tickets. They should be here in 4 days.

I texts Eva then lay back in bed as I put my laptop away at the same time. I soon drift off into a deep sleep.

***********Next morning**************

I wake up to my little brother jumping in my bed. I grab my pillow an hit him with it. He fall on the other said my my bed them rolls off. "Hey!" He whines and hits me with another pillow. I cover my face as he starts to hit me over and over again. "MOM!" I yell. "Gage! Leave your sister alone!" My mom yells. He stops and throws the pillow on me the. Walks out. I uncover my face and get up.

I walk to my closet and pull out an All Time Low crop top and red high wasted shorts. I walk to the bathroom with two towels. I strip down them hop into the warm water. I let the water relax me.

I hop out and blow dry my hair. I put on my clothes and walk into my room again. I put on my black vans and walk down stairs.

I greet my family and walk to see my mother making pancakes. I grab some of the already made pancakes. I put some syrup on my pancakes and sit down at the table.

I eat my pancakes then go up stairs to brush my teeth. I walk in on my little sister brushing her hair. I brush my teeth then brush out my blond and black hair and put in to a high pigtail.

I walk out the door and walk to my bike. I hop on and peddle my way down to Eva's house.

I hop off as I slide into her driveway. I put my bike by the steps and knock on Eva's front door. Her mom soon answers.

Her mom lets me in and I walk to her room. He has 1D music blasting. I open the door and see her dancing on her bed. I laugh and joy in. "I can't believe you got us tickets!" She yells over the music. "I know right! THE FUCKING FRONT ROW!" I yell back. She plops on her be and turns off her music. I laugh and sit on her bed next to her. I blow my blond bangs with black at the tip out of my face. "You're gonna need to get the tips of your hair dyed again if you wanna look good! Black right?" She asks. I laugh, "Yea. That's right. And you need to get your hair dyed too. The black and purple is wearing off." I say. "True. Let me get done getting ready and then we can head to the mall!" She squeals. I chuckle as I get up. "I'll be back in a minute! I need to get my phone!" I yell to Eva as I walk down the stairs. "Ok!" She yells back.

****************time skip***************

I sit on Eva's bed scrolling through twitter. "Um, Amanda, how are we gonna get to Australia with out plain tickets?" Eva asks. My head shoots up. "I forgot about plain tickets. I'll see if I can get some tonight." I say. She nods. "Ok! Done!" She says finishing her make-up.

**************time skip***************

I hop out of the car and grab my phone. We walk into the mall and look at the clothes sales.

"OH OH OH! This!" Eva says pointing to a black dress. "It looks tight?" I say. "You're right. What about these shorts?!" She asks. She points to some gray shorts that are high wasted. "Now your talk." I say and she grabs a pair. I grab some shirts and some shorts with a pair of combat boots I like. I try them all and they all fit so I take them.

After we pay for the clothes we go to the back to the hair station. "Wanna get a different color for your hair Amanda?" Eva asks. "Uh, sure." I say. "How you gonna get it?!" She asks. "Um. Probably a lighter blond and the same old black tips. Maybe something a bit different later." I say. "Cool! I'm gonna add a bit of blue in my hair. And maybe get it cut a bit different." She says. "I might get mine cut too." I say. "Hello, how can I help you?" The lady at the counter asks. "Um, to hair cuts and two hair dyes please." I say. "Ok. Come on back this way." She says and leads us to some seats.

I sit in a chair as a hair lady washes our hair. She drys it then she cuts it to my mid-back. She cuts my bangs then blow drys my hair. She grab tinfoil and dye.

She finishes my hair and I walk over to Eva. "You're about fine." The hair person says to Eva.

I wait about 10-15 minutes and Eva finally comes out. "Finally! You're out!" I say. "Yea. I love my hair now!" She says. We pay and walk out.

(A/N: Ashley here! I would like to say thanks to the people that are reading this! I will update ASAP! I gtg now! Bye!!!

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